Friday, October 26, 2012

PC Profit Shift Announced

ProfitClicking: as you probably know by now, a ProfitShift (formerly called a Restart) has been announced. Check your dashboard updates for details.
Was I shocked? Not really.
Am I upset? Not really that either.
Was I expecting it? Not really so soon.
Before writing here or joining in on any forum chat, decided to listen to Doc's call from last night. He sounded much better, more relaxed and confident in what he was reporting. But also, he only answered questions via written requests, no live calls this time.
So maybe once things are moving a little faster and members can be more positive, he'll resume the live Q & A. Especially since I remember it was Frederick who insisted that those remain as an important part of the company and interaction with members.
OK, so where are we at?
- today I received my daily ad pack income in a combined payment from 10-22 through 10-25.
- no updates on my pending withdrawal requests.
- progress is being made in your PC Panels - View Details.
- a Profit Shift should happen sometime around Mid Nov.
- any Ad Packs purchased as of yesterday and forward will not be included in the next profit shift.
Geez, too bad I bought more just 4 days ago. Well at least that proves I'm just a player (like you) and have no inside information.
Hey Carl Pearson, give Blondie a call next time you make that decision, so I can give my readers a heads-up, would ya? hehe
Bottom line, I'm not blowing a gasket over it and understand that it needs to be done periodically for us to continue. And trust me when I say, I do want this to continue :)

Found this pic of
Detective O-Rae
on facebook.

Is it just me, or does she remind you of Dick Tracy?
Must be the hat.

OK, where was I ...
Phinanci: continues with non-stop earnings and some of the fastest payments around town. Also seeing quite a few "I Love Phinanci" posts in the forums. Cute little contest and it'll be fun to see the winners list.

RicanAdFunds: hard to believe I've only been playing here for 31 days. Feels like we're old friends already. In any case, sure is an easy way to earn 2% daily while advertising my other sites. Kudos to the Admin.

ismAdsIncome: same same. Meaning running great since day one. Almost month end too so should be seeing some additional earnings in ismMagic when the time comes. I'll remind you about that later, K

Yesterday morning woke to about 5 inches of Snow on the ground. Unfortunately it started with rain on Wed. night, then turned to snow. So my poor tree had frozen rain and snow covering it's leaves yesterday. You know how heavy that is?!? Only lost one small branch, but it was that big one drooping over the house that I was worried about. TG today it's a little warmer and melting. Whew!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, B. I've been unable to log-in all day. All I get is a white page. Perhaps later.

blondie said...

Where Dave? Profit Clicking?
I've had no trouble today at all.
Hope your problem goes away soon.

Enrico Magboo said...

Thanks Blondie for your summarized update on PC. Mind if I ask you if you are having trouble on withdrawals (specially LR) as mine was requested since Oct 13 with 10 days processing time. Ideally it should be completed about Oct 23-24 but it is still listed on my pending withdrawals and 1 day processing time indicated never change.

I am planning to withdraw from STP if this pending withdrawal still continues...

Wondering why because my previous LR withdrawal this early October went smoothly.

doomcrew said...

Well the PC situation I was ok with but now the restart will end my run with it. They dont seem to understand that members who are trying to make money would like to build up an account and maintain some level of monthly earning. I just dont know how the restart and indefinitely sustainable works out to success for the average person. Add to that the length of delays and no matrix earnings it just adds up to game over in my opinion.

blondie said...

Withdrawals in PC are definitely not being done in the time frame they estimate. My next to be paid is pending since 10/1, so patience is the key word there.
Doc said on the last call that they will be caught up, but not sure how long that will take.
Just know that you're not alone.

DC, gotta agree with you that they're making it tough on everyone to earn a regular daily or weekly income. I'm hoping that the Panels, once released will be what they were before. But yeah, the delays are unbearable for most.

Kingsly Canillo said...

Anyways, what are the things that might happen during the profit shift? does it will affects our earnings? Please explain i'm new on PC....

blondie said...

Too much to explain here.
Log into PC
Check the FAQs
Scroll down to Profit Shift information.
Should give you a good idea of what it's all about.
Cheers :)

Enrico Magboo said...

Thanks for the very informative response Blondie!

blondie said...

You're welcome Enrico :)
Enjoy your weekend!