Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Day Is It?

Yes I know I'm late... been busy with taxes all day.
I am not a happy camper this year either :(

Just got an update from Sol-R:

I know everyone is getting very impatient with the recent egopay issues but I have some great news.
The EgoPay issues have been resolved, we are just waiting on confirmation from EgoPay that all is ready to go. We will start paying all pending withdrawals shortly keeping a close eye that nothing is out of the ordinary.

We will keep EgoPay withdrawals manual until we have had 100% confirmation from EgoPay, then we will go ahead and turn instant withdrawals back on. We estimate within 24 hours.

Please bare with us for a little longer, we will be back to normal shortly.

With great appreciation,
Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team!

The site came up real fast just now, until I went to withdraw. Then I got a "couldn't connect to host". Dang. Will try later.
* Tried again 2 min's later and it went through fine! YaY!
I must have just had a bad connection or something.
Thanks Admin and members!

ClickPaid: is messin around with the site.
Don't ask me what they're doing cause I dunno.
I wanted to check my timer for surfing but it's gone.
So will keep an eye on that and try to figure it out.
PS, I'm confused enough today already. Now I have to guess when my 24 hours are up for surfing? Argh!

ProfitClicking: Premium: just bought a few more ad packs and cashed out my balance left. Since it's premium, should receive it in a day or two.
Basic: I can't hit a bucket to save my life so if you haven't either, you're not alone.
PS, my friend and referral hit 6 buckets in 8 days (I think is what he said). So it's not impossible, just time consuming.

You know what?
When I get anonymous comments, sure wish you would leave a name. This is not a public forum and if I don't know who's wanting to speak their peace in my house, you may not get published. Kapish?


Brad Tramell said...

Hey there its me again, Brad, he he he, you're not gonna believe this but I just got another 100$ bucket to Egopay, about an hour ago! I saw the light turn green, and instantly started trying, and on the sixth try I clicked through :D :D......The limits in the buckets are also increasing, Payza, STP, And LR are up to 150$ limits now, but Egopay and PM are still 100$

blondie said...

Thanks for the good news Brad and the update.
Hope to see more payouts reported from the basic over time.
Cheers :)