Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday here in the U.S.
Meant to do some talking today, but the day sort of got away from me. Was busy creating a 7 Layer Dip to take over to my Son's for game time. And it ended up being 8 layers (on one side) due to the green onions on half, LOL

Briefly though...
Tripler2 (aka T2MoneyKlub): everything seems to be working again. You can purchase, withdraw, compound and even visit their forum which is now back online. Plus we have received our 2% earnings for those 'off days'. Thanks to the Admin Dave and Mark (the programmer).

Paid Process: if you're a HYIP lover, visit my post from yesterday. I did join a new one and my first payment is coming due shortly. They do pay daily (if you purchase in the 5 day plan) and the payments are instant. Looks good so far and it came highly recommended :)

Everything else is fine and normal so will catch up more tomorrow.
Happy Sunday!


Cat Melton said...

Hey there, JudyGirl...just roaming around a bit and wanted to stop in and say hello. You don't have to publish this. Hope you are doing well. I am doing goodly, enjoying my two grandbabies.
Take care, my friend.


blondie said...

Cat, it's so nice to hear from you.
I was just thinking about you, believe it or not.
My grand daughter is on her way to BVI as we speak. Long flight for a little one but I hear it's going OK so far.
Two weeks they'll be gone and I miss them already.
Take care young lady and keep enjoying those grandbabies of yours!