Friday, September 21, 2012


Profit Clicking: today is starting out better than I thought it would.
- Checked my PC account and noticed that I received my 1% daily income for my old 'tripler' positions since the migration.
- If you're not sure of your own numbers, check the "Financial" page which is located in your "View Details" of Ad Packages.
- Not everyone has received it yet. Just be sure to do your daily surfing so that when it's your turn you won't be left out.
- One more thought on that, you might want to surf enough so that your 'Ads Viewed This Week' is at 25 or more. I won't take long, I promise.
- I also purchased a new Ad Pack which isn't showing up yet. Apparently there is a delay in that again. No biggie and I'll check again later.
Here's their latest update.

From the Conf Room:
- daily withdrawals from all processors if you do not have pending withdrawals.
- not all members have received their 1% on their older ad packs yet.
- dashboard is still under construction, patience if your numbers don't look right.
- found the "wallet" to be more up-to-date then the money monitor in the dashboard.

Later in the day:
- Just posted by Gil: As overall daily sales volume increases over the next few days and weeks, we fully expect all active Ad Packages bought before 9/1/12, to pay just as much per day as newly purchased Ad Packages.
- But wait... there's more:
** Going back to the site, that update 27 just disappeared.
Wonder what they're doing?
*** Figured it out. They posted the wrong info the first time. Now this latest one is the correct one. Hope so cause my heart can't handle any more changes today, LOL

A Moderator just wrote:
PC has great plans for the future - things will be great - we are still here - giving income - and things can only get better!! :)

** Hey you guys wanna do me a favor today?
Click on this and Vote for my grand daughter Olivia.
Lots of cool prizes and cash I think too.
Much appreciated :)


Wesley said...

I just voted for Olivia!

blondie said...

Thanks Wesley :)

I guess you can vote once per day and the contest has 8 days left.

Wish I had remembered to post this prior. Sheesh Gramma.

Have a great weekend!

gene said...

Hi Blondie Judy. ;)

Still waiting for my earnings to pop. The whole thing seems frozen even the ones I bought lately and yes surfing like a zombie still.

I was able to transfer my panel balance to the wallet.

loving the magic and income though. ;)


anon a mouse

blondie said...

Hey Gene,

Was just about to update my blog with the stuff you mentioned.

PC income could take up to 72 hrs now. Same with the withdraw. Up to 72 'business' hours.

Will catch up on Magic too.