Thursday, September 20, 2012

PC Party Time !!

Profit Clicking:
Yep, that's Jake in his party hat.
Received a couple of emails this morning letting me know that the PC Withdraw Button was working. YaY!
So I hurried over there and put in my first withdraw request since it became Profit Clicking.
- Remember the funds need to be in your Wallet to request it out.
- You can transfer from Ad Packs but not from Panel balance yet.
- There is a $250 limit but I've heard it's per pay processor. I didn't hear that from the company itself so I only requested one w/d today since the latest update said you can make one request per day and not per pay processor, (confusing).
- Been trying to get into their conf chat room but it's full.
- Also read that our migrated JBP positions will earn 1% daily and not 2%. Don't quote me on that cause it didn't come from the company. Was just a note I read in the forum saying it was announced in the conf room.
So will do my best to get official updates today for you.

Pulled from the conference room:

**PLEASE NOTE** -->> Withdrawels are now open!! :) You can w/d up to $250 per payment processor - per day!! <<--

LATEST UPDATE Old positions will get .10 daily income when they start getting daily income. The newly purchased ad packages will get .20/.10 on daily income.

Our old migrated positions, once they start earning again will earn income of 1% daily until they reach their full 150%

If you can't surf daily, your account will just be frozen until you can surf again. You will not lose any income for not surfing but obviously it will take more days to get to 150%

Oh and they said our older migrated positions could start earning again in about 48 hours.

OK, I need to run to the store, out of milk. Meow =^..^=

Back. FYI, my daily income is all caught up through the 20th. That would be on new Ad Pack purchases made since PC opened.

More info thanks to Wesley:
According to support, those of us which requested a withdrawal the day before the site move, but didn't receive it, will get it 72 hours after the start of the withdrawals. If the money is not in your processor account then to contact support again.


Henry said...

Hi Judy ~ Good news about ProfitClicking. My Level 1 membership indicates it needs renewing, but when I click on the button it goes nowhere...still things are still settling down I guess. Bought 2 adpacks, just to see if it all works.

Received an email (as you probably have) from Ismadsincome, essentially 'poaching' from PC. Don't quite like that approach. I still haven'nt invested in Ismad yet...

I hope you're well.



blondie said...

Hi Henry,
Happy to see the PC is gettin there slowly. Hopefully the membership levels will be open soon also.

Yeah, I received that email from ism also and agree with you. Don't care for that approach either, but nobody asked me, lol

Have a great day!

salda said...

So they first cut my account by 75% and then they from the remaining position pay only .10 per position. It wont even pay you your 10$ back ://

HermitJim said...

Again, thanks for the updates! Always on the ball!

blondie said...

Please read what I just posted.
You will earn back 150% over time.

Thanks Jim,
Always good to have you visit :)

Will B said...

Really glad we seem to be arriving at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for the info Blondie. I wasn't able to withdraw today as the money I had earmarked for withdrawal is stuck in the Panels section, and can't be got out yet. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to withdraw from Ad Packages. I assume the min of $20 still applies?

Anonymous said...

hmm...I didn't get an email from ism. You guys must be special:)


blondie said...

Hey Will,
Yeah the min w/d is still $20
Hope they open the Panel transfer soon also. I have a few bucks in there that I could use.

am starting to wonder if that note was NOT sent from the Admin.
I checked back to his last update and it was from a different email address. So maybe someone just trying to spam us :(
I'll check with Richard.

salda said...

Thans for the update. Hope that this move will help it stabilise...

blondie said...

We all do salda.
You're welcome and do my best to stay updated and positive.
Don't wanna bite the hand that feeds me, ya know?