Saturday, October 6, 2012

Still cold here today, 34F and drizzling. High of only 40F so if the drizzle continues, sure could see some snow. Tomorrow will start warming up again so might have to mow the lawn before the next weekend.

Profit Clicking: not much new to report but I did receive my 10/1 daily income for my old and new Ad Pack positions.
- still waiting for that 9/20 STP withdraw to come through so if you're waiting also, you're not alone.
- the recorded call was good but I've heard it's no longer available from the link I published. Should be posted on the site soon for everyone to hear.
- there's a new update dated Oct 6th in your member area.
- noticed the rants in the forums quieting down also. Amazing what a payment will do for a non-believer.
- one more thing, I've noticed there's not much of a slow down with purchasing Ad Packs. Myself, my personal referrals and their referrals are all keeping up a good pace. Guess we're all believers eh?

* Look at my chart of page views here on the right side. See those spikes? Those are always on Friday's and still I can't figure out why.

Phinanci: today and tomorrow you can purchase new positions using your account balance. However the pay processor balance you wish to use must have at least $10 available if choosing the 20 Day Plan or $50 available if choosing the 50 Day Plan.
I'm gonna wait till tomorrow and see where my numbers are at before I decide. But don't let me hold you back, LOL

RicanAdFunds: looks great and my daily earning has doubled. What? Well yesterday I decided to repurchase instead of withdrawing my seed money. I am seeing a lot of payment proofs in the forums and have no worries about this whatsoever. Thanks Richard :)

ismAdsIncome and ismMagic: ok I learned something today. When you purchase new ad positions in AdsIncome using your Magic balance ... it does not go through immediately. I thought it did so I clicked the purchase button more than once thinking I didn't do it right the first time.
Well needless to say, I have plenty of new positions in AdsIncome now rather than a few and a little cash out. It's all good and earns me more in the long run.

This is what it looked like here yesterday morning. 
"Time time time to see what's become of me.
While I looked around, for my possibilities. 
I was so hard hard to please. 
Look around. Leaves are brown.
There's a patch of snow on the ground." 
Excellent oldie.

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