Thursday, April 25, 2013


RicanAdFunds: update for today:

"JUst to add to the previous update
written by Richard Cannon , April 25, 2013 

I have been asked why I said 'a few weeks' in my post - this is my answer.
I am only trying to be realistic and not make any false promises - we are making payments now, approving ID's, inputting missing ad packs, approving purchases all whilst still working on the script to make sure that everything is functioning the way it should and making improvements - I really believe that we will only be back to normal in a few weeks - we can not feasibly do all this in just a few days."

Saw a few posts in the forums today for payment proofs. Look's like they've started with the $15's and will work up from there.

"Why are payments not processed by time stamp?

I will answer this one. We have over 15,000 withdrawal requests and more are added each day. The program has been written so that we can take a group of payments and pay them so as not to overload the system or the PP via mass pay. The way that we take a group is by value, so I start with the smaller ones and build up so that we can pay as many people as possible as quickly as possible. I have no way to select a bunch by date - this is something we could add later but I don't want to delay the payments any longer, our members have all been very patient already.
- Richard Cannon"

NeoMutual: have requested 2 payments so far and have received them both within 24 hours. Thumbs Up :)

ClickPaid: am seeing more interest in CP lately and appreciate those who joined with me. Sure hope it stays as simple as it is now. I need a break from buckets and shifts. Seriously!


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Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Profit Clicking were as informative as these guys.

blondie said...

Yeah no kidding...
rather than always trying to read between the lines :(

HermitJim said...

I'm thinking that simple is much better! I need a couple of steady programs for a while, ya know?

blondie said...

Yeah I hear ya.

ClickPaid is nice and simple and I do hope it stays that way.
That new one, NEO is simple also but risky, as they all are.

Hope you're doing good in CP.
I do like it :)