Monday, October 1, 2012

My First PC Payment Received

Just got home from the grocery store so am tired. I'll update more tomorrow on all the good stuff going on. 

Just wanted to tell you that I received my first withdraw request from Profit Clicking today! YaY!
The funny thing is... I had 2 requests dated 9/20 to STP and Payza and the next one dated 9/22 to EgoPay. It was the EgoPay one that I received today. And of course once received, I requested another since you can only have 1 pending per pay processor open at a time.
Noticed the "Wallet" is updated with the processing time for withdrawals.
And there's a few other things added to side bar that I haven't had time to check out yet.
Oh and can anybody tell me where Paid withdraws are shown? Maybe I'm just tired but I can't find it anywhere.

Had to laugh the other day cause recently I've been slammed with spam email that all have the same subject line.
I don't want to quote what the subject line was cause if someone did a search for it, I wouldn't want them to find my blog.
Anyway it was a disgusting subject line, but when I received one from "Jesse Stone", it made me realize how pathetic some of these spammers are.
Oh and what the subject was?
Well let's just say I can't get one cause I'm not a man, LOL

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