Sunday, September 30, 2012

What? All Good Updates?

Profit Clicking: good news today.
- The rejected STP withdrawal request (from yesterday) has been returned to "pending" status and not to wallet. Much better since the 9/20 request date is still showing.
- The TE URL's that I submitted on Friday are approved today and being viewed.
- Received my daily income for 9/26.
- Surfed 10 ad's smoothly. (I know I only need to do 3 but I like going the extra mile.)
- Last but not least, I was so happy to see these things fixed and moving again, I purchased more Ad Packs which were placed immediately. Excellent!

Phinanci: everything is working perfectly here. Earnings are credited daily, payments are going out very fast, and the membership seems to be growing at a good rate. Although I don't think the number of members is shown on the site, the forums are picking up speed with comments and my own personal referrals are bringing in a nice number of their own also. Good Job!

RAF/RicanAdFunds: another winner in my book. My banner Ad's were approved yesterday and have already received 8 clicks on one and 13 on the other. Nice to see the Advertising paying off whilst making a buck in the meantime. Oh and no problem going in via the main link today. Propagation to the new server must be complete. Thanks Richard.

ismAdsIncome: just noticed in the "Stats"... when you re-purchase using Account Earnings, it's included in your "Total Paid Amount".
Friday was the first time I RE-purchased so I didn't realize that until now. All prior spends were made from my pay processor funds. Works like a charm but didn't want any of you to get confused (like I was) when checking the Total Paid Amt stats. 
Also getting some hits to my banner ad's there too and just added a Featured Banner cause I forgot to the other day.

Not sure if I heard this song on a TV commercial or if it just popped into my head all by itself. Seems like a fun song for a Sunday though. Well, at least it's better than the ranting post about disgusting spam that I was originally gonna write about. Maybe tomorrow for that, since it is Sunday.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Situations

Profit Clicking: was shocked this morning to receive an email from PC stating:
Greetings !
Your Solid Trust Pay withdrawal request for $xxx.00 was rejected by your Payment Processor.
This usually occurs if you mistyped your account name or e-mail.  Your funds have been returned to your wallet, please verify your account information and re-submit your withdraw request.

Well, nothing was mistyped and it's the same user ID that I've had for years. Checking the forums and the chat room, seems I'm not the only one this happened to. Per Mod Ace:

"ONLY if you had a STP Withdrawal failure issue, it is being addressed by IT now. No need to send a support ticket. Resubmit the withdraw as suggested in the email."

OK, so that's what I'll do once they return the money to my wallet. Must be a delay doing that also. (sigh)

On a brighter note, I was paid for my 9/25 daily ad pack income.

Phinanci: has gotten off to a great start!
Thanks to everyone who has joined so far.
I got excited about it yesterday and purchased more units with some of the RC that I received. Also made a withdraw and received it in minutes!
Feels really good being in at the start of this and am looking forward to a nice long run.

RAF/RicanAdFunds: doing good and daily earnings are right on schedule. Waiting for a banner approval from yesterday though. (chop chop Richard, lol)
Also Admin sent out a note about the propagation and how to log in if you're still having a problem:
Some of our members are having problems accessing the site. The site is up 100% of the time, however there is a problem with the DNS propagation taking significantly longer than expected. This is outside of our control. You may use the following alternative urls To access the site:

I have to leave soon and will have limited access to the internet. Going to watch Olivia this afternoon so the kids can go out for a bit. I'll reply to emails if I get the time or when I get back home.
Enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Program Announcement & TGIF Also

Finally the new HYIP I mentioned months ago is launched!!
This is a Private HYIP (for now) and I think you'll be pleased with the plans.
It opened yesterday but we'd like to keep it Private for a few days (at least) and you are one of the first to know about it. 
I cannot tell you the name yet as we're trying hard to keep it 'under cover' for the time being.

It has two plans to choose from which are listed on the site.
The Daily plan (3% x 50) will credit your earnings on a 24 hour basis from the time you make your purchase.
The Expiry plan (6% x 20) is obviously paid on expiry.
RC for those who promote is two level, giving 6% and 2%
Free members can also earn. 
Accepts: LR, STP, PM and EgoPay

The Admin is someone from our past who I trust dearly and I know for a fact that he'll run a good clean game.

Please contact me at for the URL.
I should be up and moving before 7 AM my time (MDT) and will send the link to whoever asks for it.

Friday Update: email is no longer necessary. Someone let the cat out of the bag and started a forum thread(s) for Phinanci so I got the OK from the Admin to go ahead and let it loose. Play Safe, Have Fun and Good Luck to All :)

* I'm here. It's about 8 AM my time and I've sent out quite a few links already. Thanks to those who asked.
Weird thing today, I got up at 5 AM and actually felt rested. So I started the coffee and away we go :)

Profit Clicking: not much to report on. My last daily income was posted on the 23rd* and I have 4 pending withdraw requests at the moment.
I've read that payments are going out but being in the new queue system, I guess I just have to wait my turn.
Some are getting concerned about the STP payments since we've not seen any of those posted yet. And STP was my first request so when I receive it, I will let you all know.
They are adding things to the site and did notice banners were added. As you can see, there is one on my side bar now. No, not for new members necessarily. I'd like to see PC working properly first. But I added it because I was tired of that empty space and just because I could ;)
* Just received the 24th income. So it appears they're coming in a 3 day lag time. That's OK as long as it's regular.

Friday Update: here's an excellent Update from Profit Clicking
which answers some of your questions about banners and daily TE surfing. Also have heard reports of STP withdraw requests from 9/20 starting to go out. WhooHooo! Makes for a Happy Friday!

RAF/RicanAdFunds: looks like people are enjoying RAF and I don't blame them one bit. Have 2 days of earnings under my belt already.
Once I get the OK from the Admin of that new HYIP, I'll have to add that banner to my advertising for more exposure. Gotta love these paid to advertise (profit share) type programs.
PS, site still propagating? Sometimes it comes up, sometimes not. I'll check again later and so should you.

ismAdsIncome: working like a charm and still the stats are impressive. Was going to withdraw today but decided to wait until tomorrow. Certainly not one of those programs that I need to worry about.
Friday Update: purchased more Advertising Packages today.

Last but certainly not least:
Today is September 27th.
If you take a peek at my side bar, you'll see js's smiling face there.
Can't believe it's been two years already since we were able to enjoy his "har"s on a daily basis.
I remember him bitching once about people (including myself) writing LOL after a sentence... saying that they really weren't laughing out loud.
Well, I am. If I write LOL I really am chuckling out loud.
Oh, he said... OK, but I'll bet most people don't. Har!
Anyway, just wanted to remind you all of the day and also to let John know that he is not and never will be forgotten in my book or in my heart.
Cheers JS xoxoxo
They're playing our song :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Again?

Good Morning,
Just got here and tried to log into RAF (RicanAdFunds) but the site is not available. Well, the Admin didn't plan the pre-launch until Thursday but since members started promoting it, he was sort of rushed. So my guess is it's propagating to the new server and will be up and running soon.
* Site is back up and I need to run to the store. Will update more when I get back.
** OK Back. After reading some forum posts about RAF and their association with the ismMagic site, decided to get the info straight from the horses mouth. (No offense Richard, not calling you a horse, lol.)

Q: Good Morning. Didn't you tell me that RAF is NOT under the Magic umbrella? So no bonus points in Magic for being a RAF member. Correct?  I'm seeing promotions about that and wanted to be clear. Thx
Also, you're the sole Admin or is Russell involved too?

A: Hi Judy - ISMMagic belongs to Rican Professional Networks (RicanPN) as does ISMAdsIncome which is a feeder program for ISMMagic.  RAF is a RicanPN site so it is the same people but not the same function in the company.  RAF is purely an ad site.

Admins are Myself and Russell (he is way more technical than me). Propagation not yet finished so it is up and down at the moment.

Q: Thanks for the explanation. I'll share it with those asking. Actually, that's good blog material. Do you mind?

A: Go ahead you can add that RicanPN belongs to Rican Business Ventures (RicanBV) and that are currently 7 companies in the group the generate revenue to fund our programs.

So there you have it.
As mentioned yesterday, I bought a few ad packs and they were active today when I checked. Remember the purchases are not auto and must be manually approved, but they are doing them really fast.
Also Thanks to those who have joined me so far.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cloudy but OK Tuesday

Profit Clicking: am seeing payment proofs in MMG today. Newer ones which is weird since they said they'd pay the older "before migration" pendings before starting the new ones. Ah well, any payment is a good payment in my book.

The New Ad Program I mentioned late yesterday is coming along and we should have a real URL to promote soon.
I've been asked to hold off giving links until we're officially up and running. So keep an eye on my blog please. Could be tomorrow or Thursday from what I understand. WhooHoo!

Change of Plans... it's Open Now! 
Someone let the cat out of the bag (no, not me) and the link is floating around the forums and social media sites already. Sheesh.

So I had a chat with the Admin Richard who said "Go For It".
You can spend via STP or LR now.
Egopay, they are still waiting on validatino since the site is only just validatable.
And PM is being tested as we speak.
- Just made my first spend and they're added manually, so will check tomorrow for it posting.

Turn $15 into an Income
Earn 2.00% Daily - For 125 Days
Earn 2.00% Daily - 60% per Month
Earn 250% per Position
100% Passive
Daily Payments per Ad Unit
Minimum Cash Out $15
NO need to Login or Surf to Earn
Increase Your Earnings with Daily Compounding
Earn Without Sponsoring
3 Referral Bonuses: 7%, 5% and 3%
Available to People in All countries
Our Responsive Ads Promote Your Business

I feel rushed today for some reason. Was mowing the lawn and doing my work here at the same time. Not an easy chore so tomorrow should be better. Going to grab a banner for my side bar.
Thanks to all :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

One More Day & New Ad Program Coming

Didn't get to mow the lawn this morning as I had planned. It's drizzling rain which is a good thing for us. Been a dry and hot summer so am glad it's about over.

Profit Clicking: listening to the conf chat room... too funny. People asking the same questions over and over without reading or hearing the answers. And the number of people who don't read the updates is amazing.
- our daily income was stalled over the weekend but is slowly being added now.
- just be sure you do your daily surfing of at least 3 sites per day.
- if you can't surf, let's say for 1 week... everything will be frozen until you can surf (view ads) again. Then it will continue from where you left off.
the withdrawals are available daily among all processors. If you have pending withdrawals you need to wait until the first request with that processor is completed before you can request another.
- withdrawal requests can take up to 72 hours during "business days" to complete. This does not include weekends or holidays.
And don't forget this part before freaking out on your daily income:
- Here's how it works: Today's current retail sales of new Ad Packages, purchased on or after 9/1/12 receive a Daily Sales Profit of 20 cents on weekdays and 10 cents on weekends. Ad Packages purchased before 9/1/12 receive a Daily Sales Profit of 10 cents weekdays and 5 cents on weekends.

As of this morning, my daily income is caught up through the 22nd. I do have a few withdrawal requests submitted and could/should see the first one paid tomorrow about this same time. Yes, it was submitted on the 20th so 3 business days later would be tomorrow.

Regarding the site and the dashboard, not everyone's account seems to be updating the same things at the same times. So if your info is different than mine, please don't shoot the messenger.

ismAdsIncome and ismMagic: was reading a fellow bloggers notes yesterday which reminded me to go into ismMagic and renew my membership level for another month.
If you're active in the AdsIncome site, each time you purchase you receive Magic Points in the ismMagic site that can be used for your upgrade. (assuming you have an account in both that is.)
Just log into ismMagic
Under "My Account" click on "Magic Points Report"
That will show your Points earned thus far.
Go back to "Home" page.
Read your "Key Information". Mine said:
"Your Membership Details
Your current membership level is Wizard : Earned expiring on 02-10-2012.
CLICK HERE to Upgrade / Extend upgrade. If you have a current Paypal or Payza subscription your upgrade will be extended automatically upon successful payment.
When you CLICK HERE, you'll see the "Compare Memberships & Upgrade" page.
Decide on which Membership Level you want and go to the bottom of the page. There you will see the buttons to spend your Magic Points.
I re-upgraded to Wizard and now my home page says "Earning expiring on 02-11-2012".

just got word of a New Advertising Program coming very soon. Could be up and running as early as Wednesday for a pre-launch with the Official Opening on Monday, October 1st.
What I know so far is:
- 2% per calendar day for 125 days.
- $15 ad packs get you 5000 banners (486x60), 5000 Feature Banners (125x125) and 5000 Text Ads per pack.
- Minimum withdraw is $15.
- 3 Levels of RC, 7%, 5% and 3%
That's all I know for now. I'll try to get more details such as whether or not we can re-purchase with earnings etc.
Yippee! Something new to play in, LOL

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh What A Relief It Is

About a month ago when everything around me started going downhill, I received a Juror Summons in the mail. Good Grief! That's the last frickin thing I need to do right now. The date for appearance is 9/24, Monday. Well, you have to call them the business day before to see if your number comes up. This being the weekend, I realized I could call today and ...
Whoo Hoooooo!!!
Never been so excited about mowing the lawn before. That is what I am going to be doing on Monday and not sitting in a stuffy court house!

Profit Clicking updates:
- was able to transfer Panel balance to Wallet today.
- withdraw's are open. Min $20, Max $250 from Wallet.
- daily income could take up to 72 hours to receive.
- withdraw requests could take up to 72 'business' hours to be paid.
- withdraw requests can be made daily to any pay processor that does not have a pending request already.
- pending withdrawals from before migration will be processed first before new ones from PC.
- once it's approved, to add credits to your own URL Traffic Package, simply place your cursor anywhere on that line and "Credit Applied" will show plus or minus. Click on the Plus Sign and add your credits.
- listening to the conference room, can't believe people still think they have to surf from Midnight to 12:05 AM each day, LOL Don't mean to laugh but that's just funny. You have a full 24 hours to get your daily surfing done. Just be sure to do it each day since the 12:05 AM server time is the time that the Surf Stats Re-Set to -0- for a new day. Kapish?

Repeating from yesterday since it's the weekend...
** Hey you guys wanna do me a favor today?
Click on this and Vote for my grand daughter Olivia.

There's only 3 days left and you CAN vote once per day.
Lots of cool prizes and cash I think too.
Much appreciated :)

ismAdsIncome: their front page states:
 Turn $10 into a Fortune! 
 Earn 1.50% Daily - For 200 days 
 Earn 1.50% Daily - 45% per month 
 Earn 300% per Position 
 Earning for Little Effort on Your Part 
 Daily Payments per Ad Unit 
 NO need to Login or Surf to earn 
 Increase Your Earnings with Daily Compounding 
 Earn Without Sponsoring 
 3 Referral Bonuses: 5%, 3% and 1% 
 Available to People in All countries 
 Our Profitable Ads Promote Your Business
As for me, I started on August 17th, got my first daily earning on Aug 18th and it's been smooth sailing since then.
I've not re-purchased (compounded) and have only used fresh funds thus far.
Don't have my 'seed money' back yet but working on it.
My personal referrals are all happy from what I can tell, and they're promoting also as I can see my Level 2 and Level 3 downline numbers are good.
Admin's have been very responsive to any situation that has come up.
Well, what else can I say? It's been a nice no-drama daily-earning program that looks to be pretty darn stable in my opinion.

Just a reminder especially for those of you new to this sort of 'business': if you do decide to get involved with anything I post here... don't bet the farm or spend your food money. Get your seed money out in a reasonable amount of time then play with profit. Better to be safe than sorry with any money spent in programs or games here on the internet.
Peace :)

Friday, September 21, 2012


Profit Clicking: today is starting out better than I thought it would.
- Checked my PC account and noticed that I received my 1% daily income for my old 'tripler' positions since the migration.
- If you're not sure of your own numbers, check the "Financial" page which is located in your "View Details" of Ad Packages.
- Not everyone has received it yet. Just be sure to do your daily surfing so that when it's your turn you won't be left out.
- One more thought on that, you might want to surf enough so that your 'Ads Viewed This Week' is at 25 or more. I won't take long, I promise.
- I also purchased a new Ad Pack which isn't showing up yet. Apparently there is a delay in that again. No biggie and I'll check again later.
Here's their latest update.

From the Conf Room:
- daily withdrawals from all processors if you do not have pending withdrawals.
- not all members have received their 1% on their older ad packs yet.
- dashboard is still under construction, patience if your numbers don't look right.
- found the "wallet" to be more up-to-date then the money monitor in the dashboard.

Later in the day:
- Just posted by Gil: As overall daily sales volume increases over the next few days and weeks, we fully expect all active Ad Packages bought before 9/1/12, to pay just as much per day as newly purchased Ad Packages.
- But wait... there's more:
** Going back to the site, that update 27 just disappeared.
Wonder what they're doing?
*** Figured it out. They posted the wrong info the first time. Now this latest one is the correct one. Hope so cause my heart can't handle any more changes today, LOL

A Moderator just wrote:
PC has great plans for the future - things will be great - we are still here - giving income - and things can only get better!! :)

** Hey you guys wanna do me a favor today?
Click on this and Vote for my grand daughter Olivia.
Lots of cool prizes and cash I think too.
Much appreciated :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

PC Party Time !!

Profit Clicking:
Yep, that's Jake in his party hat.
Received a couple of emails this morning letting me know that the PC Withdraw Button was working. YaY!
So I hurried over there and put in my first withdraw request since it became Profit Clicking.
- Remember the funds need to be in your Wallet to request it out.
- You can transfer from Ad Packs but not from Panel balance yet.
- There is a $250 limit but I've heard it's per pay processor. I didn't hear that from the company itself so I only requested one w/d today since the latest update said you can make one request per day and not per pay processor, (confusing).
- Been trying to get into their conf chat room but it's full.
- Also read that our migrated JBP positions will earn 1% daily and not 2%. Don't quote me on that cause it didn't come from the company. Was just a note I read in the forum saying it was announced in the conf room.
So will do my best to get official updates today for you.

Pulled from the conference room:

**PLEASE NOTE** -->> Withdrawels are now open!! :) You can w/d up to $250 per payment processor - per day!! <<--

LATEST UPDATE Old positions will get .10 daily income when they start getting daily income. The newly purchased ad packages will get .20/.10 on daily income.

Our old migrated positions, once they start earning again will earn income of 1% daily until they reach their full 150%

If you can't surf daily, your account will just be frozen until you can surf again. You will not lose any income for not surfing but obviously it will take more days to get to 150%

Oh and they said our older migrated positions could start earning again in about 48 hours.

OK, I need to run to the store, out of milk. Meow =^..^=

Back. FYI, my daily income is all caught up through the 20th. That would be on new Ad Pack purchases made since PC opened.

More info thanks to Wesley:
According to support, those of us which requested a withdrawal the day before the site move, but didn't receive it, will get it 72 hours after the start of the withdrawals. If the money is not in your processor account then to contact support again.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hang In There

Profit Clicking:
could be a fun day today.
Wondering if the withdraw button will appear today or not. If not today then hopefully soon after. I know a lot of you are waiting for that.
- no daily income received for 9/18 on new ad pack purchases yet. It will all be caught up in the next 12-24 hours.
- if you plan to withdraw (when it's open), you will need to transfer your Ad Package balance to your Wallet first, then withdraw from Wallet.
- Transfer from 'Panel Balance' does not work at the moment.
- and I don't think the Dashboard is completely correct for everyone. That's another thing they're working on now.
- the old JBP Tripler positions are not earning yet, but we all knew that right?
- Remember to surf at least 3 sites daily and not through IE. FireFox and Google Chrome work great.
- I just bought another Ad Pack and the transaction went through immediately.
- tried to log into the conf chat room via the old link but it told me the room was full. Then I tried this one and got in just fine.
So hang in there :)

ismAdsIncome: requested a payment this morning and received it in seconds. WoW! Thanks Admin's Richard and Russell. You've certainly created a great little advertising program for us and we all appreciate it.
Remember guys, no surfing required for this one. Simply purchase positions (ad packs) and start earning daily.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good News ...

Profit Clicking: here's some good news:

Hope we don't have another delay :)

Transfer from Panel Balance does not work as of right now.
But you can transfer from Ad Package Balance to Wallet then wait for the green light tomorrow for withdraws.

Fingers crossed.

The new conference room link to BOOKMARK is:

Not sure when that new link will go into effect, but there it is.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ground Hog Day or Not?

Was waiting patiently for some action over at Profit Clicking today. When I checked early in the day, everything looked the same which reminded me of the movie "Ground Hog Day".

Now this afternoon is a different story.

Checking my own account I see that my recently bought Ad Packages are placed and earning.

Bought 1 yesterday that earned .20 cents today. But the ones placed on the 15th only earned .30 cents for 3 days, which makes sense if they started earning on the 16th.
And for the ones placed on the 12th... some earned 1.15 and others 1.35 although they were placed on the same day. That's gotta be an error but I'm not going to stress over it.

So obviously they're working on it, but it's still not quite up to par.

Also remember that our older Ad Packs migrated from JBP Tripler's are still in limbo. Nothing moving there yet as far as income.

I know everyone is anxious for the "withdraw" button. Especially those who plan to withdraw and be gone. I'd like to see it too for that reason alone. The negative comments that are flying around are just too ridiculous to even consider. Especially the posts from those who don't even bother to read the updates or ask their upline for news.

If this were some fly by night new program, I might tend to agree with the naysayers. But it's not. I think a lot of thought and time and money went into creating Profit Clicking and they're not just going to let it disappear.
Well, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it :)

PS, Are You Ready For Some Football?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunny Sunday & Scam Warning

Supposed to be a bright sunny day here today. Temps in the mid 80's and a repeat of yesterday.
Tomorrow will be only in the 60's so will be a good day to fertilize the lawn for the winter and maybe do a little watering, if it doesn't rain.

Profit Clicking: some members are asking about this line in their "My Traffic Stats" area:
SURF DAILY BEFORE 00:05:00 (server time)
They think it means they only have 5 minutes per day to get their surfing done (giggle). Actually that's what time the Surf Stats reset so you must get your surfing done before that time each day. Yes, you have a full 24 hours to do that.
- The dashboard is still not correct so it's not just you.
- Haven't received any income for my newest Ad Pack purchases either.
- Ad Pack Details page is counting down days but no earnings at the moment.
- Member dashboard keeps changing each time I check it, so obviously they're working to get things right.
I'm listening to a Mod read the updates and he seems a bit clueless about the member area. This is the reason why I purchased when I could. I do need to see first hand what's going on as opposed to what they say is going on, especially since the updates are only done every day or two. I suppose you could call it 'hands on training', lol


If you do go to the conf chat room, be careful what you read. I just corrected a Mod's post and his reply was "I didn't say that". (a-hem) Well he did say that and it was right there in black and white. Figured I'd better get out before I got booted, LOL

- Here's something that surprised me...
was catching up reading in the MMG forum last night where Snoop has his own thread for JBP/PC. He announced that he resigned from JBP/PC as the "matrix trainer" and is moving on to other opportunities.
Now of course he's still a member of PC so am sure we'll see him around even though it won't be in their training room.
Good Luck Snoop :)

ismAdsIncome: requested yesterday and received today another payment from ism. Admin Richard is doing a wonderful job there.
Oh and it's 31 days online... one full month!
Thumbs Up :)

ism update from my upline:
I just got this update from Admin Russell. 
This is very minor, though.
"We have found a bug in the TEXT ads. The system is not recoding any clicks they receive. We will look at this during the coming week. As the next job to start."

For your information.
Thank You.

Received an email Ad today which reminded me of something an MMG member told me about on Friday.
She joined this site because it was only a dollar so why not.
However when she submitted her $1 through LR, the program took ALL her LR funds out and left her with a dollar and change. Holy Crap!!
After seeing her 'receipt' from LR that the account number it went to said (AccountSuspended) she immediately contacted them to get her money back. Well of course they were of no help in the Live Chat so she must wait now to get a reply from the 'Abuse Dept'.
I took a look at the site, 1usdriches and they do show a lot of impressive stats on the front page, but when you click on the "Paid Out" link, it's blank. Not showing any payouts so one could only guess it's a fake site with fake stats just stealing money from the innocent.

Be Careful. It's a Jungle Out There!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taking a Break Today

but just a quick note first... 

Profit Clicking: yes the dashboard numbers and income details are all messed up today. So do your surfing then take the day off and check again tomorrow. That's what I'm gonna do.

Yes, it appears our weekend income has been lowered to 1% rather than 1.5% daily. So it will take approx. 88 days to earn your 150% as long as you surf your 3 sites each day.

If you miss a day surfing, you won't receive credit for that day but you won't lose anything either. Your income will be at a standstill until you surf again.

Don't try to buy any Ad Packages today. There are a lot of things disabled right now. Will check again later.

6 PM my time, Ad Pack purchases are open again.
But today's been a rough day and I'm beat so I'll catch you tomorrow.

Friday, September 14, 2012


What is it about Fridays?
I get a lot of hits to my blog on Friday's and don't know why.
Maybe folks are catching up for the week before the weekend madness sets in?
Or maybe you're just happy it's Friday and taking a few minutes away from your 'work day' to see what Blondie's been up to?
In any case, good to see you :)

Profit Clicking: coming along nicely and every day I see something new on the site.
A couple of days ago I purchased 10 new Ad Packages. Checked my numbers today and I did receive my 2% for those. Now remember you have to surf at least 3 sites per day in the TE to qualify.
As mentioned in the latest update, we're only earning on our recent purchases right now, but our old JBP positions will be added to our total position earnings later.
Their Traffic Exchange is working better. Opens a new window that you can surf in without having to go back to your dashboard each time.
And I think the "Ads Viewed Today" resets when the server time changes days. I'll check this afternoon to be sure.*
Am expecting a New Update soon so will be watching for that.**

* OK I was right. Just before server day change, I had 12 sites viewed for today. Some I did last night and a few more this morning. Once the clock struck 00:00:01 AM server time, it reset today's surfing to -0-. So now we know.

- Good to know: I just purchased more Ad Packages but they're not showing in my Ad Packages list yet. Am listening to Ace doing an overview in the Conf Room and he said "Not to worry. That part of the site is Under Construction right now."


I have more to say but am irritated at the moment so I'll bite my tongue. Reading the forum and what some members have said just makes me want to barf. Glad they're not my upline in Profit Clicking. If they were, I would ask for a different sponsor. Someone who deserves the RC they get from me.

ismAdsIncome: doing great and tomorrow will be 30 days online. I check the "Paid" and "Purchases" numbers every day which look good while keeping in mind that the 'purchases' number does include re-purchasing. I personally haven't re-purchased yet and have only added fresh funds. Had a few payouts too so am very happy with the results here.
Just received from my Upline (thanks Joey):
Greetings Team,
First of all, I wish you a great weekend.

I have just chatted with Richard Cannon (ismAdsIncome Owner) in Skype an hour ago, and I want to share this information I got from Richard.

"There are going to be a lot of developments with the Rican Group.
At the moment, Rican Group is 7 companies and there will be three more before the end of the year - there will be more sites and the whole purpose of the group is to provide opportunities for people to earn incomes well above the norm for their countries"

In case you are not aware ISMMAGIC and ISMADSINCOME are programs/sites by a registered company in the UK, Rican Professional Networks Ltd.

You can also find the company's information here: You.
P.S. Did you notice RICAN from RIchard CANnon? :)

Payza: just for the record...
I was starting to get concerned about a check request from Payza to me here in the U.S. I requested it on Aug 20th, it was processed on Aug 28th and received in my mailbox yesterday. Whoa! That's like 16 days mail time!
Well I'm just glad it finally arrived safe and sound.

You know what I like about being an Adult?
I'm having chocolate milk and a donut for dinner.
Night Night

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rainy Wednesday

All that work yesterday mowing the lawns certainly paid off.
It started raining late last night, rained all night, and still raining now.
Nice knowing that I don't have to water today.
Plus it's cool enough inside to actually bake a dinner without overheating the kitchen and myself.
Pork Chops, here I come :)

Profit Clicking: updates are conveniently shown in your Dashboard, so I'm not going to post them here. Unless there's a confusing part that I need to ask or try to answer.
Was playing around today and bought a few Ad Packages in the process. Still not sure what the "Wallet" feature is all about unless it's the same as the old JSS area where you fund to and/or withdraw from.
I suppose it'll take a few more days to get it all figured out. It's like the same, but different. You know?
Also those having trouble with the Traffic Exchange surf could be a browser problem. Don't use IE for that. Google Chrome works fine for me and someone else said FireFox works well. But if it's not working now, just try again later.

Here's something I'm not sure about:
If you have not viewed your sites yet, simply log into your Dashboard and click on "View Ads" under the section "Traffic Exchange" in your Member Area. Please remember this must be done each day to continue earning income for your participation in the program.

Each Day? OK so we don't know yet if we need to view 3 ads daily or can do 25 once for the entire week. Just asked in the chat room and the Mod's don't know either. Time will tell on that one.
** Answer: YES, we need to view 3 sites per day starting now.

2:00 PM my time: was able to get into my "Profile". So if anyone wants to change anything there, such as "Display Name" which is what shows on your marketing site, do it now. Or do it later. That area has been up and down so just try another time if you need to verify and/or change it.

Listening to the chat room, Randy just said the "Gimme My $10" is available now for NEW Members. Remember once you receive your $10, you DO need to spend it on an Ad Package. Do Not try to cash it out or your account will be blocked.

If your dollars don't look right in your Dashboard's "Money Monitor", check your "Wallet" link. It seems to update before the Money Monitor does.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Profit Clicking: was mowing the lawn this morning while others were online buying new Ad Packages.
I've been getting some RC notices but some of them have my last name wrong. Weird. Guess it's just a glitch in the "Beta" test period.
So far today...
- My Level 1 membership says Upgrade, even though it already is. Unless it's time to do it again, but I don't think so.
- My dashboard balance for Ad Packs was zero.
- My referral list is blank.
So obviously, a lot of things are being worked on in the background and will all be updated and corrected soon.
- If you recently joined and are looking for that free $10 to start... it's not ready yet either. I'm sure we'll be notified when that is available.
- If you added a site to the Traffic Exchange, give them time to approve it.
- If you check your "Wallet", it appears that you can now transfer your account balances to Wallet so that you can purchase new Ad Packs or Panels.
- and No, you can't withdraw yet. That's coming later.
Well, that's what I've noticed so far and am sure things will change as the day goes on.

- OMG I keep forgetting how old I am. Mowed both the front and back lawns today and I'm already feeling it. Where's the Tylenol?

ismAdsIncome: continues to run great with no problems.
26 days - 2349 members - and payouts are extremely fast!
Pretty darn good if you ask me.

- OK, that new HYIP that I mentioned a while back is supposed to be ready to go by now. Let me see what I can find out.

I always hesitate posting about things we wish never happened. Guess I just find myself at a loss for words.
Blessings to All 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Monday ... I guess

Just watched my old car being towed away to the auto repair shop. Hope it doesn't cost too much to get it back on the road. Something under the hood broke and one of the belts was mangled and wrapped around things it shouldn't be. Actually I'm surprised it kept running for that last mile to get me home safe on Saturday night. Had no power steering but at least the engine didn't die.
Tow fee to Midas: $45.00
New parts and belt: $50.00
Getting the car back... Priceless :)

Profit Clicking: the site loaded really fast for me today.
Noticed STP is now added to our pay processors under the Wallet tab. I've heard that funding can be done via pay processor but we can't buy ad packs or panels yet. So I'll wait until that part is up and running before I do anything else. Besides, with it being in "Beta" test mode, more probable that something could go wrong.
* Just noticed they added a count down to the Traffic Exchange surf site. Best get your 25 sites surfed before the withdraw button is activated. Booyah!
** Anybody see my blog go by in the surf? I have it listed in the TE but not sure how to assign credits to it yet. Unless that will be done automatically. Well, we'll learn as we go.

Member Update - 09/10/2012
72 Hour Update!

We hope by now you have had a chance to log into
your account and start viewing some of the products
ProfitClicking has to offer. Also, in this first
section of the beta testing we are asking all
members to view their wallet, and personal referrals.

All balances and personal referrals have been
migrated over from the previous company. We would
also ask all members to add their processors to their
accounts. Emails will be sent to the address listed
in your account for verification of the connection.

This week will be very exciting. Our IT team expects
to activate the ability to buy advertising packages

As mentioned in our previous timeline announcement,
you will, then, be able to start clicking your way to
profits, a day or so after your purchase.

If you are a former JBP member, your wallet will show
your current balance and you will be able to withdraw
within the next few days any income you have available
to you.

We understand this system is new to most but will be
easy to understand with our new training section that
will be added over the next week. You will find
downloadable materials, how to videos and coming
soon... live interactive trainings.

Remember to log into your account daily to see all
the latest announcements on your member dashboard.

Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team

ismAdsIncome: just received this update:
We unsuccessfully attempted to run a data validation and verification process whilst the site is up. This is proving to be ineffective therefore at some stage during the next 24 hours the site will be taken down for maintenance and for us to undertake this process. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
On a separate issue may I remind all members that our terms specifically prohibit promoting ismAdsIncome on ismMagic other than by sending people to ismMagic’s Downline Builder. Despite this some members are placing banner and text ads for ismAdsIncome on ismMagic. If you have done so please delete them and recover any used impressions. From tomorrow any such banners will deleted via the admin area resulting in the loss of any unused impressions on those ads. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.
Russell (Admin for ismAdsIncome & ismMagic)

mmm, what else?
Oh I know... a couple of cute pics from yesterday and then I'll stop trying to show off for a while, lol