Friday, February 24, 2012

Waz Up Homie?

Had to cheer myself up with this pic of Olivia. This year has not started off good for me.
Really windy here again this morning and the snow is flying everywhere. Hope I don't see more of my shingles in the street today. Called the roofer and he'll be back to fix it up once the snow is gone. Argh!

JBP-JSS: the server move yesterday was the cause of about 6 hours of downtime. I noticed my daily Tripler earnings dated the 24th. Did we miss a day? Nope, they did it again a few hours later so in my back office, it does show 2 days of earnings on the 24th. Nice :)
Restart feed is still running so if you have expired Trip's that didn't make it to JSS yet, sit tight. It'll happen before it's all over.
I did notice I'm not getting those nice JSS Support emails telling me when a referral buys a Tripler or cycles a matrix. Perhaps those will catch up later too.
Other than that, not much news and all is good.

PXSense: tomorrow being the weekend, I've decided to wait and compound my earnings. Have already passed my break even point, put a little in my pocket, got a little RC (thank you)... so now I'll continue to support the program by not cashing out every penny I earn. If I make a little here and a little there, it all adds up to help with (what seems to be) my never ending emergency expenses (don't ask).

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): STOP using the rotator. No need to do it and it has caused some problems. I'm thinking we should be moving over to the new site soon. In the meantime, I requested a payment today and will buy more DP's next time around.
Here's a portion of yesterday's update:
Hi Members.
We have reached 10,000 members of which a large number are 'inactive'. This is a reminder that any member not active will be removed in 14 days from now. Registrations will continue until we reach 5000 'active' members, then the registrations will be closed and not reopened during 2012.
Also we are proud to announce our new website KlubExchange that will be providing very competitive exchange rates on e-currencies and processors.
OK, you free members out there might want to consider buying at least one DP in the coming days so that you're not removed from the program. Actually you can buy up to three DP's and not have to pay a monthly fee. Not sure how long it'll take to get to 5K though. My understanding is that we're at around 2200 right now so you've got a little time to think about it and make the best decision for yourself.

aDailyCash: nice to see that adaily has been drama free so far. Each time I get to $20 in my account, have been switching between purchasing 2 more or cashing out. It's working out good for me, and you too I hope :)

ShowBizHits: three days left for their week long bonus promo. Surf 25 sites and receive a different daily bonus. Once logged in, click on this:
Check  HERE for Today's Promo code details
and get the word for the day. Just enter that word in the "Enter Surf Code" area then surf 25 for the daily bonus.


Petrus said...

Hi Judy,
I really like this Trip2 programe. I've made 2 withdrawals so far and on both occasions I was paid within minutes.

jay said...

Hi judy
my JSS Support emails been going to my spam gmail for a few days
did not see it till thurs nite
so mybe your went ther to?

hope your cold is gone mine is stil
trying to hang on

jay in mich

blondie said...

Petrus, great to hear.
I guess it depends on the time of day you request as mine don't come through that fast, LOL

Jay, no I check my spam daily. They're not there either. I'll have to double check my account to be sure it all looks OK.
My cold is still hanging on too, waaaaaay too long now.
Take care :)