Friday, October 5, 2012

Freezing Friday

Woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground. Good thing I got a warning about that and covered my sensitive flowers for the night. Everybody looks happy today, even the Cows out on the farm.
Strange too that 2 days ago was in the 80's here.

Profit Clicking: received my daily income for 9/30 today. Good, now I can finally flip the page on my wall calendar.
- Still waiting for that 9/20 STP withdrawal request but I see others reporting theirs so am patiently waiting my turn.
- Missed the conference call last night but the Mod's tell me it will be posted in our dashboard soon.
** Not available on the site yet but you can hear it HERE!

It was a good call, about 50 minutes, very informative and forgot to mention I purchased 25 more Ad Packs yesterday.

New Update for Oct 5th in your member area. Here's the first part:
You've been Paid!
Technically, you've been repaid. All old uncompleted withdrawal requests have been restored to your wallet! (me: meaning those requested before the migration.) You can now use those funds to buy new Ad Packages, or you can submit a new withdrawal request. Keep in mind the pay processors average about ten days for processing time. Solid Trust Pay seems to be a little faster, averaging only seven days. The current maximum daily withdrawal is $250 for each processor.
The rest of the update is geared more towards marketing but you certainly should take a read while you're there.

- More Updates thanks to MMG member luvbug06:
A few things from the conference room:

PC Stefan - Those of you with 'waiting' URLs should delete them and then resubmit them. They should instantly be placed now. That's what support told me to do and I did it and it WORKED!

PC Stefan - Members that have in their account negative balance there's no need to contact support.  IT team is aware of it and they will fix it.

PC Ace - Income is working, including income from old JBP accounts.  Daily sales commissions are getting caught up quickly, a few more days before we expect to be completely current with them.  The reason for the delayed payments is because the script must be stopped when the IT team is working and changing things on the site.

- My DSL is jerking me around. Must not like the snow.

Phinanci: I was expecting an Admin update yesterday but don't see one in my email. So will keep an eye out for that.
- withdrawals are limited to what's in each pay processor, minimum $5.
- re-purchases from account balance is open on weekends only.
That's all for that. BBL with more.
OK, here's their first Update (excellent!):

Build and Sustain

It is with great pleasure we are able to welcome you as a member of Phinanci today and would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you, who already joined us during our first week of operation. The response to our opening has been overwhelming and we are very proud to be a part of all of your portfolios already at such an early stage.
Needless to say, we will do our outmost to provide a healthy and stable experience for you all and are looking forward to a long lasting relationship, not only with you, but also with the future members of Phinanci, who are joining us by the minute.

Things to clarify

As you may have gathered by now, our first week has been a hectic one and we have made a collection of the most frequently asked questions received by our support department, which are as follows:
If you have made a deposit into 20 days expiry plan, you will not see any earnings in your available cash balance until after the full 20 days have elapsed. The 50 days plan pays daily on the other hand.
Depositing from cash balance option is only available on weekends. It will show on the deposits page as an option amongst the processor options. During the week, mon-fri, you will have to cash out and redeposit from your processor, if you would like to let your earnings work for you as well as your principle.

Missing earnings

We experienced a bug with the cronjob responsible for adding daily earnings, which resulted in some members not getting earnings credited to their account a few days ago. The bug has been fixed, and we do not anticipate this will happen again. You do not lose any earnings as we have extended the deposit period and thus you will still receive the full 150% for your deposit. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding of this matter.

The name Phinanci derives from Ph (F) inanci (Financy) - a fancy term to describe what we do best - financing our customers' needs.

Team Phinanc

Ads2Cycle: the new Matrix program I joined yesterday still doesn't have a 125x125 banner for my side bar, but am told they're being created now.
Checked my Matrix View and I see that I need one more person for me to complete my first matrix. Will be fun to see how this all works and once in profit, even more fun ;)  Thanks to those first 5 who joined as Active!

RicanAdFunds: was going to request a withdraw today, but decided to re-purchase using my account balance instead. I have not withdrawn from RAF yet and am feeling pretty dang confident in the program and the Admins.

ismAdsIncome: am at a break even point with this one due to daily earnings and ref comm's (thanks to all who joined). Maybe tomorrow I'll request a withdraw and actually be in profit :)
Noticed an excellent post by my upline in ismAdsIncome and how it relates to ismMagic. So here it is in case I wasn't very clear the other day (which I am aware that sometimes I'm not).
Some notes about ISMADSINCOME and ISMMAGIC Social Network:

+ For each Ad Pack you purchased, you get 500 ISMMagic Bonus Points

ISMMAGIC Social Network:
+ There are 3 types of upgraded memberships: WIZARD, GENIE, PIXIE
+ Membership Monthly Fee: WIZARD ($20), GENIE ($10), PIXIE ($5)
+ However, you can use Magic points to upgrade: WIZARD (2000 points), GENIE (1000 points), PIXIE (500 points)
+ If you have purchased 4 Ad Packs in ISMADSINCOME, you get 2000 points. You can use that to upgrade to WIZARD

There's money there smile.gif
It is shared by all upgraded members at the end of the month.

Last month's share for WIZARDS was about $30.
By just being a Wizard, even if they didn't do anything.

You can withdraw your ISMMAGIC Earnings to Payza, or use to purchase more Ad Packs in ISMADSINCOME. 


Henry said...

Hi Judy - I'e joined ads2 under you...but I really don't know what to do next and I don't want to refer...

...any help would be most appreciated



blondie said...

Hi Henry,
Saw your question in the forum also which was responded to by the Admin.
Sounds like we need more members is all. Here's his response:

It can sound confusing...

When you cycle you get a free re-entryback into the matrix. This will fall into someone in your downline. This is how it works.

The script looks at the position you have when you first joined. It will then create a new matrix position, starting from this point looking for the first open position in the company matrix. It will then create you a new position at this location.

This new position will be placed in the matrix to someone in your downline. You can think of it as a mini-company forced matrix that is limited to your team.

What to do next?

Th only thing that I can recommend is to promote your referral link to others. The people that you refer are always placed in your first uncycled matrix. This is to get you to cycle fast.

Once you cycle, you help others on your team cycle with your re-entries.

Henry said...

Very frustrating as it said that referring was not necessary - and now it seems it is...and I don't want to refer

Heigh Ho - Anyway, I hope you're well

Best Wishes


ndsmsis said...

Hi - I've left a simple direct question on MMG - so don't worry....

...You get very extreme weather over there :(



blondie said...

Hi Henry,
Saw your post in MMG also and understand your frustration.
Let's see what the Admin says about that.
Enjoy your Sunday :)