Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm Bored ... Can You Tell?

ProfitClicking: Premium: I hope the profit shift is still being calculated because my stats don't match what's in my dashboard. Does yours?
- Maybe once the dust settles from this shift we'll be able to withdraw in premium again without jumping through hoops.
(yeah I know... wishful thinking)

RicanAdFunds: the payment I received yesterday never cleared out of my member area (still shows in progress), so until it does I cannot request another :(
Haven't seen too many 'paid posts' either but a lot of members don't post in forums so there is no way to know how many have really gone out.

NEO Mutual: doing good and earning daily. Would like to see this one last for a long long time.

ClickPaid: almost time to go do my daily surfing, so brb
- OK done surfing. Made some money. Noticed the referral stat's are wrong in the dashboard but they are showing OK in the wallet area. So don't panic if you see the same thing. I'm sure they're just working on something.

- Have you noticed my "page views" are going down again? I'm actually happy about that. I love my regular readers but I get some real freaks here sometimes too. And believe me, those are the ones I can do without.

- Just a note to my readers who want to share other programs or links with me. Please send them to my email with a personal note from you and not to my comments. Thanks :)


jongjong said...

youre lucky to be paid by rican..
my request wasnt paid.. its been 2weeks

blondie said...

Well my request was on the 16th and from what I read, he's still working on the 16th and 17th.
Hang in there and I hope you get it soon!