Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monkeys or is it Monkees?

Now you would think I bought these Monkey Sheets for my grand daughter. But when I went shopping for new sheets the other day, for myself, couldn't believe how ugly some of the patterns and colors were... so monkeys it is.
Well at least they're fun to look at and will hopefully make me less grumpy :)

Speaking of grumpy, ProfitClicking: I don't know who's bright idea it was to get that famous (cough) HYIP blogger into PC, but he's already bad mouthing it. He really knows nothing about it or it's history! All he knows is it is 'not paying on time' so of course has it listed as "waiting". Good Grief! Somebody get a hold of this guy and set him straight please. I really don't like reading caca like that first thing in the morning.
- After logging into PC today, couldn't help but notice the Pop Up notes about your Tasks. Well they're not really tasks unless you're brand new and need a walk through of the process. So I guess that was a good idea.
- It's Thursday and there's another live call tonight. Doubt I'll be able to listen in since I'm expecting to see another Baseball game. And you would think, since there is a new call tonight, that last weeks would be showing in your dashboard by now. Ah well. All in good time.

Phinanci: got word from my referral Wesley that his first spend in the 20 day term plan has indeed expired and he's waiting on payment now. Yippee! Congrats Wesley and everyone else who joined on the first or second day in the 20 day plan and now getting paid.
I personally have only bought into the 50 day and noticed that I've received 60% of my initial spend back as of last night. So all is well in Phinanci Land.
*Wesley just wrote: "And I received my withdraw request pretty fast."
Now remember you heard it here first! hehe

RicanAdFunds: just purchased 5 more Ad Packs and requested a small withdrawal also. Thanks Richard and members!

ismAdsIncome: received my w/d request from yesterday already. Again, thanks to the Admins and fellow advertisers.

Ads2Cycle: only need 1 more person in my 3rd Matrix to cycle out. Then I'll have to decide if I should get my 'seed money' out or repurchase with it. Will make up my mind later. Also there is another new splash page for you to use when promoting, and it looks like this:

OK so after posting about Monkeys... well, you know me.


Anonymous said...

Quote: "famous (cough) HYIP blogger" ?
More like infamous, lol.
He is the (so-called) expert, and his word is the only one that matters.
Ignore him.

SusanP said...

Hey Blondie,

I wanted you to know that I received my payment on the 20 day plan from Phinanci too. All is well in Phi-land, LOL. I made a new spend in the daily plan. Thanks for the heads-up on this program!

blondie said...

Oh I do ignore him.
Just makes me irritated when his posts are misleading.

blondie said...

Hey SusanP, Whoo Hooo!
Yep it's going great in Phi-land :)
I need to get in there today and see what's going on myself.
And of course, you're very welcome!
Cheers kiddo (giggle)

Norbert's Traffic said...

monkeys they're fun to look at and will give you a good nite sleep.

I don't think your grumpy!

blondie said...

Oh little do you know, hehe