Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Program Announcement & TGIF Also

Finally the new HYIP I mentioned months ago is launched!!
This is a Private HYIP (for now) and I think you'll be pleased with the plans.
It opened yesterday but we'd like to keep it Private for a few days (at least) and you are one of the first to know about it. 
I cannot tell you the name yet as we're trying hard to keep it 'under cover' for the time being.

It has two plans to choose from which are listed on the site.
The Daily plan (3% x 50) will credit your earnings on a 24 hour basis from the time you make your purchase.
The Expiry plan (6% x 20) is obviously paid on expiry.
RC for those who promote is two level, giving 6% and 2%
Free members can also earn. 
Accepts: LR, STP, PM and EgoPay

The Admin is someone from our past who I trust dearly and I know for a fact that he'll run a good clean game.

Please contact me at for the URL.
I should be up and moving before 7 AM my time (MDT) and will send the link to whoever asks for it.

Friday Update: email is no longer necessary. Someone let the cat out of the bag and started a forum thread(s) for Phinanci so I got the OK from the Admin to go ahead and let it loose. Play Safe, Have Fun and Good Luck to All :)

* I'm here. It's about 8 AM my time and I've sent out quite a few links already. Thanks to those who asked.
Weird thing today, I got up at 5 AM and actually felt rested. So I started the coffee and away we go :)

Profit Clicking: not much to report on. My last daily income was posted on the 23rd* and I have 4 pending withdraw requests at the moment.
I've read that payments are going out but being in the new queue system, I guess I just have to wait my turn.
Some are getting concerned about the STP payments since we've not seen any of those posted yet. And STP was my first request so when I receive it, I will let you all know.
They are adding things to the site and did notice banners were added. As you can see, there is one on my side bar now. No, not for new members necessarily. I'd like to see PC working properly first. But I added it because I was tired of that empty space and just because I could ;)
* Just received the 24th income. So it appears they're coming in a 3 day lag time. That's OK as long as it's regular.

Friday Update: here's an excellent Update from Profit Clicking
which answers some of your questions about banners and daily TE surfing. Also have heard reports of STP withdraw requests from 9/20 starting to go out. WhooHooo! Makes for a Happy Friday!

RAF/RicanAdFunds: looks like people are enjoying RAF and I don't blame them one bit. Have 2 days of earnings under my belt already.
Once I get the OK from the Admin of that new HYIP, I'll have to add that banner to my advertising for more exposure. Gotta love these paid to advertise (profit share) type programs.
PS, site still propagating? Sometimes it comes up, sometimes not. I'll check again later and so should you.

ismAdsIncome: working like a charm and still the stats are impressive. Was going to withdraw today but decided to wait until tomorrow. Certainly not one of those programs that I need to worry about.
Friday Update: purchased more Advertising Packages today.

Last but certainly not least:
Today is September 27th.
If you take a peek at my side bar, you'll see js's smiling face there.
Can't believe it's been two years already since we were able to enjoy his "har"s on a daily basis.
I remember him bitching once about people (including myself) writing LOL after a sentence... saying that they really weren't laughing out loud.
Well, I am. If I write LOL I really am chuckling out loud.
Oh, he said... OK, but I'll bet most people don't. Har!
Anyway, just wanted to remind you all of the day and also to let John know that he is not and never will be forgotten in my book or in my heart.
Cheers JS xoxoxo
They're playing our song :)


doomcrew said...

Good to see a new one from someone we know look forward to joining that one. My view on PC is that its former self was fine and to be going into october with not much of a buzz from members is bad. Not to mention they cant even bother to put some banner ads up for us to use, thats usually a sign that the end is near.

blondie said...

Actually doomcrew, they do have banners now and I found them yesterday, but can't put my finger on WHERE I found them now.
Guess the page is "under construction" again.
Well, when I find them again I'll post where they are.

Wangare said...

With all due respect to blondie and faith in PC, it's now over. It's upon us members to warn others. Just now, they have decided to "reserve" my surfed pages for the last week so they are not paying. I have surfed 42 pages in total but they have decided to reserve 21 of those. That s 7 days of earning denied. I thought the deal was, buy, surf get paid. When I sent in a support request to enquire about timelines for PC panels, they said still in beta. They cannot even tell us a timeline? Considering they were off for a whole month when are they going to fix their issues? Let no one be fooled into thinking that PC is going to ressurect. Look East and get other programs

blondie said...

Sorry Wangare,
Have to disagree with you.

If you read the latest Update you will see the TE Reserve is for your benefit.

As for the rest of your note, must disagree with that too.

I am seeing STP payments starting to be processed now and the TE change will be good for everyone.

Hey TGIF eh?

Will B said...

Two years since JS passed? Hard to believe. How that time has flown.

blondie said...

Yep Will,
Doesn't seem like so long ago he and I were arguing (oh I mean discussing) things here. har!
I sure miss his Rants.

Asis from Dubai said...

Hi Blondie,

Why whenever i am clicking your link to Ricanadfunds, i am going to yahoo search? I don't know why. It's happening to me for the past days. I've search the site in google but it's not there also.

blondie said...

I don't know.
Try this: