Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still Waiting

NEO Mutual: waiting for the weekend to be over so I can earn daily again.

ClickPaid: waiting for today's earning so I can re-purchase. (Forgot last nights was only 1%.)

ProfitClicking: waiting for the DSP in Premium which we never got yesterday. (Not that it matters much... can't seem to withdraw it.)

RAF: waiting for my first $45 like thousands of others.

Alrighty then. Since it's really warm here today, might as well take the afternoon off and have a BBQ with my cute little hippie grand daughter. Yes, those are her Daddy's flip flops along with her 'say cheese' face.
Have a great Saturday!


Roland said...

Re PC - no earnings - I think this is due to profit shift actually

blondie said...

Haven't checked yet today but Yes, I'm sure you're right.
Hope we don't lose too much in the PS.