Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Come Back Later (or not)

Be sure to check here more than once today.
I should have something new to share... but maybe not today. Sorry if I jumped the gun, LOL

JBP-JSS: was pleasantly surprised this morning to see that I cycled 2 more matrices in the JSS system! And my Triplers bought since the last restart have 29 more days to go before they expire and start feeding into my JSS once again. All is good there.

PXSense: site is down at the moment. Admin is aware of it.
** A few hours later: it's back :)

Tripler2: purchased a few more DP's today with profit. Next time I'll withdraw. Yep, am playing this one using my own 50/50 rule. Should work well for both me and the program.
Dave has a lot of good ideas for T2MK, and once we've moved over to the new site, everything should fall into place.

I had a dream about John (js) last night. He was on skype, in the video, trying to explain something to me about a program and how to play it smart. Too bad I don't remember what he said or what program he was referring to. Oh well, maybe he'll come back tonight and refresh my memory, har!

aDailyCash: still raking in that 3% daily and my oldest positions don't expire until Feb 29th. That's awesome!

More on Tripler2 / T2MoneyKlub: did you all get this email from Dave? Don't want anyone to be left out. I have the Rotator running now. Piece of cake.

Hi T2 Members.
We are asking all members to complete a very simple handsfree task. This will be counted towards your first monthly tasks quota, so please make sure you complete this one.
Please log in to your member dashboard at and in the menu at the bottom, click on 'My Website Family'.
Then click the bottom link in the dropdown 'Website Rotator'. This will open a new page. Then just leave that page running in the background... That's it... 100% hands free, and will add many thousands of hit to the website family giving us a much better alexa rank.
If you see anything you like, please feel free to have a look. If not, then another site will come along in 15 seconds, the range is very diverse.
You may also want to join 'Bigcrumbs'. It is a fantastic discount website both for online and offline shopping.
The T2MK staff thanks you for your co-operation and remember, without you as our valued members putting in a little effort now and then, can result in a fantastic future for yourselves.
Here is a link to the login.
Kindest Regards
Dave. (T2MK Staff).

AND it's 60 degrees F here today, windy as heck though. Tomorrow, mid 30's and SNOW! Gosh I Love Colorado :)
This one's for my nephew Jarod from Michigan who is visiting here now, but plans to move to Colorado this summer! Enjoy the Song!

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