Friday, February 17, 2012

Thank You JustBeenPaid !!!

JBP/JSS-Tripler: Do you realize that TODAY is JSS-Tripler's One Year Anniversary? Woo Hooo!!
Now I personally didn't start playing in it till about six weeks later and have never looked back. Lots of fun, lots of money, a couple of restarts, server moves, server upgrades, security verification's for payments, some folks requested refunds during the server move (never understood why) while others were patient and waited it out (that would be me), daily 2% returns, never missed a payment... heck, payments haven't even slowed down due to volume. All of this says a lot about the program.
It's been a great business for me and I hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have.
On that thought, I would like to personally Thank Every One of You who joined JBP and the Tripler under my referrer link. And I know some of you have done very very well with this program which is great and I couldn't be happier for you :)
So Happy Anniversary JBP's Tripler!!
May (y)our next year be as successful as (y)our first!!!
ps: cycled two matrices last night and noticed quite a few down line cycled as well. Congrats to you all !!


Gord said...

Hi Judy,

Congratulations to your success with JBP and thanks for the post. I didn't even realize it's One Year today. Awesome!

Love the Pic on your previous post...depicts the


blondie said...

Well Gord,
I was aware of when the Tripler first launched since I'm on Carl Pearson's "list",
Didn't pay much attention to it until we started chatting about it.
So Thank YOU for poking at me and not letting me lose out on a good opportunity.

Cheers and have a Great Day!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm the only yo-yo who never joined. Great to see you guys doing so well with it!


blondie said...

Hey mm,
No you're not the only yo-yo, lol
Seems like it's not the perfect program for everyone. You either love it or you don't. I happen to love it! But to each his own, you know?
Have a great weekend!

naphtali said...

Hi Judy, yes JBP is my best earning program ever! I've had to change my strategies a couple times, but it has never stopped paying.

On another note, is Adailycash a good one to join? I've been reading up on it and it seems pretty stable so far. I'm gonna sign up under you.

Stay warm!

blondie said...

Hey Greg,
JBP is my best too!

aDaily has surprised me.
It's cheesy looking in my opinion but it keeps paying so I can't complain.
For how long? No one knows.
But you're not new at this and know the risks. But so far, am happy with it.

Take care :)