Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting Back on Track

Well, I don't know what to say about PXSense, other than being extremely disappointed. I thought the Admin had more plans for the future that would help this program continue on its path of fame and fortune. But it just didn't turn out that way. And I agree with others that more updates would have been helpful too. Without updates, people tend to forget about it and stop promoting.
So at this point, if you put money in via Alert Pay in the last 30 days and are not in profit, go ahead and file a dispute. I understand that Alert Pay holds back a percentage of funds from these types of programs for this reason. So don't be bashful, ask for a refund. That's about all I can sadly suggest.

JustBeenPaid: happy to see the emails coming back slowly. Am now once again receiving emails for referrals buying Triplers and Cycling Matrices etc. Always gives me a warm fuzzy knowing that my referrals and their referrals are doing well.
- Just remember those emails could be several days old while they catch up.
- Restart feed is almost done. About 37K left as of Sunday night so should be completed in less than a week.
- Regional Representative's Page is up, so if you speak another language and want to be included in it to help others in different languages. Check your JBP profile for more information.
- Platinum placements are just about ready. My understanding is that a Platinum will cost $2.50 more than a Premium, but will get your spots filled in 1-2 days instead of 30 days.
- The 'Fill Now' feature is going to be reopened soon which will cost $35 but will cycle your matrix in 3 minutes plus purchase a new JSS position for you.
- Newer Members are being encouraged to purchase at least one JSS as soon as possible. Rather than waiting until your Triplers are at 75 days, purchasing a JSS matrix now will give you a better understanding of how they work, plus you'll have one open for others to be placed in.
- Level 2 JBP Upgrade still coming 'soon'. lol 
- Several other programs coming that will feed our JSS along with helping us to make a little extra. Anxious for that myself.
OK that's about it and that was all from Sunday's call that I listened to last night and made notes. Am still happy as can be with JBP, JSS and the Tripler.

T2MoneyKlub: has been running great since the reset on Feb 1st. Now, just a reminder that our monthly fees are due on March 1st and the cost is dependent on how many DP's you have running at that time.
0 – 3.............$0.00
4 – 10............$5.00
11 – 20...........$10.00
21 – 40...........$15.00
41 – 70...........$20.00
71 – 100..........$30.00
101 – 150.........$40.00
151 – 200.........$50.00
201 – 300.........$60.00
301 – 400.........$70.00
401 – 500.........$80.00
500 – 1000........$100.00
1000 – 2000.......$200.00
2000 – 2400.......$250.00

The monthly fee will come out of your MAIN account balance. If it's short, your account will go into the negative. If you have funds in your DP account, you can do an internal transfer from DP to MAIN to cover the fees.
Also, withdrawals can only be placed from the MAIN account. In order to withdraw, you have to move funds from DP to MAIN before requesting.
It actually makes good sense so that folks can't withdraw from DP while still owing their membership fee in their Main. Very cool :)
PS, Perfect Money is an available option now too.

GBC: completed another GBC Moose Easy 40 and was paid $25.00 yesterday. Guess it's time to buy a replacement for that one cause I like to keep a couple of them running at all times. Thanks Gord as always.

aDailyCash: well once again am over $20 in my account so today I clicked the 'Purchase Positions' button and bought 2 more with my earnings. Tomorrow will the final day for the first 8 that I bought. Day 50 already? Yep, time flies when you're making money, LOL

It's 10 AM here now and really dark outside. Guess we're expecting rain and snow later today. And my poor roof is still bare.
The roofer guy was here yesterday and will replace those shingles soon. Still wondering if I got a bad batch of them since my roof was the only one in the neighborhood that went flying the other night. Things that make you go Hmmm

ShowBizHits: the weekly promo codes at showbiz must have been a hit because I see they're doing them again this week. Today is surf 25 and get 200 banner impressions. Doesn't take long to surf 25 sites either :)
Oh and Happy Hour tonight too:
A reminder that we have a promo code today for 200 banners. All you need to do is get the promo code and surf 25 sites! Check for the link on the members page once you sign in.
Also, everyone's favorite HAPPY HOUR is tonight. Be here at 9 pm EST for extra credits, prizes and fun! We will also have a credits boost during that hour. Be here!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sad News from PXSense

Just received a few minutes ago:
Dear Members,
PXSense is not in a good postion, given the sitautiuon that the program had stopped producing enough sales of Upgrades since the start of the year. During the last week there were almost no sales of Upgrades and we were relying entirely on the reserves built during our first month. Now our reserves are finished. You probably have noticed that by the stop of the instant payouts to Alert Pay. The instant payouts returned for a short time due to unexpected deposit which was finished in 24 hours. It was hard to work on developments and trying to fix the situation when it is not delivering the wanted results and attetion from the public. Given the above reasons PXSense has to close.
I would like to thank all the promoters who considered PXSense as an exclusive program and showed support.

I'll comment later. Have to run out for an appointment soon :( 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday and ...

PXSense: just a quick follow-up. Even though new instant AP's are going out, there are some older ones pending and also the STP's and LR's are a little behind. So today, I hope to see an update from Admin as to what the real deal is.
Tried to compound my earnings yesterday, but the option was not available. Today when I check, it says:
Error: New purchases are temporarily disabled.
That's not a good sign :(

JBP-JSS: on a brighter note, received a payment to my STP from JBP sometime during the night. I'm still amazed at how well the JSS-Tripler is kicking a$$ after a year running, constant growth, fast payments, and no signs of slow down.
Getting an email or two from the system, but nothing compared to what I should be seeing. Guess they're still working on that fix.

T2MoneyKlubmy old T2 banner should redirect now to the new T2MK. Marvelous! And here's the latest update from Dave:
Hello T2MK Members.
We have put a VERY important update up at
Please read it all carefully.
Thank You
T2 Staff.
Back to me. Looked for a new banner but they're not available yet. Also I just moved $20 from my DP account to my Main to get ready for the March 1st membership fee. After that move, I tried to withdraw, but it's not available yet. Well that's OK. I'm sure it'll be open later on.
What do you guys think of that music? I'm glad it only runs for 35 seconds or so, LOL
** Later in the day, was informed that they turned off the sound. Smart move.
*** Also, you can only withdraw from your MAIN account. If you have funds in DP, you can do the internal transfer to Main, then withdraw. Makes sense since our Monthly Membership Fee will be coming out of our Main Account.
**** Seems they're still working on the new site and banners. Deleted my old banner before I knew the new banners weren't active yet. BUT I managed to save one anyway. BUT I don't know if the referrer links are working. SO don't join today if you haven't yet cause I have no clue who you would fall under. Appreciated!

GBC: received my weekend profit share as always :)
Thanks Gordon.

aDailyCash: got paid from them overnight also. You know my routine... next time is a compound. Still happily surprised that this is going so well and paying like clockwork.

ShowBizHits: last day for their weekly promo. Today is surf 25 and get 50 additional as your bonus. Don't forget to enter the code.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Big Yellow Caution Flag

See Update Below

PXSense: Gosh I hate to do this, but I'm seeing reports of members waiting on payments since late on the 23rd. There are some payment proofs in MMG that were received that day, but starting on the 24th, nadda.
I personally haven't withdrawn all week so I can't verify. But the posts I'm seeing are from reliable players.
The first thing I read was that the Instant AP function wasn't working, which made me raise a brow, and then there were no more payment proofs.
So at this point, I have NO idea what's going on and will check around to see if anyone else is aware of what the problem could be.
In the meantime, DO NOT spend any new money there!
I would love to see this have a happy ending, and maybe it will once we get an update. But until then, I can only guess :(

Received 1 comment here and 1 personal email that said:
Just read your blog about PX Sense.  Its 2;55 pm now. I just made a pay request and was paid instant by alert pay. Thought you would like to know.
Whoa! That's great news! Thanks guys for letting us all know!! 
Sorry if I got you worried for no reason, but an update from Admin explaining what happened would sure be nice. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Waz Up Homie?

Had to cheer myself up with this pic of Olivia. This year has not started off good for me.
Really windy here again this morning and the snow is flying everywhere. Hope I don't see more of my shingles in the street today. Called the roofer and he'll be back to fix it up once the snow is gone. Argh!

JBP-JSS: the server move yesterday was the cause of about 6 hours of downtime. I noticed my daily Tripler earnings dated the 24th. Did we miss a day? Nope, they did it again a few hours later so in my back office, it does show 2 days of earnings on the 24th. Nice :)
Restart feed is still running so if you have expired Trip's that didn't make it to JSS yet, sit tight. It'll happen before it's all over.
I did notice I'm not getting those nice JSS Support emails telling me when a referral buys a Tripler or cycles a matrix. Perhaps those will catch up later too.
Other than that, not much news and all is good.

PXSense: tomorrow being the weekend, I've decided to wait and compound my earnings. Have already passed my break even point, put a little in my pocket, got a little RC (thank you)... so now I'll continue to support the program by not cashing out every penny I earn. If I make a little here and a little there, it all adds up to help with (what seems to be) my never ending emergency expenses (don't ask).

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): STOP using the rotator. No need to do it and it has caused some problems. I'm thinking we should be moving over to the new site soon. In the meantime, I requested a payment today and will buy more DP's next time around.
Here's a portion of yesterday's update:
Hi Members.
We have reached 10,000 members of which a large number are 'inactive'. This is a reminder that any member not active will be removed in 14 days from now. Registrations will continue until we reach 5000 'active' members, then the registrations will be closed and not reopened during 2012.
Also we are proud to announce our new website KlubExchange that will be providing very competitive exchange rates on e-currencies and processors.
OK, you free members out there might want to consider buying at least one DP in the coming days so that you're not removed from the program. Actually you can buy up to three DP's and not have to pay a monthly fee. Not sure how long it'll take to get to 5K though. My understanding is that we're at around 2200 right now so you've got a little time to think about it and make the best decision for yourself.

aDailyCash: nice to see that adaily has been drama free so far. Each time I get to $20 in my account, have been switching between purchasing 2 more or cashing out. It's working out good for me, and you too I hope :)

ShowBizHits: three days left for their week long bonus promo. Surf 25 sites and receive a different daily bonus. Once logged in, click on this:
Check  HERE for Today's Promo code details
and get the word for the day. Just enter that word in the "Enter Surf Code" area then surf 25 for the daily bonus.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snowy and Slushy Thursday ...

and the high winds last night sent my new roof shingles flying all over the neighborhood. Well, I'm pretty sure my 5 year warranty covers high wind. Funny thing though, no one else on my street lost any shingles so am wondering if mine weren't installed properly back in October :(
Here's a link to our weather broadcast from last night:

JBP-JSS: is down for a little while:
"Dear JBP Members,
To accommodate the outstanding growth in our membership the JSS – Tripler Database is being moved to a new server. We are currently in maintenance mode to prepare for this move. We will reopen again within the next 6 hours. Please be patient and come visit again later. Thank you for your understand and corporation while we upgrade to serve you better.
You are appreciated!
Your Tech support Team"

Hmmm, wonder who wrote that note? corporation? Am sure they meant cooperation.
**UPDATE: back to business as usual. Site it up and running here just fine.

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): if you're running that Rotator that Dave announced yesterday... Don't let it run for more than 30 minutes per day. Seems it could cause some conflict with google adsense. Thanks :)

aDailyCash: in keeping with my own strategy, I purchased 2 more units today using my profit. Next time I get to $20, I'll withdraw. Simple as that.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Come Back Later (or not)

Be sure to check here more than once today.
I should have something new to share... but maybe not today. Sorry if I jumped the gun, LOL

JBP-JSS: was pleasantly surprised this morning to see that I cycled 2 more matrices in the JSS system! And my Triplers bought since the last restart have 29 more days to go before they expire and start feeding into my JSS once again. All is good there.

PXSense: site is down at the moment. Admin is aware of it.
** A few hours later: it's back :)

Tripler2: purchased a few more DP's today with profit. Next time I'll withdraw. Yep, am playing this one using my own 50/50 rule. Should work well for both me and the program.
Dave has a lot of good ideas for T2MK, and once we've moved over to the new site, everything should fall into place.

I had a dream about John (js) last night. He was on skype, in the video, trying to explain something to me about a program and how to play it smart. Too bad I don't remember what he said or what program he was referring to. Oh well, maybe he'll come back tonight and refresh my memory, har!

aDailyCash: still raking in that 3% daily and my oldest positions don't expire until Feb 29th. That's awesome!

More on Tripler2 / T2MoneyKlub: did you all get this email from Dave? Don't want anyone to be left out. I have the Rotator running now. Piece of cake.

Hi T2 Members.
We are asking all members to complete a very simple handsfree task. This will be counted towards your first monthly tasks quota, so please make sure you complete this one.
Please log in to your member dashboard at jsstripler2.com and in the menu at the bottom, click on 'My Website Family'.
Then click the bottom link in the dropdown 'Website Rotator'. This will open a new page. Then just leave that page running in the background... That's it... 100% hands free, and will add many thousands of hit to the website family giving us a much better alexa rank.
If you see anything you like, please feel free to have a look. If not, then another site will come along in 15 seconds, the range is very diverse.
You may also want to join 'Bigcrumbs'. It is a fantastic discount website both for online and offline shopping.
The T2MK staff thanks you for your co-operation and remember, without you as our valued members putting in a little effort now and then, can result in a fantastic future for yourselves.
Here is a link to the login.
Kindest Regards
Dave. (T2MK Staff).

AND it's 60 degrees F here today, windy as heck though. Tomorrow, mid 30's and SNOW! Gosh I Love Colorado :)
This one's for my nephew Jarod from Michigan who is visiting here now, but plans to move to Colorado this summer! Enjoy the Song!

Monday, February 20, 2012

It Must Be Monday + T2 Update + New HYIP Coming

Finally feeling a little better from this long drawn out cold, but since I said that, I'll probably have a relapse. So I won't say it again.

JBP-JSS: Current events: 
- Tripler restart feed: 500K done, 100K to go, another week?
- To cycle your matrices faster, you should buy placements for spots 1-2 as soon as you get your JSS position. Also upgrading to premium for those spots will give it an added boost.
- The Regional Representatives Page should be open this week.
Still looking for a Surfing / Advertising system for JBP.
- They don't know when Level 2 will be released yet.
That's about it from this mornings call.
As for me, I'm off to purchase more Triplers today, then a cash-out in a day or so. All is good on the JBP farm, LOL

PXSense: running extremely well so I purchased 5 more units yesterday. Also received an Instant AP cash out last evening. Even though those pixel ad's don't excite me too much, I'm all about the 2% daily which has been running perfect since the start. Thumbs up!

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): still seeing reports of members not being able to log into the site or the T2 forum. So am thinking an update from Dave would be appreciated by those who don't read other forums or blog posts.
Since the 1st of Feb, we have been receiving our daily 2% just fine, cash outs have been ongoing and I've had no problem purchasing new DP's either. So am hoping that the move to the new T2MoneyKlub site will solve all those connection problems, but when will that be?
**Just received: See update link below.

GBC: received my weekly profit share on Saturday. Gord is running them on Sat and Sun now due to the volume and work load. He does it all manually so spreading it out over those 2 days helps to keep it manageable. Thanks again Gord!

aDailyCash: just requested a cash-out for $21.80. Next time I reach the $20 mark, I'll purchase two more units. Back n forth is working well for me. Keeps me in profit plus am building my daily earnings along the way.

ShowBizHits: is having a week long promo. After you log in, the details are in a 'Click Here' at the top of the next page. I just received 25 extra credits after surfing 25 sites. Have fun :)

Just heard from a friend of a friend that a New Short Term HYIP will be opening sometime this week. Don't know any of the details yet but will post as soon as I do. Please check my blog daily to get a heads-up when it opens. You know, first day in a new HYIP is the way to go :)

Just in from Tripler2:
Hi T2 Members.
Here is a link to the latest important T2 update.
It will give you information on the coming move to the new domain name T2MoneyKlub.com.
Also an update on the 70 NEW T2 websites that have been added to generate income for YOU!!
Also you have been invited to vote for the best T2MK banners in the $300 giveaway banner contest.
here is the link.
Thank You.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thank You JustBeenPaid !!!

JBP/JSS-Tripler: Do you realize that TODAY is JSS-Tripler's One Year Anniversary? Woo Hooo!!
Now I personally didn't start playing in it till about six weeks later and have never looked back. Lots of fun, lots of money, a couple of restarts, server moves, server upgrades, security verification's for payments, some folks requested refunds during the server move (never understood why) while others were patient and waited it out (that would be me), daily 2% returns, never missed a payment... heck, payments haven't even slowed down due to volume. All of this says a lot about the program.
It's been a great business for me and I hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have.
On that thought, I would like to personally Thank Every One of You who joined JBP and the Tripler under my referrer link. And I know some of you have done very very well with this program which is great and I couldn't be happier for you :)
So Happy Anniversary JBP's Tripler!!
May (y)our next year be as successful as (y)our first!!!
ps: cycled two matrices last night and noticed quite a few down line cycled as well. Congrats to you all !!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Break Even Point in PXSense and more...

Feeling a little better today. Still sort of grumpy though. Being sick is just no fun for anyone (or anyone around me).

JBP-JSS: according to the latest conference call:
- the restart feed is 75% done - give it another week or so.
- they did do a server upgrade to make things go faster.
- getting 4-5K new members daily BUT only a portion of those actually do anything... so they're working on a better follow-up system.
- after logging into JBP, click on Profile. There you will see a section "Opt-In to Representative Page". That is where you can enter your information to be placed on the new page (when it's published) to help other members in a different language (besides English). The listed (volunteer) members will be sorted by Language.
- Level 2 Upgrade coming soon (lol)
- Advertising System (surf) coming as soon as they find a good one.
- other new programs coming out also to help us make more money.
- taking approx. 22 days for premium placements to fill in JSS, and that will get longer since there aren't a lot of Tripler's expiring for a few more weeks. (my oldest tripler bought on Jan. 8th has 35 days left.)
OK, that about wraps it up from call.
I purchased another batch of Tripler's today myself and will check my numbers later on before requesting a payment. Nice to see things haven't slowed down "too much" as a result of the last restart and should be picking up again soon.

PXSense: 50 Days of Earnings!! Today will be our break even point on our very first spends if you joined me on Dec. 27th, opening day. Yep, today's earning will be 100% back on our first PX unit. YaY! Just received an Update:
In this short update we would like to let you know about some of the recent reviews on PXSense, our updated our FAQ, answering some your most common questions and links to our networks. Meanwhile, we are working on a new addition to our Income Streams, which you will learn more about in the coming weeks.
Common Questions and PTP Promo
To address some of the questions of our members, you may request one 1 withdrawal every 24 hours. The minimum amount necessary to make a request is $5 USD. All withdrawals to Alert Pay are instant!
Our promotion for the Paid-to-Promote Program has ended and we have reset the conversion rate of your PTP credits back to $1 USD per 1000 credits.
Enjoy PXSense and have fun with it,
Christer and the PXSense team
Back to me: I chopped up the update cause I didn't want to post all the links in it. But that "new addition to our Income Streams" perked up my ears. Can't wait to hear more about that!

To Phone Solicitors: Do Not Call Me, especially when I'm sick. Some poor guy just got his ass chewed because I'm on the National No-Call List and he should know better!! GrowL

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): Updates - haven't received any to my inbox so I checked the T2 forum and the last one posted is still the one from Feb 1st.
Well, I did purchase more DP's yesterday and will cash-out next go around. Other than that, just waiting for an update. I do know there's a lot of good plans for T2 but really need Dave to put them all in a nice happy memo form for easy reading, LOL

GBC: I bit the bullet yesterday and not only bought a new Easy 40 Plan but also added a PIF to each level available. Yep, cost me 91 buckaroo's but I know it was worth it and I'll get it back, plus some ;)

aDailyCash: still chuggin along and getting 3% daily added to my account. I did receive a payout yesterday. Am already in profit from spends made on Jan 10th and they don't expire until Feb 29th. That's awesome! Thanks aDaily.

OK, am down to seeing JS's smilin face here so that's telling me I've written enough for today, har!
On another note (and my good deed for the day), I sent another donation to the Tri-County Collie Rescue on Valentine's Day in memory of my other good friend Bill Stewart. I still miss our occasional phone calls that always ended in laughter.
Hope you have a wonderful 'almost end of the week' day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Although I'm still fighting this dang cold, will try to update a little today. Don't be surprised if I sound blah. You know how sick people just seem grumpy. Maybe this expensive cough syrup I bought yesterday will help my attitude.

This month has put a real damper on my excitement. With one surf site and two HYIP's going under before their time, it's causing me to think twice, or maybe even three times before showing you something new. I think we all just have to remember that these are games for the most part, and not to spend more than we are comfortable with losing. I know any loss is bad, but if we get in early enough, play our cards right, don't get greedy by compounding forever, get your seed money out in a reasonable time frame then play with profit... could be the key to not having a nervous breakdown.

JBP-JSS: still waiting patiently to see what their "Big Things Coming" is. They keep hinting but not really saying much of anything about it. In the meantime... 
JSS-Tripler now has 175,542 members -- continuing to grow by nearly 3,000 new members a day. Our many promoters are doing a great job!
Yes they are! I receive a lot of notifications about my 'referrals referrals' and am really happy that you all are doing such a great job with this! JBP is a one-of-a-kind program, isn't it?

PXSense: seems to be doing well and tomorrow will be day 50 since they opened. You know what that means? Anyone who started with me on day one will have 100% of their initial spend back after Thursdays earnings. Now if you compounded a little at the beginning, you've probably got your spend back already. Kudos to you!
Still looking to be able to delete my "no good" pixel ads, but that option is not yet available. Chop Chop Admin. We need access to work our own back office Ad's.

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): expecting an update from Dave soon. Unless you're an avid T2 forum reader, you probably don't know what's going on. So rather than trying to piece it together myself, will wait until that update comes out.
Meanwhile, 2% daily earnings and cash-outs done quickly. Received a payment today and will compound next time around.

GBC: always enjoy that Sunday profit share earning and I cycled out another Easy 40 Plan today. That Gord, LOL You don't even have to ask to be paid. He just sends it to you when you cycle in the 40. It's just too "Easy".

aDailyCash: still going. Day 35 for me at 3% daily = 105% back. OK, I can live with that. Last time I had $20 I compounded and bought 2 more spots. Next time I have $20, will withdraw. That seems fair for me and to show support for the program, right? Yeah I think so.

ShowBizHits: before I forget, the gals at ShowBiz are having a Valentines Day Cash Promo, and here's what they wrote:
Happy Valentines Day!!
We hope everyone is having an especially good day today with your special sweetheart. You are special to us so in honor of Valentine's Day we are having a cash surf! This is just one of the ways you can boost your ShowBiz cash earnings. Remember that we also pay 50 cents per active referral! That's pretty good as far as our industry goes, so get your splashes out there and earn a nice residual income on us. Happy surfing!

BRB, a little birdie is tappin on my window.
Nope, false alarm and he said he'd be back later.

Hope you all have a very nice Valentine's Day today and 
Thank You for being a Friend, today and always!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paying, Not Paying and Everything In Between

Paid Process: is NOT paying. I requested a small withdraw last night and it's not paid yet. Checked the forum posts, and I see I'm not the only one NOT paid today. 
Boy oh boy, when they say "short term HYIP", they really mean it! Just removed the banner for this one. Dang, really thought it would last a little longer than this :(

JBP-JSS: growing like a weed and they're making me anxious to know what the big secret is all about how we're going to be able to make more money.
JSS-Tripler now has 166,874 members -- growing by nearly 3,000 new members a day. Thanks to all our sponsors our viral growth continues. Purchases of JSS-Tripler positions have also hit all-time record highs in recent days.
We're using some of our funds to grow the breadth of JSS as a company. This will add powerful new income streams. This will soon become very exciting and will also provide our members with great new earning potentials.
Stay tuned for some thrilling developments!

Well you know I'll stay tuned for more. They don't have to ask me twice, LOL

PXSense: checking the options, I see there IS a way to remove your banner ad, but still cannot remove any Pixel ad's. OK, I know that's something they're working on, so hope to see that in our back office soon. Hate for people to think that I'd be promoting a dead site, ya know? I'll be back if there are any changes made today. In the meantime, 2% daily adds up fast :)
PS, almost forgot it's Saturday. You can compound your earnings on the weekends if you choose.

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): well we know changes are coming here too. Once moved over to the new website, I believe Dave will start removing those free / inactive members to make room for those who want to make money. He said something about a 2 week time frame before they're deleted.
Now if you have less than 4 DP positions, there is no monthly membership fee. But once you're at 4 or more, although you pay a small fee, that makes you eligible for the Matrix cycling later down the road.
If everything goes as planned here, this could be another very good place to earn some serious money.

GBC: bought a new 40 spot yesterday and next will be our profit share Sunday. Thanks Gord for all your hard work & dedication.

aDailyCash: still surprising me daily. Not complaining, just surprised, lol. Realized today that I was actually in profit so decided to use their compound feature rather than buying in new. Worked like a charm, so my new positions are set for the next 50 days of earning 3% daily. Coolio ;)

ShowBizHits: Surf Promo day at Showbiz and the gals wrote:
Happy Saturday to all,
Today we are having a 1 Day SurfNsaturday Promo with William over at Surf Skeleton. Come on over and join the festivities. William has a great site and it will be well worth your effort.
If you don't have time to surf the promo please come on by and assign some credits to your sites so they can be seen by these fresh eyes!
Not, enough credits?  Well we have a super deal going today. So now would be a good time to stock up:)
SurfNSaturday Promo with Surf Skeleton   Saturday 2/11
Surf 150 At BOTH TE's to qualify  ( Must Surf BOTH sites)
Prizes at each Exchange
1  X  $ 2.00  + 500 /500 /500
2  X  $ 1.00 + 250 /250 /250
2  X  $0.50 + 100 /100 /100
1  X  500 /500 /500
1  X  250 /250 /250
2  X 150 /150 /150
Not a member at Surf Skeleton? Join here:
http://trks.us/r288 (
That is their link. Am not a member.)
No Tickets needed
LeaderBoards exchanged

That's what I did last night to get some rest. A big shot of NyQuil and I was out like a light! Today I'm trying DayQuil and it's sure giving me a runny nose. Oh well, if the tissues run out, there's always TP for back up.

Friday, February 10, 2012

TGIF, Crows and Vitamin C

JBP-JSS: current events: Restart still running.
- Premiums in JSS are filling in 18-20 days.
- AP fees went down to 2% for withdrawals (varies according to supply and demand). The others went up to 5%.
- Regional Representative page being worked on so members can find help from other members in any language.
- Surfing and Advertising system coming.
- Other programs coming to help us make more money.
- and Level 2 upgrade still not available.
Guess that about covers it for today. Waiting on new things doesn't bother me one bit. I'm a happy camper with JBP ;)

PXSense: gotta love these 2 percent programs. Cashed out a little LR yesterday and a little AP today. Also asked Admin how to remove sites from the pixel page? I was told they're working on that now and we should be getting an update soon also. Still thumbs up in my book.

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): is everybody able to log in OK to the old site? I read that some were having trouble with that. Anyway happy that we're back up and running, 10 days now, and I've been buying and cashing out as soon as my numbers get to a certain level. Another 2% winner.

GBC: bought a bunch of PIF's earlier this month. Now with my account balance growing again, I think it's time for another Easy 40 Plan. Yep.

Paid Process: not sure what's goin on. Just saw their "Invested" stats change from $201K down to $111K with my next click. Well, there's either a problem with reporting OR someone is changing those numbers manually. I will be very cautious from this point forward. Everyone who joined at the start, in the 5 day plan, are now in profit. Also have reports of LR withdraws going to pending rather than instant payments. Could be an LR hold up I suppose. Just keep your eyes wide open.

aDailyCash: one month ago today I joined aDaily. Wasn't all gun ho about it at the start, but am happy to report that it's still working. OK so 30 days x 3% daily... that's 90% cash back already with 20 more days to go. Smiles!

I do enjoy seeing the Squirrels in the tree, looking in my window waving at me for their peanuts. Also the Blue Jays figured out if they whistle, they get fed too. Today the big black Crows in the neighborhood picked up on it, and are also looking in my window and squawking. Loud little suckers they are!

Feeling lousy today. Must have caught a bug at the Superbowl get together last Sunday. I hate being sick but who in their right mind enjoys it? Anyway drank up some Vitamin C which tasted like Tang, and looking around the house for what else I could ingest to make me feel better. Ahhh, just feeling burned out.
Have a nice day :) 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust

LuxoSurf: too bad that this one didn't get enough attention. Here's a note from Admin in the forum:
Hello to everyone! I am sad to announce that the program can no longer sustain the payouts. Sadly, there was only $40 upgrades that came in the past 2 days and those will be refunded now. 
The autosurf industry needs more support in order for programs to bring this industry to what it was before. I am sad that no matter how hard I work, it is not enough.
And of course forum members are blaming Admin and his "team". Just because you support something, doesn't mean you are part of any team.
My stats: Total Deposits: $90 Total Paid: $60.7
Yep, I played a little too long myself and the slot machine ate up my coins. Ah well, better luck next time eh?

JBP-JSS: received a nice payment from JBP last night and have no more Triplers expiring for awhile (because of the restart). Well that's OK and I went ahead and bought more today with earnings. Thanks JBP for being my 'old faithful' in this difficult business!

PXSense: doing fine there and paying more attention to the 2% daily rather than the Pixel ads. Never been a fan of the pixels anyway (don't tell Admin I said that) so just going with the flow of cash. So far it's paying off for me, and you too I hope :)

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): speaking of paying off, I compounded my earnings today in T2 and will cash out next time around. Once again I will say, sure is nice to have AP back in the picture. Thanks Admin.

PaidProcess: is doing great but I need to go on cash-out mode now until I'm at a break even point at least. Thanks to my Upline for reminding me (and now I am reminding you) not to get carried away since this is a short term HYIP ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daily News and a Little Humour

JBP-JSS: filled a matrix today and got a nice little $60 in my account for that. Also had a new matrix added, so I spent $20 of that $60 to buy placements and premiums. JBP is still the best in my book!

PXSense: received a nice instant AP cash out yesterday. PX is doing great as well and I'm into it quite deep now, lol.

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): received my first payout overnight since the site re-opened on the 1st. Great to see their AP account back in action. Letting my daily earnings build now so that I can compound next time.

Paid Process: off to a good start with 1288 members as I write this. Yes I am watching their stats of money in - money out and using my own best judgement of when to hold em. So far I've compounded earnings once, and cashed out once. Sure do love those instant payments though!

LuxoSurf: one of my positions expired today so requested a payment for that. Will let you know when it arrives.
**Next Day: hasn't arrived yet. A-Oh!

aDailyCash: still surprising me that this site, which I really don't like the looks of, is doing really good. Fingers crossed that it continues. Oh and I did receive another payment from them on Monday.

LucidNature: refunds are going out and I've seen proof of that in the forum. Am happy that this Admin is keeping his word and returning whatever he can. I do hope you all break even at least if you were not in profit yet.

There is more than a foot of snow on the ground from our last dump, and it's snowing again today! I planned on going out but need to rethink that now. Plus it's extremely cold out there, brrrrr!


These are classified ads, which were actually placed in U.K. Newspapers:

8 years old,
Hateful little bastard.

1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbour's dog.

Mother is a Kennel Club registered German Shepherd.
Father is a Super Dog, able to leap tall fences in a single bound.

Also 1 gay bull for sale.

Must sell washer and dryer £100.

Worn once by mistake.
Call Stephanie.

Complete set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 45 volumes.
Excellent condition, £200 or best offer. No longer needed, got married, wife knows everything.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Monday

JBP-JSS: missed the morning call. Had a chance to sleep in so I took advantage of that. Anything new?
I did notice my 'older' Tripler positions have all matured and are moving over to the matrix section now. So it'll be another 45 days before I start receiving new matrices from expiring Triplers. During this time I would guess there will be some slowing in our matrix cycling since a lot of us are in the same boat.
Last I heard, the restart feed was 2/3 done.
Anybody hear otherwise?

PXSense: doing good and am going to request a withdraw a little later today. I have several units running and will wait for the daily 2% credits on each of them before requesting.

Tripler2 (aka T2MoneyKlub): still working from the old T2 website but it's working good for me. Yesterday I compounded my earnings, and today I decided to request a withdraw. Wasn't planning on it but seeing some big payouts displayed in their forum weighed on my decision. Plus the fact that I'll have something to show-off when it's paid. LOL

GBC: received a nice healthy profit share yesterday. Guess it does pay off to keep the PIF funds rolling. Thanks Gord!

PaidProcess: isn't it funny how some HYIP's catch on, and some don't? PaidProcess has been open for 3 days and already has over 1,000 members! I was debating on getting my 'seed money' out first then playing with profits, but seeing the kind of attention it's getting, I might just compound for a couple of days and then start some sort of withdraw plan.
I did request my daily earning yesterday before I left the house. It was paid instantly so I think I'll put that back in today and rethink it all again tomorrow.

LuxoSurf: had a couple of problems surfing today but didn't get to grab the 'bad site' links in order to report. Ah well, in a couple of days my spends will start expiring again so looking forward to a few cash-outs.

aDailyCash: this one is really surprising me. Not only have I received my 3% daily but somehow managed to fill my first matrix with unknown members. Well I did pay the extra $20 in membership fees so I suppose I'm getting my monies worth. No problems here and maybe I initially judged it wrong.

I was debating on what to say about this, but here it is in writing. I was made aware of the 'problem' status at one of the monitors today. Checked the site and couldn't see the deposit link anywhere which made me suspicious. Well, as of today I am 'in the red' since I recently added my funds back in for another round. Perhaps I'll be on their "refund" list? (big sigh)
PS, have been in touch with Admin hoping to get my referrals back to a break even point at least. Hate to see anyone lose who follows me into these games.

With a great regret, we are informing you that Lucid Nature seizes operations. In the last days we were hit by 500% increase in withdrawals, which lead to sudden decrease in our reserves maintained for payments. All deposits throughout the weekend were refunded with the exception of the ones in minimum amounts ($10). We will be processing payments in the form of refunds today and in the coming days ahead of us. We will be following our own protocols of refunding which will not be disclosed to the public.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday here in the U.S.
Meant to do some talking today, but the day sort of got away from me. Was busy creating a 7 Layer Dip to take over to my Son's for game time. And it ended up being 8 layers (on one side) due to the green onions on half, LOL

Briefly though...
Tripler2 (aka T2MoneyKlub): everything seems to be working again. You can purchase, withdraw, compound and even visit their forum which is now back online. Plus we have received our 2% earnings for those 'off days'. Thanks to the Admin Dave and Mark (the programmer).

Paid Process: if you're a HYIP lover, visit my post from yesterday. I did join a new one and my first payment is coming due shortly. They do pay daily (if you purchase in the 5 day plan) and the payments are instant. Looks good so far and it came highly recommended :)

Everything else is fine and normal so will catch up more tomorrow.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quick Post Today (or maybe not) LOL

Paid Process: joined this one just a few minutes ago. One of my blogger friends who is very big on HYIP's poked at me last night, and again today to get signed up. Well, he knows how to play them and wins most times. Plus the fact that I've been enjoying LucidNature so much, maybe I need to broaden my horizon (as they say) and see if this new one can do the trick.

There's only two plans to choose from:
- 25% daily for 5 days, or
- 160% after 10 days. (I went with the 5 day plan.)
- Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money are their pay processors.
- Min. spend is $10 - Max is $5K
- There is NO compounding but the daily plan pays instant. So if you want to compound, simply request a withdraw then purchase again.
- Two level RC, 4% and 2% (which I didn't notice until after I joined, so obviously that was not the reason for joining.)
- Their site is simple, their FAQ's are short and to the point.
- It just opened yesterday and there is already over 500 members. Definitely a good sign for a brand new program.
Give a holler if you have any questions :) 

Tripler2/T2MoneyKlub: per Admin:
Site is back up, we have to do the 2% crediting in the morning which will be midnight you time... so we will do 3 x creditings of the 2%... It will be 2 credits followed by 1 a bit later.
The site referral code is all tested and working well, with an email notifyer added to it, also some people said they could not login or retrieve their password... That was because mark was working on it, and is now done and has been changed to a 'password reset' system. So if anyone has a problem logging in, just do a reset from the login screen.

So is everyone all set now? OK then :)
I believe everything is working on the site (with the exception of the forum).
If you wish to register/join, or purchase, or compound, or simply check your numbers in your member area... you should be able to do that. The only thing still being worked on could be the withdrawals. So a little patience is needed until that part is ready.

There is a Snow Man in front of my house and I didn't do it. The snow plow going down my street left a mountain of snow for me to admire from my window. Good thing I don't park there.

JBP-JSS: Carl mentioned this morning that they're going to open a "JBP Regional Representatives" page where members who are fluent in other languages can join that page and have their JBP contact info displayed. Why? So that members in other countries can find someone to contact to learn about JBP in "their" language. Good idea Frederick and Carl.

PXSense: it's the weekend so if you're going to "compound" your earnings in PX, this is the time to do it. I got antsy yesterday and purchased new, then did a withdraw. Just didn't feel like waiting another day, ya know ;)

GBC: weekly profit share run will be done today and tomorrow. (Guess we're keeping Gord too busy these days.) lol

Everything else is gonna have to wait till tomorrow.
I'm running out of time today :(
Have a good night!