Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday At The Hideout

Something occurred to me yesterday after I posted.
Yesterday was my 2 yr anniversary from when I first joined JustBeenPaid, now ProfitClicking.
Also yesterday I upgraded to Premium in ClickPaid.
Will ClickPaid come close in popularity to what JBP was?
I have no clue but I'm willing to take my chances and see what happens. So far so good :)

BRB, not very talkative today.
Actually, I'll be back after the server clocks both change in PC and CP. Then I'll have more to report.

ClickPaid: do you realize if you're sitting in your Dashboard when the clock strikes Midnight, You Got Paid!
Wow, makes me feel like Cinderella, lol
Requested my first withdraw from CP yesterday.
Will let you all know when it comes through.

ProfitClicking: no complaints about their Premium system.
Once I receive my payout from the Basic bucket, might just have to put it into the Premium. It's been flawless so far.
Basic: tried for another bucket tonight but no luck :(
Just goes to show I'm just one of the guys, lol

Sol-R: back to normal and paying instantly in both STP and EgoPay!
Thinking about that first complete cycle coming soon. I'm excited yet a tad worried.
Even if the program didn't offer the "principal back", I'd still be really happy with it. It's been awesome and earning 2.2% per day for 90 days is still 198% back. So... what's not to be happy about?
Well, paying back the principals could be rough and I would sure be willing to give-it-up if we needed to in order to keep the program going. See what I'm saying?

Do I have any readers here as old as me and from Detroit?
Ahh the good old days. Bob Seger, The Rationals and The Underdogs. Not to mention Robin Seymour's "Swingin Time" TV show on CKLW.
Here's a song from my past. My sister, girlfriend and I had a fan club for these guys when we were very young. And no, the song wasn't about me, although it could have been, except for the dimples. I don't have any. LOL

OK, if you are from Detroit and need a little more memorabilia, here you go. Wow. Grande Ballroom. Remember that place?
PS, I lived on 8 Mile Road. You ever see that Movie with Eminem? Yeah, that's where I grew up.


dr.capoon said...

I share your opinion on SOL-R. I am a little concerned also about principal return. It shouldn't harm program in first two weeks, but after that, who knows?
I have noticed that somewhere in the 2nd week of February, the number of daily withdrawals has increased rapidly. So if those who compounded heavily trough this first cycle don't hurt SOL-R, it might come to the point of no return somewhere by the mid May.
I really wouldn't like to see that, but that are my concerns. It's been a while since I participated in such a nice program (thanking to you).
Whatever happens, I would like to participate in future programs of this admin. He is definitely not of those kind who run away at the point when they get few major investments.

blondie said...

Hey dr.c :)
Nice to see someone understands my posts about Sol-R.
It sure has been a great program and I too would support this Admin in the future.
Good Luck to you and Thanks for stopping by.