Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Thanks again for all the nice notes and comments for my 5 year blog anniversary update. Hugs to you all!

Isn't it funny how when you don't feel good, everything seems irritating? I must have pinched a nerve or something cause yesterday my head and neck wouldn't stop hurting. Now today, my back and tail bone hurt and it's hard to sit here. Sorry Cats, no lap lounging today... especially that one-ton cat of mine.

ProfitClicking: I see more things have been added to the site so they are in fact working on all of that.
When I checked in yesterday, I realized my "Total Sales Profit To Date" went up quite a bit. Well, that's because I too was paid in one lump sum for my 10/11 through 10/15 ad pack income.
Also noticed my LR withdraw request disappeared. Yep, it's true. My LR payment pending since 9/24 had been Paid!
Whoo Hooo!
Now the irritating part for today was reading another bloggers uneducated mention of PC. Sorry but I really don't like reading something that makes me shake my head at how wrong it is. But hey, nobody asked me, LOL

Phinanci: if I'm right, the first 20 days of locked-in spends should be released today. Anxious to see the Forum Paid Posts on that. Also, here's a very good update in case you missed it:

Exclusive service
Phinanci is happy to share with you TrackEgg ( - exclusive free service that allows you to track investments for all your programs in one place. This is done by a fully automated website that calculates and displays all your investments in easy to read graphs, charts and tables.

There is a variety of useful tools: payment processor calculators, specific program strategies/spreadsheets, referral link tracker and even an automatically created page that allows a user to advertise all of their referral links on one page.

This service is exclusive to the industry and there is no one else offering a similar product. It would significantly benefit you in building and tracking your portfolio investments.

Please take 3 minutes to browse through the website ( and watch the introduction video on the homepage.

The 120% after 20 days plan pays off only after 20 days. Therefore, you need to wait for the full 20 days to pass in order to see earnings in your cash balance.
We pay on calendar days and your principal is included in the payments.


If you are caught in self-referring activities your account will be penalized. We have a software system in place that can track all accounts that are involved in such activity. Refer to our FAQ for more information.

Growing community
We are proud to announce that our membership is expanding at a swift rate. We started a broad advertising campaign to open new doors in furthering our activities.

Our Alexa rating is showing a significant growth in traffic.

We would like to thank all members who are promoting Phinanci and contributing to the overall success and expansion of the program. Needless to say, we are happy that you chose to be a part of this project and will do everything to sustain it and bring it to another level of success.

Team Phinanci

RicanAdFunds: doing fantastic and I'm getting updates from my upline in the other ISM program, but can't find them on the site or in my email box from the Admin. Well I get a lot of email so maybe they got lost or since it's not anything "official" yet, they'll be coming later. It's all good :)
My funds keep growing at 2% daily and each day I sit and think, what to do next? and I'm sure you do the same. None of us think alike or are in the same boat with regards to available funds, but for some reason I feel that anything I spend here I won't have to worry about.
Now how's that for the power of positive thinking? (smile)

ismAdsIncome: been a week since I requested a withdrawal so put in for one today. Also bought 4 more positions a few days ago. Doing great also and it's only mid-month. Looking forward to the ismMagic earning after month end.

Ads2Cycle: they have a new splash page located from your Promotion Menu on the left, Splash Pages area. It's really nice and I've heard that folks are getting good responses in TE sites from it. Wanna see it?
Good lookin splash page.
From the Admin: A larger version of the splash page will be added this week. This will be our second splash page. It will have a slightly different appearance as the first splash page.
Splash pages make excellent landing pages for Traffic Exchanges, PTC sites and other places. They are much more effective than sending traffic to the main site.

One more thing, but I'm not saying a word about it since I've jinxed the Broncos in the past :)


doomcrew said...

Well Manning sure put San Diego in its place wow! Rain delay baseball at the moment, not bored enough to watch wnba nor will I ever be. Its nice to see Profit Clicking getting into the kind of shape that we have come to expect.

blondie said...

When I saw the rain delay, figured it wouldn't start tonight either. Having lived in Detroit while growing up, I know when it rains, it rains for a long time.

Yes, PC is lookin good. Can't wait till things get more on track.