Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Was busy again this morning taking cans to the can bank for recycling. Hey I got 25 bucks for them so can't complain and every little bit helps in this rotten economy of ours.

Taking it from the top... 
Profit Clicking: received my daily income for 9/27.
Received a payment yesterday that I posted about.
My pending payments from 9/20 have been given a 1 day estimated payout time frame now.
And there's a new newsletter in your dashboard which seems to be geared towards newer members and/or new information added to the site.
It's all good and we're making headway.

Phinanci: silly me tried to re-purchase yesterday using my account balance. Oops, that's only available on weekends. Well I don't want to lose those days so I might just make a new spend via pay processor then withdraw later on.
So far, so good :)

RicanAdFunds: working perfect now and receiving my 2% daily.

ismAdsIncome: the same. Doing great and receiving my daily 1.5% there. Also purchased more Ad Packs today.
Now here was a nice surprise... 

ismMagic: logged in to check 'My Account' since they pay a profit share on the 1st of the month. Clicked on the 'Financial Report' and was totally surprised at the $28.90 worth of Magic Bonus money.
Now if you're a member of Magic and buying Ad's in ismAdsIncome, you get Magic Points for that since it's a feeder program for Magic. But you must be an upgraded (paid) member of ismMagic to receive the Magic Bonus money.
You can pay for your monthly Magic Upgrade Fee using your Magic Bonus points also.
Go go "My Account", then "Upgrade" to check the different levels. Near the bottom you will see where you can Upgrade using your Magic Points. Yes, I am upgraded to "Wizard" using only the Point System.
Definitely something to check out if you haven't already.

Hey it's 80 degrees F here today and tomorrow. Thursday will be in the 50's and chance of snow. Really? Well it may not come down to my house but I might be able to see the snow capped mountains if it does happen.

Just got my old VCR hooked up after being 'offline' for about 3 years. (Thanks to my neighbor Jesse who works for Comcast.) Watching "Vision Quest" and enjoying the music along with the movie. Have a great night.

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