Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Good The Bad and The What?

NEO Mutual: was wondering what time the daily earnings get posted. Thanks to a forum member who asked, here you go:

Daily returns are usually posted on top of the hour, following the time the contribution was made, ie. if a contribution was made at 17h30 (Server time) the return will be posted on the next business day at 18h00 (Server time).
However there is one exception: On Mondays the daily returns are posted for all accounts just after midnight. This is due script related issues.

And to see what server time you made your contribution:

Click My Contributions, and scroll to the bottom.
You will see your deposits along with the server times for each one.

OK, got it. Should be seeing my daily % at 11:00 AM my time. Yep, I wrote it down here so I don't forget, lol
* just got an email that my daily earning was received. Excellent. Less thinking for me.

ClickPaid: no news is good news. Working like a charm.
* Just noticed the "Financial Summary" added to our dashboard. That's a nice touch. Makes it easier to keep track of how you're doing. 

Premium Profit Shift!
Good Grief!!!
I purchased my first ad pack when Premium opened on March 7th. They missed a day paying me so as of today I still have 2 days left on that ad pack.
So not even 50 days in and they announce the first Premium Profit Shift?!?
Not a happy camper about that at all. And of course I've been purchasing more this entire time. Wish I had a good feeling about this but..... just a little in shock.

written by Russell ISMmagic, April 23, 2013 
We anticipate being up to date with the backlog of "Purchase Approvals", "Missing Units" & "Withdrawals" by the beginning of next week.
We continue to approve documents and fix e-wallet activation errors.
Please do not send in support tickets regarding document approvals, this is just causing a delays and helping nobody.

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