Monday, April 1, 2013

Egg Salad Sandwiches Anyone?

Our little Easter Egg hunter rounded up about 30 hard boiled eggs yesterday, so pretty sure I know what they're going to be eating all week!
Was surprised that her Mama got her into a dress too. She's usually a blue jean baby like her gramma :)

ClickPaid: I'm a little confused on the Advertising Area.
I didn't get to surf last night till about 8:30 PM my time. So this morning it told me I had to wait 12 hours to earn. Oh poo, that means it's set on a 24 hour clock from your last surf.
But just now, it's about 10 AM my time and it's showing "Get Paid In 33 Minutes". What? **
Well I suppose it's still in beta and being tested but I sure would like to know how it works.

** After it counted down to -0- it reset itself for another 10 hours. Sheesh. I'm going to end up having to skip a day because I'm not usually online that late at night :(

*** Found the FAQ's. They're in the HELP link at the top of the page.
"What If I Miss A Day? Do I Lose Money?
No. Daily Sales Profits are paid out when viewing websites until the Click Package expires. If you don't view your three websites on any day it will take longer for your Click Packages to reach their $15 value and expire. You won't lose any money if you miss viewing ads for a day; your earnings will resume as soon as you view ads again."

Sol-R: just in, Newsletter Update:
We know this response is very late but we have been hard at work over the holiday weekend trying to fix the egopay issues.

As you probably know we have disabled withdrawals to EgoPay right now as they were still having critical issues.
We are awaiting a resolution and response from them right now before we turn the withdrawals back on which we are hoping they get to very soon.

We apologize for this major inconvenience and we are doing as much as we can to speed up this process.

STP is unaffected and working as usual.

Thank you,
Worldpro Limited Team

Wish he had mentioned why the site has been loading so slow the past few days. Hope it's nothing serious but I'm surprised that nothing was said.

When I got home last night it was late but not too late. So I decided to check my online stuff to see if I missed anything while I was out.

Was happy to see a payment received from ProfitClicking which was for a premium withdrawal request put in just 24 hours earlier.

Decided I should go to the forum to post the good news, but when I got there all I read was back n forth bickering between members about PC. Sort of reminded me of a school yard with the bullies trying to take control of the entire playground.

What a shame that so called adults can't just let others say what they want to say without trying to bash their heads in.

I mean seriously, it is a discussion forum and I do enjoy it most times but when these clowns start fighting with each other to the point where the Admin has to come in and remove comments... well, not a fun place to visit.

Anyway, did you get that? I was paid last night from PC, lol

PS, PC did their Spring Forward time change for me today. Was there at 11:59 PM and the next thing I know, it's 1:00 AM. Excellent.


That's me at my piano... said...

Re ClickPaid - when you surf your 3 sites you are going to get paid 24 hrs after that. Thats the way it's working for some time yet.
Just my 2 cents,

blondie said...

Yes understood Roland but I surfed last night, and now it is telling me to wait only 33 mins more which is way shorter than 24 hours. You see?

Norbert's Traffic said...

Love Those Updates
Egg Salad Sandwiches Anyone?
love to dresses on girls!

Baby Sis said...

Blondie -
Just FYI - egg salad is Hermit Jim's favorite, and he makes it pretty good, too! We depend on his sandwiches for every reunion....

blondie said...

Hi Norbert,
Yes she does look pretty in a dress. I never liked them when I was little but that's just me :)

Baby Sis,
Nice to have you visit and share the Egg Salad information.
If I'm ever in TX, I'll be sure to have him cook some up for me, lol