Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary Blondie

You all know I like skunks so thought this picture fit well.

Today is my Official 5 Year Blog Anniversary.

Yep, five years ago today I took the plunge and never looked back. Well, maybe I looked back a couple of times thinking... why the heck did I ever start this?
But I got over it and not sure what I'd do without it now.
We've been through a lot together and I would like to sincerely Thank all of my old readers, new readers and lots of friends that I've made over those five years. If it weren't for you, there would be nothing to write, share, laugh or warn about.
Now over the years, a couple of Admin's (and their lovers) tried to 'bring me down' by name calling and ridiculous fabrications. Well I forgive you, and you must realize you only hurt yourself by looking foolish and arrogant. 
I'm told 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger', and I believe that.
So Thanks again to my readers for sticking with me! I'll do my best not to let you down. Cheers!
(yeah yeah I know ... but I really like this song, lol)

OK, I need to get to work. Back in a minute or two.

Let me get that ROI 187 out of my hair first.
Don't believe everything you read or hear on the net.
I was privy to some very negative information yesterday which I can't disclose how or where I got it from. But you know, there are wicked people out there.  So without pointing any fingers or putting my resources in jeopardy, let me just repeat that I will NOT be putting any money into this one. Oh and if you joined under me already, go ahead and re-join under someone else if you care to gamble that much. I don't want any RC messing with my conscience. Thanks

On to the good stuff now... 
ProfitClicking: didn't get a chance to mention yesterday that I did receive my daily Ad Pack earning for Oct 9th and 10th late in the day. So maybe DOC was right and they are indeed catching up on that. Next would be nice to see payments processed a little quicker too. But patience is the key word, lol

Whoa! Someone just told me they saw Phinanci over at the MNO blog. Although I'm not a big fan of Paul's, should be a good source to bring in a few more worthy members. Just don't forget where you heard it first, hehe
So where are we at now? Day 19 out of 20 or 50 for the first round. Sounds about right. Everything seems to be running like clockwork there too. I'll be adding some fresh funds later today along with getting a little out. Thanks Admin and members!

RicanAdFunds: also doing excellent. For a nice steady 2% daily, how could anyone complain?

ismAdsIncome: "Below is the update from Admin Richard Cannon, regarding Liberty Reserve"
"I am really sorry for the cancellations. We are working on changing the servers, increasing security and mass pay for LR. This has caused me to be LATE on payments and I don't like that. I have cancelled all payments so that you can re submit your requests and I will pay all by MassPay tomorrow. Thank you for understanding - we are doing this for you to have a better, safer, faster site and so that we can last a long time. We want you to earn money because when you do, we do :)"
"If you have requested a withdrawal to Liberty Reserve and it was cancelled, just make a request again.
Also this is very important:
Make sure to enter your Liberty Reserve (LR) account correctly.
I suggest to double check it before sending the withdrawal request.
Make sure that you enter an UPPERCASE letter 'U',  not a LOWERCASE letter 'u'."

Thanks to my upline for that update.
I've not withdrawn through LR yet but good to know.

Ads2Cycle: no movement there today so will check again tomorrow. And I read that we should have some nice Splash Pages coming out soon that will work well in TE sites.

And last but not least: GrandBankClub is also celebrating an Anniversary Today! Not sure of the years though so you'll have to ask Gord to see if he remembers. He's pretty old you know so it might be a little foggy in his memory, LOL
(Sorry Gordon, couldn't resist)


Wesley said...

Happy Anniversary Blondie! This is my primary source for quality information about money making programs. I can always count on reading the true facts here. looking forward to reading more updates over the next few years!

blondie said...

Thanks Wesley, you're a sweetie.
"over the next few years"?
Well, we'll see, lol

Brad Tramell said...

Hey just for a heads up Profitclicking is paying a 5 day bulk payout from Oct 11th to Oct 15!!!! I have been in for about a year now and 3 of my referrals have already gotten their 5 day payment!! This should be awesome, plus doc said that as soon as they are uptodate, the payout script will be so fast, that when you view your 3rd ad for the day, you will instantly see a message pop up that says "You've just been paid" and we should be able to see our daily earnings added to our accounts within a matter of minutes :) :) Im loving the sounds of this :) I really enjoy reading your daily updates, I am also in the Adsincome program. I have $90 in the system, and have just bought my first package from daily earnings yesterday, it seems to be going smoothly for now :)

blondie said...

Thanks for the update Brad. Very cool about the 5 days income rolled into 1.
I wrote about the "You've just been paid" part yesterday also. Will be nice to see our funds instantly after surfing!

ismAdsIncome, yep, another keeper for sure. Glad you're enjoying it.

Thanks for stopping by today with the goods news!

ld randi said...

Happy blog anniversary! :-)

doomcrew said...

Happy Anny Blondie, Been my favorite for the last four years since the ad2million days. Your updates are appreciated.

blondie said...

Thanks Randi!
Glad you came over today too :)

Doomcrew, thanks and Ad2M actually started about 2 yrs ago. I remember cause JS joined but didn't really have a chance to get it going before he passed. Fortunately the money he made I was able to get transferred over to his Daughter. Memories eh?

Anyway, Thanks to you both :)

SusanP said...

Happy Anniversary to my favorite Blond Blogger!!

Thanks for all you do. :)

One of your many Fans

P.S. Love the dig on Gord, hee hee!

Gord said...

Congratulations Blondie!

5 Years! Awesome achievement and look forward to many more.... that's if I make it according to your final comment there.... lol

Thanks for the info about ROI 187 ... just edited it out of my Blog. Onwards. roaming around in my backyard around lunchtime the other day and that's rare. Figured she, or he, must be hungry and was going to bring out some bread but what it....

puts that butt in reverse... fire in the hole!!! Poof!

So... I waited and put some out in the tall grass later where the skunker made an exit.

Enjoy your day!

blondie said...

SusanP, always good to see you. Sure miss our "roll eyes" when we were chatting with u know who, lol
Take care Kiddo :)

Gordy Gord, TY TY
Yeah you never can be too sure about these new program admins. I feel lucky to have the friends that I do.

Skunks in your backyard? Cool. I would have handed him some Bologna, they like that. But ur right, when they're out in the day could be something definitely wrong with them. Maybe just hungry, or worse.
Glad you left the bread in the tall grass. Next time, give em meat.

And Happy GBC Anniversary too!
You know I was just messin with ya.

Randy V said...

Happy Anniversary Judy!
Wow...time flies when you are having fun!

I appreciate what you do and I check on you every day even if I don't comment.

I can't wait to see what you say for the next five years.

Have a great week!

blondie said...

Hey Randy, yes times flies!

Next five years? Oh I'm getting old and grumpy so not sure what you can expect during that time. But I've learned a lot too so things should be looking up.

BTW, Thanks for introducing me to the Easy Chair Club and Carl Pearson. What started off rough back then, ended up being the best thing since chopped liver.

Have a great week Randy!
Cheers ;)

Profit Hub said...

Congrats Blondie on your 5 year blog anniversary! I've learned a lot from you and your "crew" and always make it a point to visit daily. Thanks for all of the quality info that you provide! Here's to many more years of blogging!


blondie said...

Wow Thanks Gwen,
You're an excellent blogger yourself!
I also enjoy my visits to your place to see what's up and what you're into these days.
Keep up the good work and have an fantastic week!

Randy V said...

You are welcome.

The best I remember...and that is hard sometimes...we weren't a big Carl Pearson fan at one time. I think we were a little frustrated with his program but I am really glad that he has something good going now. I hope it keeps going good for a long time.


blondie said...

I think you're right Randy and I do remember sharing our concern back in the day.
But I think he learned a lot over the years also, like we have, and he's onto something good now which for me has been very much worth my time and effort.
Sleep well ;)

Ivan said...

5 Years right? Time flies. I remember only good times on your blog and lots, lots and lots of laughs :D


blondie said...

And Cheers to you too Ivan.
Thanks for stopping by :)
Yep, 5 years.
Can't frickin believe it myself, LOL
Later (wave)

Will B said...

OMG I nearly missed the party here. Congratulations Blondie on the five years. You know what they say "Many Happy Returns" I hope you'll be still here after another five years, with your daily wisdom and advice, Will.

blondie said...

Bout time you got here!
Wouldn't be a Party without you Will!

Thanks and tell me, did you stumble here by accident or did you see my MMG post with the hint? lol

Either way, you made my day :)
Take care and keep up the good blog work yourself.

Will B said...

A bit of both (;-) Will

Richard said...

Happy Anniversary Blondie!

Thanks you for your updates and keeping me in the loop. My dogs like to look at the window late a night and bark which usually means they are chasing a skunk of the lawn.



blondie said...

Hi Richard, Thanks!
Ohhhh dogs chasing skunks?
I don't have dogs any longer and I couldn't tell you how many times I had to wash the old dog in tomato juice to get rid of that smell.
Tell them to be careful out there!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Joey said...

Congrats, Judy! Happy 5th Anniversary! :)

blondie said...

Thanks Joey,
My Pleasure :)

babe said...

belated happy anniversary blondie. sorry for being late but as the saying goes, better late than never :). anyways, thanks so much for being a trustworthy person. even if i don't know you personally, i feel like i can trust you even with my money. hehe. thanks a lot & more anniversaries to come =)

blondie said...

Hi babe and Thanks!
Yeah it doesn't take long to figure me out. I'm pretty simple I suppose.
Hope I can help you and others find the right ways to make a few bucks without being subject to all the scams out there.
That's my goal at least.
Have a great night!

Elmer said...

WOW!!! 5 years. Been so many come and go in that time. Great to see you still going strong. Well done Judy and I hope you stay blogging for another 5 more years.

blondie said...

Wow! Thanks Elmer!
That means a lot coming from you, lol

Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm late too!!! Sorry Judy, but it seems we haven't been posting in the same threads lately, so didn't get a chance to click on yr sig, like I usually do. Today I specifically looked for you, because I realized it had been a while.

Anyways, 5 years!!! Wow, what can I say? Time really does fly, because I have been here right along with you, and it doesn't seem that long!
So a very big congrats to you, my dear! Keep up the great blog. lol
We all enjoy it!

Tree (Terri)

blondie said...

Oh Tree, you're never too late!
And I only post in threads when I'm paid or something else exciting happens. We're good.

Yeah 5 years and longer in MMG.
Funny how you remember folks from early on and you're definitely one of them.

Maybe cause of your weird name there or how I argued with JS that the pic of you, was NOT you, even though Austin swore to him it was. Remember that? LOL

Ahhh fun times to remember and I hope we have a lot more.

Cheers to You and Thanks for stopping by... finally :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, yes I do remember that! It was too funny!

I have always said that the only thing I share with my avatar (aside from being a big fan) is the color and style of our hair!

And I still don't understand why people think my name is weird. I have been called Tree all my life!
Bartt is part of my name too, so it just made sense to me. LOL

Yes, we definitely had some fun times. That's why I'm still here. Its become more about keeping in touch with friends like you, than making money.
Always a pleasure chatting with you Judy. Take care!


blondie said...

Well treebartt is like treebark, but more weird, LOL

OMG you got me laughing now thinking about JS and Austin and how I had to actually FIGHT with John about how that pic was NOT you. hahaha

And remember, I had you send me a note saying that it was NOT you so that JS would believe me. Holy Crap!

Anyway yes, lots of fun times and those are the good ones to remember.

Take care Tree, and please keep me company for a long long time.
Night Night