Saturday, April 6, 2013

Referral Contest at the I-T Forum

Just in from Investment-Tracker Discussion Forum:

Hi Guys
I will keep it short and sweet.
We have just started our $150.00 referral contest.

$150.00 referral contest.

10 prices up for grabs.

1st prize $80.00
2nd prize $40.00
3rd -5th prize $10.00
6th -7th prize 728 banner in header (1 week)
8th-9th prize 160 x 600 banner on side bar (1 week rotator)
10th prize 125 x 125 banner on side bar (1 week rotator)

Please read all about it here


What a great promo for this forum!
Must admit I've been busy and haven't visited lately but as soon as I finish my tax return for the year, I'll definitely make my presence known there.
Thanks Kev :)

New post in the RAF NewsWire:

Secure Proof Of ID Upload
written by Russell ISMmagic, April 06, 2013

We are currently developing and testing this feature on ismMagic.
All uploads will be fully encrypted for your security.
We aim to have this available on Monday 8th April for you to start uploading documents

No comment at this time.
That is a touchy subject for me.

ShowBizHits: has a Promo today also, if you're in the mood for all that surfing, lol

Happy Weekend!

Stop by and surf a simple in-house promo.

Curtain Call In House Promo SATURDAY 4/6

Surf 350 sites to qualify for drawing Upgraded winners win 2x cash prize amount.


1 x $4.00
1 x $2.00
5 x $1.00 + 300/300/300
1 x 1000/1000/1000
3 x 300/300/300
3 x 200/200/200

No tickets needed



Brad Tramell said...

Hi there :D I was just wondering how do you feel about the adsincome and rican, and having to upload id proof and documents? I don't really like it, but I guess if thats what I gotta do to continue earning money with them, then I guess so be it lol

blondie said...

Didn't I just write:
"No comment at this time."

When I'm ready to share, I will.
Cheers :)