Wednesday, April 24, 2013

RicanAdFunds Update:

You were right not to give up.
written by Richard Cannon , April 24, 2013 

In business, as in life, things don’t always go the way we want them to and sometimes that is a good thing. For us at Rican many things have happened since the end of last year that have hindered our progression in many areas due to the vast amount of time that we have had to consecrate to RAF and ISMAI. Rican has suffered because of this. We have tried to make our sites more secure, faster, more efficient, and constantly progressing – some of these attempts have not worked and we have created more work for ourselves and more stress. My health has also been an issue in not getting as much done as I wanted and needed and this has also engendered much fatigue. So, we are not where we want to be today and not where we had planned to be.
Today we are faced with so many support issues and questions along with thousands of accounts to approve ID’s and address confirmation documents for. We are faced with the need for more trained personnel in order to manage the daily needs of our sites as far as purchase approvals, transaction verifications, financial control and payment processing. We have also, through our own actions, created much doubt among our members and future members. All of this concerns me greatly and instils in me a huge awareness of the magnitude of the tasks that need to be accomplished.
I want to make it very clear that I will not, we will not, give up on our objectives of which RAF and ISMAI are a considerable part. I will be spending time with Russell and our technical team; I will be taking on new people and training these people and current personnel to carry out various functions in order to make sure that the absence of personnel will not hinder the daily functioning of our sites – not even my absence.
I will continue to invest time, energy and money to ensure not only the longevity of RAF and the Rican Group but also its’ continual progression and growth. Payments will continue to be made today and over the next few weeks I will be doing all that we need to do to get everything back on track and prove that we will be around for a very long time.
I appreciate your concerns, worries and fears and I also truly appreciate your continued support despite all that has happened. Bad people have tried to bring us down and will surely continue to do so but they will not win – neither I nor Russell nor any of the team will allow that to happen. We will not give up and we will be what you want and need us to be - the best. You were not wrong to continue to believe in us – all is not perfect right now, far from it, but over the next few weeks we will get there.
Thank you.
P.S. Please do not add support tickets to this post as they will not be answered. Any support issues must go to the relevant support groups on ISMMAGIC in order to be answered. The new support ticket software will be in place in the next few days.

- The above is Richard's update (obviously).
I'm just sitting tight waiting to see how this all pans out.

Long pause...
Had to run to the grocery store and I'm back now.

NEO Mutual: received my first payment today! YaY!
By checking the forums and seeing who's playing, looks like we're in good company. Hoping for a nice long run here :)

ClickPaid: the "Financial Summary" that was there yesterday isn't there today. Oh well, maybe they're testing it and it will be back tomorrow, lol
Noticed the "Auto-Repurchase" and "Auto-Withdraw" options are available now. But you must be a Premium-Plus member to use them.
Am I? No. I can decide myself when to purchase and withdraw.

ProfitClicking: just read that the lower RC for Basic has gone into effect. I personally haven't checked but am happy to hear it. They do need to make some cut-backs and that was a good place to start.
No Premium Profit Shift yet but we all know it's coming :(


babe said...

hi blondie...thanks for the update. can i repost this in my blog? i haven't receive any update from them in my email. i'm happy for the update thought. can't wait for them to be back on track. thanks =)

blondie said...

Yes babe, of course.
I pulled that out of their news wire this morning after seeing it posted in fb.

I'm anxious too :)

babe said...

thanks blondie. fingers crossed now :)