Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday PC Update - It's Time!!

Well the Profit Clicking site says "It's Time!!" but there are a lot of things still being worked on and completed.
* Now it says "Beta" instead of It's Time.

Over 700 members in the chat room. Am not surprised.

Some can't log in yet, some can't see their numbers yet, but it's coming around slowly.

Dashboard is not yet working for most but each time I've tried to log in, seems like one more thing appears that wasn't there before. So that's all good.

"Over the next 48 hours we are finishing the final touches to the critical steps that must take place to insure the proper function."

"BIG NEWS - PAYZA IS BACK in Profit Clicking.

The site is very busy and IT are still working behind the scenes catching the glitches.
If you cant get in now then be patient and try later.
Stats may not show correct but again don't worry, it will be ok soon."

Also STP will be added to the Payment Processors later.
Payment Processors listed can be found in the "My Wallet" link.

That's all I got so far.
Will be back if I learn more :)

I heard that "funding" is open, but you can't purchase anything yet so really not much point to fund.

Member Update - 09/08/2012
Launch Announcement!

Are you ready for the exciting first step into your new user experience of ProfitClicking? Over the next 48 hours we are finishing the final touches to the dashboard area in your customer account. Each release will have critical steps that must take place to insure the proper function of all areas of the dashboard, this process is know as a beta testing period.

In the first beta test we will be opening up the areas to fund your wallet and purchase your "ad packs". From here the process is simple, choose the amount of clicks you would like to purchase and watch our system do the rest. Keep track of you ad campaigns in the money monitoring section of your dashboard.

We will be monitoring all area in this first step and will make adjustments as everything is rolled out.

Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team


rebellion said...

i can fee a lot of stress in PC's Conference room, i dont what will happen later ...

still have some faith in PC

blondie said...

Yep, conf room and forums.
They best watch their blood pressure, LOL
I'm OK and just waiting it out.
I have faith in it also :)

doomcrew said...

I assumed all these things would be taken care of and that we would just begin today doing what we have always done but I guess more waiting.
Time to mow the grass I guess.

blondie said...

Yeah I was hoping so too but not really surprised that we can't yet.
So another 48 hours won't kill us.

You never mowed the lawn yesterday? Me neither, lol

HermitJim said...

One thing certain about this type of business we are in...there is a fair amount of waiting!

The days of fast profits are long gone! Not for the faint of heart, I think!

I appreciate the updates, my friend!

blondie said...

Thanks Jim,
and it's all fine with me.
You know we get slower over time anyway, LOL
Take care :)

Barry said...

Great to feel your calmness blondie...

From your british follower


blondie said...

Thanks Barry,
Not much we can do to speed things up so might as well just relax and wait it out.