Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snowy and Slushy Thursday ...

and the high winds last night sent my new roof shingles flying all over the neighborhood. Well, I'm pretty sure my 5 year warranty covers high wind. Funny thing though, no one else on my street lost any shingles so am wondering if mine weren't installed properly back in October :(
Here's a link to our weather broadcast from last night:

JBP-JSS: is down for a little while:
"Dear JBP Members,
To accommodate the outstanding growth in our membership the JSS – Tripler Database is being moved to a new server. We are currently in maintenance mode to prepare for this move. We will reopen again within the next 6 hours. Please be patient and come visit again later. Thank you for your understand and corporation while we upgrade to serve you better.
You are appreciated!
Your Tech support Team"

Hmmm, wonder who wrote that note? corporation? Am sure they meant cooperation.
**UPDATE: back to business as usual. Site it up and running here just fine.

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): if you're running that Rotator that Dave announced yesterday... Don't let it run for more than 30 minutes per day. Seems it could cause some conflict with google adsense. Thanks :)

aDailyCash: in keeping with my own strategy, I purchased 2 more units today using my profit. Next time I get to $20, I'll withdraw. Simple as that.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Sorry to hear that. What kind of wind could possibly rip shingles off of a roof other than a tornado, especially when they're new?? Better get on the phone with the blokes who installed them.


blondie said...

Hi mm,
Just posted a link to show our weather from last night, which will explain my missing shingles.
I live between Denver and Boulder and considered the foothills.
Later :)

Anonymous said...

Well that is some strong wind. Glad to see you're okay.

blondie said...

Thanks mm,
And I didn't even lose power, whew!

Randy V said...

Wow Judy. That was some powerful winds. Glad it was just some shingles.

I didn't realize you lived so close to Boulder. My cousin lived there for several years and I wanted to visit her so much. She talked about how pretty is was. They live in Kentucky now.

Hope things are well except for your shingles.

Have a great weekend.


blondie said...

Hi Randy,

Yeah Boulder is just NW of me. Guessing 20 miles or so. Not too far.
Also Boulder is the home of Mork and Mindy, you remember them?

Still recovering from my cold but getting better.
Have a great weekend also!

Anonymous said...

IMO Mork and Mindy was Robin Williams best work. I just loved that show.


blondie said...

It sure was entertaining for it's time Elmer.
Although I've been really impressed with Robin Williams in movies since then. A few come to mind but I don't wanna rack my brain thinking about it just now.

Haven't seen you around much lately. Hope you're doing well :)

HermitJim said...

Blondie...try and keep your shingles out of the neighbors yard, OK?

Sorry that you are getting such windy weather! Sounds like Texas at election time!

Windy here today, but not as bad as your place!

Glad you are getting over your cold, my friend. You take care!

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Those dang shingles have a mind of their own, lol
Feeling better but still not 100% so just laying low for now.
Have a good weekend, and thanks for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

I'm still around. But you need to be quick to read my MMG posts as someone from the mod/admin team seem to be deleting them.


blondie said...

Oh that's not good Elmer.
I could guess, but I won't.
I'll watch for you :)