Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Situations

Profit Clicking: was shocked this morning to receive an email from PC stating:
Greetings !
Your Solid Trust Pay withdrawal request for $xxx.00 was rejected by your Payment Processor.
This usually occurs if you mistyped your account name or e-mail.  Your funds have been returned to your wallet, please verify your account information and re-submit your withdraw request.

Well, nothing was mistyped and it's the same user ID that I've had for years. Checking the forums and the chat room, seems I'm not the only one this happened to. Per Mod Ace:

"ONLY if you had a STP Withdrawal failure issue, it is being addressed by IT now. No need to send a support ticket. Resubmit the withdraw as suggested in the email."

OK, so that's what I'll do once they return the money to my wallet. Must be a delay doing that also. (sigh)

On a brighter note, I was paid for my 9/25 daily ad pack income.

Phinanci: has gotten off to a great start!
Thanks to everyone who has joined so far.
I got excited about it yesterday and purchased more units with some of the RC that I received. Also made a withdraw and received it in minutes!
Feels really good being in at the start of this and am looking forward to a nice long run.

RAF/RicanAdFunds: doing good and daily earnings are right on schedule. Waiting for a banner approval from yesterday though. (chop chop Richard, lol)
Also Admin sent out a note about the propagation and how to log in if you're still having a problem:
Some of our members are having problems accessing the site. The site is up 100% of the time, however there is a problem with the DNS propagation taking significantly longer than expected. This is outside of our control. You may use the following alternative urls To access the site:

I have to leave soon and will have limited access to the internet. Going to watch Olivia this afternoon so the kids can go out for a bit. I'll reply to emails if I get the time or when I get back home.
Enjoy your Saturday!

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