Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Updates

Listening to Doc's 10/11 call now.
He started with an overview and promo etc.
All of the features from JBP will also be available in PC, but PC will have much more.
Site still in Beta for more weeks.
New marketing pages coming soon.
Top earner in the system has only 10 referrals and has made close to 1 million dollars.
That was the first 30 minutes, then Q & A...
Q: why is my withdraw request taking longer than the 10 days?
A: they went from a manual system to a fully automated payment system. Must be tested fully before it's working top notch. Once it completes this stage, will be much more timely and much more user friendly.
Q: why are the daily sales profits so far behind right now? 
A: the system isn't working 100% yet. They plan to start running it so that we'll begin to see 2 days income in 1 which will eventually get it caught up. Should be caught up by the latter part of next week. (this week)
Also, starting this week, after you finish your daily surfing you will receive a note that says "You've Just Been Paid" and the funds for that days earnings will be available in your account immediately.
Q: why did the site get launched before it was completely migrated and finished?
A: due to circumstances in this business, they needed to get the site going about 4 weeks early. So they're rushing sort of, everything is in high priority mode now.
Q: why is so easy to fund and buy, but not so easy to withdraw earnings?
A: 1-going from manual to fully automated. 2-getting established with the pay processors. 3-once it is all completed, will be much easier and more on target with pay dates etc.
Q: how long we will be in Beta testing?
A: not sure. some of the functions will be done soon, others will take longer.
Fact from Lady Dale: they are getting 3-4 thousand new members per day.
(me: of course all the notes here are shortened from what Doc actually said. Just trying to save you some time.)
49 minutes into the call, he's taking live questions from members.
Q: asking about selling positions from one member to another?
A: it's on the drawing table but not able to be done yet.
Q: will Targeted Traffic be available in our PC Traffic Exchange area?
A: it's in their master plan but not completed yet.
Q: there have been reported problems with Liberty Reserve, do you plan on dropping them in the future?
A: short answer: No. As long as they are agreeable with PC, then PC will be agreeable with them.
Q: (speaking for his downline) they're getting frustrated with the wait times for everything. Is there any way they can get a % held from their balance and just cash out and be done?
A: they understand the frustration but things should get better soon. Members are paid every single day and it should get faster.
Wrap Up: PC will not only have all the components that JBP had, but more coming. The Panels should be coming back online in the next couple of days also.
(That's a lot of promises for this week. Hope he's right)
And last but not least:
"You're here at the right place and it's always the right time at ProfitClicking." Doc is excited :)
(oh and don't forget your) Patience.

ROI 187: am trying to find out more about this program and Admin before purchasing on opening day, which is Tuesday AM for me. Will keep you informed.
* Just removed ROI 187 from my banner list.
I'll tell you why tomorrow. 

Phinanci: today is the last day to purchase from account balance until next weekend. Take advantage of that if you planned to.

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: note from Admin earlier today:
Hi To improve our service to members we are moving to mass pay processing for Liberty Reserve withdrawals from tomorrow on both RicanAdFunds & ismAdsIncome. All current withdrawal requests will be cancelled. Please re-submit any LR withdrawal requests after midnight (UK) time and they will be paid. Regards Russell
Also received another payment from RAF while I slept.

Ads2Cycle: nothing new since yesterday when I reported cycling a Silver Matrix. If you don't promote, yes it's slower but hopefully will speed up soon. Admin has been very helpful in the MMG forum with Q and A.

Oh and come visit me tomorrow if you would please.
It's sort of a special day for me. Thanks :)) 


doomcrew said...

The recorded message was great to hear. I frankly had turned the page on this being what I had hoped it could be, but now feel very good about going forward in 2013.

blondie said...

Glad you got to hear it.
Yeah, I feel confident too else I wouldn't be taking the time to give updates as often as I do.
Cheers DC

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

checking your comments already became a routine for me. I get the best and most updated information right here in your lounge.
Then there is your selection of music videos that brighten up my days.

Thank you, and have a great day!

Karl (Kanda2012)

blondie said...

So happy to hear that.
Thanks for visiting and I'm glad you enjoy the music too :)
Now, I got a lot to say today so best get moving.