Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bright Sunny Sunday

It's going to be a beautiful day here today.
Sunny and warm and everything is turning green.
Tomorrow night rain is coming which will turn to snow.
They're predicting 10" on our ground before it's done, so will be another fun day of shoveling the walks on Tuesday :)

ClickPaid: was wondering why my first withdraw was taking so long to receive. Found out they pay them usually within 48 hours during Business Days, meaning M-F. OK my fault. Should receive it sometime tomorrow then.*
Thanks to those of you who decided to join with me. Hopefully this is just the beginning for all of us.

Note: anyone signing up new to CP, at the top of the page is a Help button. If you click on that you'll see the FAQ Library link. Give a holler if you have questions after reviewing the information and I'll do my best to answer you. Seeing that I have a full 30 days under my belt already, guess I would be considered an expert, lol

* Received 48 smackers while I was moaning and groaning.
Thanks ClickPaid! lol

ProfitClicking: thought I was gonna lose my mind yesterday trying for a Bucket in the Basic withdrawal section. OMG, maybe my patience was just wearing thin because I had other things to do but geez... hats off to those of you who can click click click for hours! Yes I know it pays off but it's almost like a gambling addiction, LOL

I did receive payment for the bucket I hit a couple of days ago. Was nice to see that come through but like you, I'm also still staring at the old queue requests from the end of January. (sigh)

Premium on the other hand has been working excellent and I hope there's no changes for that in the near future. (fingers crossed since we never know what can happen here.)

Sol-R: as wonderful as this has been, with the 90 day anniversary just around the corner... I would not add any fresh funds at this time.
Now I'm not saying that it's going to crash and burn but it is a HYIP and we should all know how risky that is. So if you're already playing with profit, more power to you. If you haven't gotten your 'seed money' back yet, then get that out as soon as you can.
If you joined when I first announced this, then you should be well into profit and have no worries. But remember, nothing lasts forever. No even the best of the best.


Henry said...

Hi Judy ~ Indeed Sol-R is great...and I joined as soon as you announced it...AND I'm well in profit - it has (similar to SafeRisk, a simple paying HYIP - I liked SafeRisk...even when they folded, there was no drama - they folded, just like a poker player when the bank was used) I think it will probably be the same with Sol-R (who share the same business address as Enr-G did) and good luck to them. Nothing lasts forever, and I would prefer that to the usual dos attack/site maintenance excuses.

But really it's all gambling fun and to see it as anything else (as most on MMG seem to do) can only result in angst and loathing...

If Sol-R actually return the principal, I shall re-invest half of my original spend - seems to be the most sensible way of continuing without wiping out my profits....

...But congratulations to WorldPro!!!



blondie said...

Always good to see you Henry!

Yes I agree with what you pointed out and I do appreciate your common sense and (do I dare say it?) maturity. LOL

Hope you have a great Merlot evening.
Cheers :)

Henry said...

Thanks Judy...I'm mature about everything (except my little cat!!!)

blondie said...

You and me both.
Our cats are precious!
Cheers Henry