Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good Morning

NEO Mutual: remember it's the weekend so no daily earnings until later today when the server day changes to Monday. Not sure about withdraws so will post again if I see any.

ClickPaid: just did my surfing and purchased new click packs.
Someone asked them about "Restarts" and this was their reply:
"Thank you for contacting us about a "restart" feature with Click Paid.
There is currently, no announced, or expected "restart" type of feature taking place in the near future. If Click Paid utilizes this type of feature in the future, we will notify all members.
Thank you for contacting member services, have a great day!"

Speaking of Restarts or Profit Shifts,
ProfitClicking sure didn't make any brownie points with me by announcing a profit shift for Premium so early on.
Sure I understand why it needs to be done but was also hoping that it wouldn't happen quite so soon. (sigh)
- While giving up on the bucket... I did make some w/d requests through the queue and my oldest is Apr 23rd. Read today that someone received a premium queue payment from Apr 18th so maybe there is still hope.
** Later in the day... you know what really irritates me here?? They announce a profit shift for premium then STOP our daily earnings? WTF is wrong with this picture? Hard to stay positive when shit like that happens :(

RicanAdFunds: nothing new except for a hand slapping from Russell in the News Wire. I won't post it here but you're certainly welcome to go read it.
No news on any more payments either :(

There is a new program being talked about that will be a passive 2% daily and not a ponzi type model. They do mention having outside income but have not given any details on what that is yet.
Their marketing approach is quite bold and I really don't care for it. It reminds me of a big mouth Admin from our past that scammed several times.
So before I jump into it and share it with you, I will do my best to find out who's going to run this show.
Not scheduled to open until early May so we've got plenty of time to do our due diligence.


Murre said...

Hi Blondie,

Just wanted to thank you for your blog, I'm waiting for you to wake up every day (due to timezone difference)to see what news you've got.
Also wanted to give some hope; I got paid this week (smaller amount) from RAF, and could also catch a bucket in Premium PC, even got paid yesterday! Was a bit shocked I was so lucky after all I read about the withdr.problems (again)
Have a nice day,

blondie said...

Hi Murre,

Thanks for keeping an eye on me. Always enjoy hearing from any readers I have out there :)

Happy to hear about your success with RAF and the Premium Bucket in PC also. That's great!!

Of course I will post when something happens here too.
Wish I could predict their future but only time will tell.

You have a nice day also!
Cheers :))