Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now

OK, here's the deal.
It was time to wash the outside windows yesterday since the temperature was almost 80F whereas later this week we're expecting snow.
I don't have a step ladder and I can't reach the top of the windows without one. So first I hosed them down, then sprayed them with Glass Cleaner, then got out my trusty Mop with the long handle and ... voila. Rinsed them down one more time and now I can actually see through them.
Yeah I'm sure I looked silly but who cares? The neighbors already know I'm a little on the nutsy side, so nothing new there.

ProfitClicking: Level 1 Upgrade button is working today for those who want (or need) to upgrade. You must have the $6 in your wallet first, so just transfer it or fund it via a pay processor. And since it's $6 now, it must be monthly instead of the $15 every 3 months. Good thinkin on their part. That's an extra dollar per month from a million or two members.

Benefits of Level 1

  • The Big Success Breakthrough personal development product.
  • Become eligible to receive the Bonus PC Panels.
  • Become eligible to purchase PC Panels for $20 each, up to 10 per day, up to 5000 owned at any one given time.
  • Have the opportunity to achieve $60 Rebates.
  • Earn PC Panel Referral Commission on 2 levels.
Payment for Level1 Upgrade is successful! You may need to logoff and login before your Level1 upgrade status is reflected in the dashboard. Thank You!

Also received my daily ad pack income for 10/21.

Bought 25 more Ad Packs yesterday (with earnings).
Still waiting on those requested payments though, but I'm patient so no worries.

Phinanci: is having a fun contest:
(and continues to run flawlessly)

Surprise Prize
We are running two small prize giveaways on our Facebook page as well as in our forum threads in MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold.

"I love Phinanci"

Post your payment proof on our Facebook page or on our MoneyMakerGroup TalkGold threads and win random monetary surprise awards directly to your payment account. Only requirement is to include in your post "I love Phi", "I love Phinanci" or anything that follows the same notion.

Share our Alexa rank

Share our growing Alexa rank on your Facebook wall and win a prize of $5 USD directly to your payment processor. The only two requirements are that your Facebook account is public and you that you are a member of Phinanci.
You can find the Alexa rank post on our Facebook page:
Good Luck to All! And Have Fun!     
Team Phinanci

Back to me: have received 81% back from my first spend already and since we can't re-purchase from account balance on week days, decided to add some fresh funds and request a payout too. Then when I post my payout, I can play in the game mentioned above :)

RicanAdFunds: speaking of running flawlessly, RAF is another that I check daily, assign credits to banners, and either purchase more or cash out. Yesterday I purchased 5 more ad units, then today decided to request a cash out. Working great! Thanks Richard :)

ismAdsIncome: another top notch program. Had to look back at my last blog post to see what I was going to do next. (hate to have to re-think it all over again, lol) Anyway purchased 5 more units as I said I would do.

Ads2Cycle: total members today reached 1,000.
Not all active of course but still a pretty good number.
Also I believe you can purchase a Solo Ad to members without being a member yourself. As a matter of fact I think I received one today, but since it was for yet another Matrix Cycler, I deleted it. One is enough for me.
Bottom line, Admin has some plans on the drawing board which should help us all cycle our matrices. Not overnight mind you, but all in good time.


Borg said...

Hey Blondie,

I just wanted to let you know that 2 days ago, my payment request for the 27th September was received. ($250)


blondie said...

That's great news Gabriel!
and thanks for letting us know.
Cheers :)