Friday, April 26, 2013

Waiting for a 45

45 record photo: 45 record 45rpminserts.jpg

RicanAdFunds: payments have started going out in order of smaller to larger. My friend received a $45 today to his EgoPay. I have an STP in progress so hoping to see that one soon.

NEO Mutual: was paid again from Neo. I don't normally request daily withdrawals but did have some small amounts of RC so... with the minimum w/d being $2, figured I'd test the system.
Thanks Admin for running a good show and Thanks to my referrals also :)

ClickPaid: have decided to purchase more Click Packs today with earnings rather than withdrawing. I'm comfortable enough with it so might as well build it a little bit more.

To my younger readers, read comments first.
This song below is on an old vinyl album, in 33 RPM.
The picture at the top is an old 45 RPM (revolutions per minute). That's how we had to listen to our music back in the day. One song per side. It was awesome and I miss those days.

Now remember kids, records came before 4 track tapes (yes there was such a thing), 8 track tapes, cassettes and CD's. Yep, I have them all ;)


Will B said...

Hi Blondie, I don't think your younger readers will have a clue what a 45 is! I'm waiting two $45s from Rican, so I'm glad to see at least some payments are going out. Weekend Ahead! Enjoy it, will.

blondie said...

Well that's why I added the picture Will. You know 'every picture tells a story, don't it?'

I am waiting on 2 also.
1 pending and 1 in progress.
It's late in the UK so maybe tomorrow we'll see it happen.

Enjoy your weekend!!

blondie said...

PS, thanks for the idea.
Been a long time since I heard that Rod Stewart song.

Will B said...

What about the old hard shellac records Blondie, flying around at 78 rpm. That was even before your time Blondie, but I had a collection of them when I was a kid. Still have them, but no machine to play them on now. Enjoyed Rod. He's still going strong! Cheers, Will

blondie said...

You mean those old 78's that were "thick as a brick"?
(oh I feel another song coming on, lol)

Yeah, I had those too but none of them laying around anymore. I do have a suitcase full of 45's though.
Thanks for the reminder :p

blondie said...

PS, we could do this for hours, eh Will?
Listening to Jethro Tull now.
Cheers :)

babe said...

wow. it's cool. wish i had one :)

Brad Tramell said...

Hey Aqualung ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of's a more accurate reproduction of sound than anything digital. It was much more fun for DJs too..actually mixing music with your ears, adjusting pitch, etc..(hauling around crates full of records wasn't so much fun though lol) Now they just push buttons all night, and let the computer do all the fun stuff.



Hey Judy!

Hope things are good with you. I still have a large stack of the old 45s and a large stack of the large vinal albums in my closet. I even received (2) "record players" as gifts a couple of years ago to play them. Things have really come a long way but I guess I'm an "old timer" about many things and the memories are great.

Had to come in and say Hi!

Have a great weekend!


HermitJim said...

Looks like I'm in good company waiting on 2 payments from Rican.

I like ClickPaid so far, and now I'm showing my age a bit...'cause I have both the 45s and some 78s! Heck, I even have a few of those yellow spacers!

Where did all those years get to?

blondie said...

Love all the comments.
Thanks you all for stopping by.

Yeah, I have a couple of crates full of albums also and yes, they're heavy as heck!

Jim really? You still got some of those yellow things too? Wow!
And I thought I was a hoarder, LOL

Have a great weekend!