Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tom and Jerry

ClickPaid: checked in this morning and put 2 and 2 together.
The green circle that says "You Got Paid" along with the $ amount and time for your next payment is based on server time now. Looks like after Midnight server time is when our daily sales profit will come through.
Excellent. That will be 4 PM my time so I'll be watching.
Oh and don't forget to surf those three sites daily :)

Logged in this afternoon and I noticed the Premium and Premium Plus memberships are now available. I went ahead and upgraded myself to Premium. After reading what each level consists of, I think Premium is all I need for now.

ProfitClicking: site was slow earlier but seems to be OK now.
Premium is still my fav and I did receive another payout last night. Have also been building my ad packs in premium along the way.
Basic: one of my friends got another basic bucket through last night so he's either very lucky, persistent, or they really are loosening up the system. Either way Congrats to anyone who can catch those basic buckets!

Holy Moly!! Just went to PC and clicked on the green lights. Saw that PM was green so thought, WTH I'll give it a try. After about 5 or 6 attempts...

Withdraw Funds to Perfect Money - Beta Testing is Currently in Effect

Your Withdraw Request of $92 (+ $8 fee) to Perfect Money account 'Uxxxxxxx' was added to the withdraw bucket successfully!

Needless to say, that made my day. First Basic bucket hit in ages!

Sol-R: is doing great and all of the EgoPay pending payments have been caught up and paid. Now that's really good news! Good Job Admin!!

At the end of each day at suppertime, I get rid of the old canned cat food left on their plates so I can fill it up fresh.
I don't throw it away. That would be a waste since there are so many critters in my neighborhood, so I just pitch it on the back patio.
Now this is done after my Cats are locked in for the night.

Well... there's this little mouse family living somewhere nearby so every night when the food goes out, out they come for their yummy dinner.

Of course my patio door is glass so guess who's there watching, wide-eyed and squirming to get out for the chase?

Had to laugh as I said to them the other night "Sorry guys. The little mice are hungry too. I know it's torture but you'll get over it." LOL

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