Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Chalk Art Princess

You'll never guess who came over today and drew some nice sidewalk chalk art for us.

Thanks Olivia Rae!
Nothing like a homemade picture on the front walk to cheer things up around here.

Time to flip the calendar page again already.
I suppose that's a good thing for a couple of reasons. One is summer is almost over so I can finally say good-bye to the 90F daily temps, and two is that it will be just a few more days before Profit Clicking opens. Thank goodness for that since I've been having withdrawal symptoms.

Speaking of Profit Clicking: yes my numbers in my dashboard change daily, but only in the Ad Packages column. The PC Panels have stayed the same the entire time. Well, that makes sense since the PC Panels are your old JSS Matrix numbers.

Had a brief chat with one of the ismAdsIncome Admin's today since I was questioning the "stats" on the front page. Happy to say the answer to my question... "are those stats real?" was Yes!
Now some of the "Invests" dollars are of course from compounding, but for the most part it's all fresh money at this early stage of the game.
Also we know the member count includes those who never bought an Ad Package, which always confuses me. Usually by the time I decide to join a program, I'm ready to make a spend. But I guess we're not all like me. (TG for that eh?) Some people need more time to check it out and see if it's actually on the level and paying.
Well, it sure as heck seems like a great program and it is paying. I can confirm that, twice now.

- I received a really insulting email yesterday. Not insulting like 'blondie you're an idiot', but insulting my character. It made me pretty angry and when I get angry, I get mouthy. Just ask my friends, LOL
I might just post it here tomorrow and also show you my response, once I respond that is. I'm just too angry right now and don't want to blow a gasket.

- You know how most people bag their grass clippings and put it in the trash? What a waste! Here you can clearly see where I dump mine.


HermitJim said...

It looks to me like she is waiting for another bag of clippings!

Gotta love the sidewalk art and the creative minds that put it all together!

Have a great day, my friend!

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Yeah Mrs Cow was waiting for the next round.

Was just catching up on your blog posts and am sorry to say I've not been good about reading them.

I didn't know about your Roomies until today and I feel awful.

Your new kitty looks adorable and please have him or her neutered or spayed. It's so worth it, else they tend to roam way too much.

Have a good holiday weekend!