Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Again?

Good Morning,
Just got here and tried to log into RAF (RicanAdFunds) but the site is not available. Well, the Admin didn't plan the pre-launch until Thursday but since members started promoting it, he was sort of rushed. So my guess is it's propagating to the new server and will be up and running soon.
* Site is back up and I need to run to the store. Will update more when I get back.
** OK Back. After reading some forum posts about RAF and their association with the ismMagic site, decided to get the info straight from the horses mouth. (No offense Richard, not calling you a horse, lol.)

Q: Good Morning. Didn't you tell me that RAF is NOT under the Magic umbrella? So no bonus points in Magic for being a RAF member. Correct?  I'm seeing promotions about that and wanted to be clear. Thx
Also, you're the sole Admin or is Russell involved too?

A: Hi Judy - ISMMagic belongs to Rican Professional Networks (RicanPN) as does ISMAdsIncome which is a feeder program for ISMMagic.  RAF is a RicanPN site so it is the same people but not the same function in the company.  RAF is purely an ad site.

Admins are Myself and Russell (he is way more technical than me). Propagation not yet finished so it is up and down at the moment.

Q: Thanks for the explanation. I'll share it with those asking. Actually, that's good blog material. Do you mind?

A: Go ahead you can add that RicanPN belongs to Rican Business Ventures (RicanBV) and that are currently 7 companies in the group the generate revenue to fund our programs.

So there you have it.
As mentioned yesterday, I bought a few ad packs and they were active today when I checked. Remember the purchases are not auto and must be manually approved, but they are doing them really fast.
Also Thanks to those who have joined me so far.

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