Saturday, October 20, 2012

No Sleep and No TV

Haven't been sleeping well and my cable TV is out this morning, so if I get a little rough around the edges today, that could be why.

ROI-187: Bad News! am glad I warned you about this before it was open for spends on the 16th. Although some loaded their e-wallet earlier (not sure how) they may be regretting it now. Reading some real bad reports in the forums and Admin is blaming it on STP. Excuse me. Maybe if you had a real verified account in the first place, they wouldn't need to question you.

ProfitClicking: had a chance to listen to Doc's recorded call yesterday. Can't say I was all that impressed with how he handled the individual callers once they got into the live Q and A. Now there was one guy who I would have 'cut off' too, but some of the others seemed to get short changed.
- he did mention that the 'sales profit to date' was all caught up, which it's not for me and others. So if yours is a few days behind, you're not alone.
- he also mentioned that the withdrawal time frames should get better once things are running smoothly again.
Well I'm not going anywhere and anxious to see how this all plays out once everything is working as it was meant to be.
Still kind of miss hearing Frederick on the Thursday calls and Carl doing the daily calls... almost like old friends that have moved on.
PS, am not seeing any slow down in Ad Pack purchases from where I sit. And yes, I've bought quite a few myself since PC took over.
* Received my 10/17 ad pack income sometime today.
** Says my Level 1 membership is due for renewal but the link doesn't work. So I'll keep an eye on that.

Phinanci: this is turning out to be an excellent program. I made another new spend on Thursday along with requesting a cash out. Yeah I could have waited till the weekend and then used my 'account balance' to spend, but I was anxious and didn't feel like waiting. Oh and I have received my Pay Out already too! Thanks Admin, keep it up :)

RicanAdFunds: received my last requested payment really fast again. Am now officially at the BEP (break even point) thanks to the 2% daily and some RC. When I first started earning, I felt real good about this so rather than cash out immediately I chose to re-spend instead. Gotta love those gut feelings when they work out for the best.

ismAdsIncome: just watching my daily earnings grow and added more credits to my advertising sites today also. Cheers to the R&R Admins!


doomcrew said...

Im glad you mentioned the PC moderator's tone with callers. I frankly dont care because Im in this for the matrix money and so there is no point in leaving but he was short with most of the answers. Glad to hear you have found two new sites that are doing well , i have not yet upgraded in Rican or Phinanci so looking forward to it.

blondie said...

Hi DC,
Glad you noticed it too, almost like Doc had a stopwatch and when your time was up, you were done.
Anyway yes, those other two are both doing really good.