Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still Snowing ...

and cold as a witches u-know-what.
Had to go to the store today for my lucky Lotto ticket and froze my butt off. Oh well, guess I could stand to lose a pound or two from there anyway, lol

Sol-R: still doing good although I've seen the EgoPay withdraws are glitching again. Is it a glitch or is it just time? You know what I mean.
I have 3 days left before my first spend matures so I am not adding any fresh funds at this time. I'll wait it out to see what happens to the expired positions first.
But again I'll say... this Admin has done a fantastic job!!

ClickPaid: nice to see more of my old readers joining ClickPaid. Thanks you guys :)
Now if you remember this was one of my "OK, I'll be the Guinea Pig and try it out" programs. After a shaky start, am happy to report that things are moving along and working as they should be. Click 3 and get paid. Couldn't get much easier.

RicanAdFunds: remember to keep up to date on their NewsWire, especially if you're having a problem with spends or ID's or whatever. If you're still in doubt or have a question, the MMG forum is also a good place to ask other members and those in the know. There are a lot of good people there and most will help you. Just beware of the 'others' while you visit. You know the ones, the crabby appleton's who want to ruin everything? lol

ProfitClicking: always a mystery that one.
It's like we never know what's going to change or who's going to get lucky or who's going to get screwed.
I have been lucky the last few days and have had no problem getting a Premium withdraw request into the bucket. On the other hand, a good friend and referral of mine hasn't been able to do that for a few days now.
So why does this work for some and not for others? Is it timing? Does it have anything to do with earnings or number of ad packs or what part of the country you live in? It's still a mystery to me.


Brad Tramell said...

Hi :) :) Just wanted to report I got another Basic payza bucket for 150$ a few hours ago, yay 500$ in three weeks time :) still pending 100$ in the que on Jan 25th, so really hoping to see that soon :)

KECHI said...

Hi Blondie, please where is the transfer button for Premium Ad Packs in Profit clicking.I need to transfer my Premium Ad pack earnings to my wallet.

steve said...

Hi Blondie,

can I know what processor you are using for PC as I tried STP, Payza and Egopay and all reach daily limit.

blondie said...

Brad, Good to hear!

Steve, STP and Payza mostly.
Still wondering how they have it coded so that some hit it and others not. Strange program.

Hi Kechi,
There is no transfer button in Premium PC. If you want to withdraw, just request it as long as you have $20 or more in your account. Be prepared for the 'daily limit reached' though since I'm seeing a lot of reports on that.

steve said...

hi Judy,

can I know the GMT time you requested your withdrawal?

blondie said...

I have no idea what the GMT time was.
I can tell you though it was requested at approx 1:00 AM server time. Hope that helps.