Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Program - NEO Mutual

After carefully reviewing this one for a couple of days, decided to join NEOMutual today.

Been poked at by a few of my online friends who all agree that this could be the next program we can share for more than just a few days or weeks, lol

Without going into too much detail myself, I did read a very good review of it in the MNO blog and you can read it here too if you like.

Basic HYIP with 3 plans but I'll only discuss 2 of them:

Junior Plan:
1.4% for 200 Business Days
Minimum: $20 Maximum: $499
Total Compensation: 280%
Contribution not returned after term
No Compounding (but you can make a new spend from earnings)

Senior Plan:
1.6% for 200 Business Days
Minimum: $500 Maximum: $50,000
Total Compensation: 320%
Contribution not returned after term
No Compounding (but same as above)

- Accepts all major Pay Processors
- Pays 5% referral commission for those who share

The lower daily rate is not as exciting as the higher ones but could mean it will last much longer too. As long as the Admin runs a clean program, which I think they will, am feeling less stress going into this one.

When you Register, be sure to write down your passwords because they are not sent to your email. Once registered, you can log in right away.

The program uses the e-wallet for funding.
- Log into your member area
- Main menu: 'Preferences' - enter your pay processor account information
- Then click on 'Fund e-Wallet' and follow the steps to fund
- From your Dashboard, you can then 'Make New Purchase'
- Purchase Contributions page, you have 2 options in the drop down menu, Junior or Senior. Select one, enter the amount of your spend, Select from which pay processor you're using and click Purchase.
- When completed, go back to your Welcome page and scroll down to be sure your purchase was successfully placed.

OK what else? Let me clear my head of other stuff and I'll be back to post more as I think of it. That's the nice thing about a blog... you can always come back when you realize you forgot something :)

Sol-R Energy: as I've been hinting at for the last couple of weeks and posted about more bluntly yesterday, I believe Sol-R has one foot in the grave.
EgoPay payments are not working at all, but if you used STP, do try to get paid. You may have better luck with smaller amounts than larger ones. If one doesn't go through "Instant", cancel it and try again later or try with a smaller amount. (I have seen payment proofs of $5 to $10 in the forums.)
This program has run it's course.
It ran out of fuel and there is nothing we can do.
It did not scam! 
It ran for a good 90 days and paid instantly most of the time. Anyone who joined early on and didn't 100% compound should be well into profit. Big difference between a scam and something that just dies of natural causes.

RicanAdFunds: as you all know no payments were sent out yesterday and we don't know why. They did say they'd do them on Fridays and Tuesdays BUT they didn't say which date they would start. Guess we all assumed it would be this Friday (yesterday) but no go.
Hope to have better news the next time I post.

ClickPaid: paid me last night while I was out eating pizza with my grand daughter. It took approx. 24 hours to receive payment so am happy about that! I'll be back after I do my surfing for today.
- OK back. Surfing went fine. Got my daily earnings and a few RC's (thanks guys). So that's it till tomorrow.

ProfitClicking: was shocked yesterday when just before I had to leave the house I got a Premium Bucket withdrawal to go through. WhooHooo!
Was wondering how I was gonna pay for that pizza, LOL. Thanks PC and of course members!!


Anonymous said...

Hello mate, thanks for your info regarding NeoMutual, i`m very new to this stuff, i started out on PC late last year, but have funds locked in basic as do thousands of others, so i might try NM and see how i go. Thankyou!

blondie said...

You're welcome,
and who am I speaking to?

Yes PC late last year was not the time to join. I'm having an awful time trying to get basic money out also.

Hope for better luck in Neo :)

ld randi said...

Hello Blondie!
I've just joined NM, god luck to all of us!

I agree on Sol-R, it has been great and created profits for a lot of people!

Thanks as always for your advices!

blondie said...

Hi Randi,

Yes Sol-R had a good run for sure.
Wish all the HYIP's we played in did the same.

Thanks for dropping by and Thanks for joining in Neo. Should be fun.

G'day to you :)

Carl Johnson said...

Why you start NEOMutual?
I follow your blog because you choice suitable/secure HYIP like ProfitClicking or RICA.. NEOMutual is another HYIP in MMG.

blondie said...

Well Carl,
I learned enough about it to be comfortable with it. I don't join every HYIP that comes along.
And my readers enjoy variety. You know... different strokes for different folks.
I like staying tuned in to what's new and then share what I believe my readers can earn from.
Cheers :)

Ben Clark said...

Gday Blondie, i wrote in the other day about my joining PC late last year, and as you said it was a bad time to join, so i have accepted that i probably wont see any return for my cash, so i have just joined NeoMutual, i was encouraged by your review and also it will help me take my mind off PC. I have started out with $500 in the senior plan. I hope to have more luck this time, haha! By what i have read, Neo sound like they mean business. Thanks again, mate, regards from Ben.

blondie said...

Gday to you Ben and Thanks for joining Neo :)
Yes I do think they mean business and like you said, will help take your mind off of PC, lol
But do try for those Basic Buckets every so often. Sometimes you can hit one when you least expect it.
Thanks again and have a great week!