Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sol-R: been reading about some payments still going through in Sol-R and the following statement posted by Mordk in MMG sums it up:
 As you can see from the posts here - it is clear they are out of funds - first EgoPay and now STP - 
the program is on autopilot - it needs no admin to process payments -
It's like a cycler, when someone makes a deposit, someone else can get paid

In any case, STOP spending there! Please!
I would hope those who joined me actually do read my blog and are aware of what's going on. I'm trying to help, OK :)

NEO Mutual: Been checking out my member area to get accustomed to it. Am sure it will get comfortable over time.
Thanks to those who have joined me so far. And remember earnings are paid on business days, not weekends, so don't freak out if you haven't earned anything yet.
-- Update! Their server time just changed days so it's Monday there now (4:00 PM my time) which means I just got my first daily earning! YaY!

ClickPaid: is doing really good so far and I'm happy with it.
Just sayin.

RicanAdFunds: still no news huh? Well that's disappointing.

ProfitClicking: was actually happy to read this. Bout time they lowed the RC on Basic Re-purchases. I don't think it's in effect yet but wanted to give you a heads up on it so you don't need to wonder.

c) Ad Package Referral Program

You can also earn substantially by introducing others to the benefits of online advertising by using the Profit Clicking method.

In the Basic Advertising Package system, when you share your links and refer others, you can earn between 5-10% in commission from Level 1 Referrals for new purchases and between 2.5-5% in commission for repurchases.

From Level 2 Referrals, you can earn between 2.5-5% in commission for Basic new purchases and between 1.25-2.5% in commission for Basic repurchases. Gift card balances are considered "new funds", as well as funding from payment processors.

In the Premium Advertising Package system, you can earn 10% commission from Level 1 Referrals and 5% commission on Level 2, from both new purchases and repurchases. Premium Gift Cards are coming soon.

You can see the commissions transactions for both the Basic and the Premium systems on your Financial Details by clicking on the View Details button in the respective Money Monitor.
Basic Referral commissions are distinguished as invoice numbers containing either "NEW" or "REP".

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