Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rainy Wednesday

All that work yesterday mowing the lawns certainly paid off.
It started raining late last night, rained all night, and still raining now.
Nice knowing that I don't have to water today.
Plus it's cool enough inside to actually bake a dinner without overheating the kitchen and myself.
Pork Chops, here I come :)

Profit Clicking: updates are conveniently shown in your Dashboard, so I'm not going to post them here. Unless there's a confusing part that I need to ask or try to answer.
Was playing around today and bought a few Ad Packages in the process. Still not sure what the "Wallet" feature is all about unless it's the same as the old JSS area where you fund to and/or withdraw from.
I suppose it'll take a few more days to get it all figured out. It's like the same, but different. You know?
Also those having trouble with the Traffic Exchange surf could be a browser problem. Don't use IE for that. Google Chrome works fine for me and someone else said FireFox works well. But if it's not working now, just try again later.

Here's something I'm not sure about:
If you have not viewed your sites yet, simply log into your Dashboard and click on "View Ads" under the section "Traffic Exchange" in your Member Area. Please remember this must be done each day to continue earning income for your participation in the program.

Each Day? OK so we don't know yet if we need to view 3 ads daily or can do 25 once for the entire week. Just asked in the chat room and the Mod's don't know either. Time will tell on that one.
** Answer: YES, we need to view 3 sites per day starting now.

2:00 PM my time: was able to get into my "Profile". So if anyone wants to change anything there, such as "Display Name" which is what shows on your marketing site, do it now. Or do it later. That area has been up and down so just try another time if you need to verify and/or change it.

Listening to the chat room, Randy just said the "Gimme My $10" is available now for NEW Members. Remember once you receive your $10, you DO need to spend it on an Ad Package. Do Not try to cash it out or your account will be blocked.

If your dollars don't look right in your Dashboard's "Money Monitor", check your "Wallet" link. It seems to update before the Money Monitor does.


Will B said...

Blondie, Enjoy your rain! Looks like you could do with it after all the heat of the past few weeks.

Here, along with much of northern Europe, we've had one of the coldest and wettest summers in living memory. Since September came in it's improved a lot, so the farmers are able to bring in their harvest.

I hope Profit Clicking is soon fully up and running. The delays give fuel to the negative naysayers. But as long as it is done right, I don't care.

Hope all is well with you and yours


blondie said...

Hi Will,
Yeah we've had a lot of heat and no rain, so my poor grass is loving today!

Funny how your record breaking season is the opposite of ours here. Our world is definitely changing.

Re PC, yep. You read what I read in the forums and quite honestly, I'm sick of it. Been having a hard time lately with some personal matters and reading the forum sure isn't helping any.
Hopefully a couple of more days and we'll all be back on track.

Have a wonderful week!

doomcrew said...

Well I was hoping I was wrong about the start date but the countdown clock seems to add an hour for every half hour it deducts. Whatever they do is working so I just read this blog and a few others and avoid the worry threads full of haters and frightened newbies.

blondie said...

Hi doomcrew,
The countdown clock has been changed to Server Time now. No more counting.
They are adding features little by little.
I have been surfing and waiting to see 'details' to know when we start getting credit for doing it.
Should be any day now.
Hang in there :)