Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not Feeling Well

Just submitted my tax docs and paid dearly. Made me a little sick to my stomach which I'm sure you can understand.

ClickPaid: just purchased 5 more click packs and noticed the withdraw limit is now $250 rather than the $100 it was the last time I looked. Excellent!

ProfitClicking: received payments yesterday from a lucky basic bucket and a premium withdrawal also. Thanks PC.
Chasing those buckets can be stressful but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, lol

Sol-R: instant payments are still rockin n rollin but with 9 days left on the first 90 days to maturity... well, let's just say my nails are getting real short :)

RAF and ismAI: there are continued updates in their NewsWire for those of you who wish to read them, but for me that's not enough.
I personally want to see a lot more information from the Admins before I give up my documents. They are asking a lot from us so I feel they should provide a lot of details up front. Why is this needed now and how it will it be protected from online predators?
I would hope the Admins put out some additional information to comfort us all, perhaps by email so we don't have to go searching their blog, facebook, skype or magic notes.


HermitJim said...

Glad your taxes are done! Now you can have some fun!

blondie said...

Well I hope so Jim.
Still feeling the effects today though :(
I'll try to cheer up, Thanks :)