Sunday, September 30, 2012

What? All Good Updates?

Profit Clicking: good news today.
- The rejected STP withdrawal request (from yesterday) has been returned to "pending" status and not to wallet. Much better since the 9/20 request date is still showing.
- The TE URL's that I submitted on Friday are approved today and being viewed.
- Received my daily income for 9/26.
- Surfed 10 ad's smoothly. (I know I only need to do 3 but I like going the extra mile.)
- Last but not least, I was so happy to see these things fixed and moving again, I purchased more Ad Packs which were placed immediately. Excellent!

Phinanci: everything is working perfectly here. Earnings are credited daily, payments are going out very fast, and the membership seems to be growing at a good rate. Although I don't think the number of members is shown on the site, the forums are picking up speed with comments and my own personal referrals are bringing in a nice number of their own also. Good Job!

RAF/RicanAdFunds: another winner in my book. My banner Ad's were approved yesterday and have already received 8 clicks on one and 13 on the other. Nice to see the Advertising paying off whilst making a buck in the meantime. Oh and no problem going in via the main link today. Propagation to the new server must be complete. Thanks Richard.

ismAdsIncome: just noticed in the "Stats"... when you re-purchase using Account Earnings, it's included in your "Total Paid Amount".
Friday was the first time I RE-purchased so I didn't realize that until now. All prior spends were made from my pay processor funds. Works like a charm but didn't want any of you to get confused (like I was) when checking the Total Paid Amt stats. 
Also getting some hits to my banner ad's there too and just added a Featured Banner cause I forgot to the other day.

Not sure if I heard this song on a TV commercial or if it just popped into my head all by itself. Seems like a fun song for a Sunday though. Well, at least it's better than the ranting post about disgusting spam that I was originally gonna write about. Maybe tomorrow for that, since it is Sunday.

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