Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just a Quickie

Sol-R: egopay pending payments are going out right now.
Saw several posted in the forum. That's good news!
Once again I want to thank everyone very much for the extreme patience with these egopay issues.
I am happy to say that we feel the EgoPay issues are now resolved so we have turned instant withdrawals back on.
All pending withdrawals have been paid.
Please submit a ticket if you have any troubles.
Once again thank you to everyone and look forward to future newsletters with much better news!
Thank you,
Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team!

ClickPaid: our little green circle is back telling us how long before we can surf and earn our daily sales profit. Also noticed the server time has been added to the site (left side).
There is a call tonight if you're interested. Info is posted in your Message Center.

RAF and ismAI have been very quiet. That's OK, they need time to work.

ProfitClicking: really happy that I took a leap of faith and purchased into their Premium system when it opened.
3% DSP is paid daily, withdrawals have been quick and no queue to wait on. So far, all of my w/d requests have gone straight into the bucket.
Will that change? Probably yes, but in the meantime it's helping me out a lot!

Remind me to tell you tomorrow how I torture my Cats, lol


Pam Mwantep said...

I would like to know how you torture the cat and most importantly, WHY?

blondie said...

No worries Pam.
I'll explain later :)

Henry said...

Tom and Jerry made me laugh! I try and teach my Little Prince about the street cats.

When he turns up his nose at 'chicken and turkey slices', I put it outside for the poor street cats and he and I watch as they gobble it up...

...the trouble is, Littley knows that all he has to do is to rattle his bowl and then soft old me will offer him something else...perhaps steak and grouse will tempt his Lordship?


blondie said...

Oh Henry, you're worse than I am.
I don't usually offer them anything else if they don't like what I picked out. Besides, they always got dry food to nibble on.
Great Story!
Cheers :)