Sunday, October 28, 2012


Tis the season to see all those cool pumpkin carvings around your neighborhood and here on the net. I have an awesome one to show you but need to wait till this evening to take the pic. Must have the glowing candle effect going on first.

ProfitClicking: nice to see the updates in our member area being added on a regular basis.
Also, if you're new and don't know what a Profit Shift is, log into your account first, then click on the FAQ's. It's all explained there.
- received my daily ad pack earning for 10/26
- oldest pending withdrawal is dated 10/1
- they did their 'fall back' time change also. So beware of that when you check or surf your account.
(my time change isn't for another week)
- and if I told you how many ad packs I bought yesterday, you'd fall off your chair. So I won't.

Phinanci: Excellent Update for their One Month Anniversary:
1 Month Online
Today Phinanci celebrates 1 month online with flawless performance and unstoppable payments.

Closing in on 1000 members and with more than $50,000 paid back to everyone in earnings already, we are growing bigger and stronger each day. We are extremely happy to be a part of such success and we would like to thank each one of you for helping us achieving such great results. Especially our “old school” blog members who have shared Phinanci with their readers are high on the contribution list. Thumbs Up!

! So what's next?

We have new features coming up, like Live Chat where members will be able to address their issues and get them resolved instantly. As with all growth, the level of support must also increase to suit all members needs.


Our first contest has received a fantastic response and we are proud to announce the winners:goldendigger; nautilus83; moneyrocks; hemsagar; Phoenix14; easywang; surfer57; surfluv; ebusiness; wbrightfl; luifer; humdgz; pstovall; moneyup; kunteppei; tahoaquoc; antant; hunattila; mohamedzamorano; Stef26; cyberdigi; bobby120; justcantlose; Armynu; mshort; zainirye.

Please check your payment accounts for a surprise prize – congratulations!! We are planning to have similar contests running on a monthly basis and perhaps a few more around Christmas time for us all to celebrate this cosy get-together time of year. Easter and other holidays will also have special themed contests.

Testimonial Contest

Our next contest is about sharing testimonials with everyone. You will find a link to submit a testimonial within your account area. Share your experience so far with Phinanci and automatically enter into a draw between the best-written versions. Submit poems, ponderings, jokes, fairytales or anything that takes your fancy to make your testimonial special and the best will win awards ranging between $5-25 directly sent to their payment processor.


We have a nice uplifting surprise coming up in the New Year 2013. We are planning ahead of time and want to be able to accommodate our ever-growing membership base to the fullest of our potential, which is still to be seen and experienced.

Our layout and design

We have received a fair amount of comments regarding our design, so we have decided to address this to all members for reference. Our liquid layout is easy to read and navigate and all out containers are completely based on that viewpoint, rather than the initial container block. It moves in and out when you resize your browser window, so that the page is constantly “filled”. Consequently, every fixed pixel-base layout becomes “scalable”; the content area always remains within the layout box as it is supposed to be and there is no change of producing overlapping boxes as we have seen in the previous generation of web-browsers.

Team Phinanci

RicanAdFunds: someone asked me if RAF pays the 2% daily every day? Yep, like clockwork!

Speaking of clocks, I understand the UK had a time change (off of DST) so your earnings are going to be 1 hour later than before. Heck, I would have never noticed since it's credited while I'm sleeping anyway. So just an FYI if you're one of those "clock watchers".

or was that note about ismAdsIncome? Well, they're both in the UK I believe so it should pertain to them both, and both are doing great!!

Ads2Cycle: will report when there's movement in my account. I have a few referrals (thanks) who don't seem to be moving much now either. So I do hope that spillover kicks in for those who don't promote.
BTW, I haven't withdrawn anything here yet. I cycled twice and put it back in to help others.
I do believe the Admin has his heart in the right place, but of course new members and/or solo ad purchasers are needed to keep the wheels turning.

Am sitting here today watching my neighbors across the street build a shed. Well this shed is so frickin tall, it'll block the mountain view that the house behind him has now. That's just wrong. Why do people have to be so inconsiderate of others? Humans just amaze me sometimes :(

Now the moment you've all been waiting for! (I took 10 pics of this before I finally got one I liked.)
My Son woke me up last night to bring over the Pumpkin that he and Olivia made. They are on their way to Mexico today and wanted the Pumpkin to have a good home for Halloween. You know, a home where it would be appreciated!
Don't ya just love it???


Henry said...

Happy Halloween!

Best Henry and Littley (my cat)


blondie said...

Thanks Henry,
Happy Halloween to you too!
Not till Wednesday but I just had to show off my Detroit Tiger pumpkin :)
Cheers to you and yours :)

Anonymous said...

lol... I won? hehehe
bobby120 <--- ^_^

i saw it here 1st =P thanks blondie

blondie said...

Excellent and Congrats!