Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Monday

JBP-JSS: missed the morning call. Had a chance to sleep in so I took advantage of that. Anything new?
I did notice my 'older' Tripler positions have all matured and are moving over to the matrix section now. So it'll be another 45 days before I start receiving new matrices from expiring Triplers. During this time I would guess there will be some slowing in our matrix cycling since a lot of us are in the same boat.
Last I heard, the restart feed was 2/3 done.
Anybody hear otherwise?

PXSense: doing good and am going to request a withdraw a little later today. I have several units running and will wait for the daily 2% credits on each of them before requesting.

Tripler2 (aka T2MoneyKlub): still working from the old T2 website but it's working good for me. Yesterday I compounded my earnings, and today I decided to request a withdraw. Wasn't planning on it but seeing some big payouts displayed in their forum weighed on my decision. Plus the fact that I'll have something to show-off when it's paid. LOL

GBC: received a nice healthy profit share yesterday. Guess it does pay off to keep the PIF funds rolling. Thanks Gord!

PaidProcess: isn't it funny how some HYIP's catch on, and some don't? PaidProcess has been open for 3 days and already has over 1,000 members! I was debating on getting my 'seed money' out first then playing with profits, but seeing the kind of attention it's getting, I might just compound for a couple of days and then start some sort of withdraw plan.
I did request my daily earning yesterday before I left the house. It was paid instantly so I think I'll put that back in today and rethink it all again tomorrow.

LuxoSurf: had a couple of problems surfing today but didn't get to grab the 'bad site' links in order to report. Ah well, in a couple of days my spends will start expiring again so looking forward to a few cash-outs.

aDailyCash: this one is really surprising me. Not only have I received my 3% daily but somehow managed to fill my first matrix with unknown members. Well I did pay the extra $20 in membership fees so I suppose I'm getting my monies worth. No problems here and maybe I initially judged it wrong.

I was debating on what to say about this, but here it is in writing. I was made aware of the 'problem' status at one of the monitors today. Checked the site and couldn't see the deposit link anywhere which made me suspicious. Well, as of today I am 'in the red' since I recently added my funds back in for another round. Perhaps I'll be on their "refund" list? (big sigh)
PS, have been in touch with Admin hoping to get my referrals back to a break even point at least. Hate to see anyone lose who follows me into these games.

With a great regret, we are informing you that Lucid Nature seizes operations. In the last days we were hit by 500% increase in withdrawals, which lead to sudden decrease in our reserves maintained for payments. All deposits throughout the weekend were refunded with the exception of the ones in minimum amounts ($10). We will be processing payments in the form of refunds today and in the coming days ahead of us. We will be following our own protocols of refunding which will not be disclosed to the public.


Elmer said...

Just with regards to your stratergy on PaidProcess.
If the stats are true then 31% of the deposits have now been paid out.
24hours ago 20% had been paid out. That's a big jump in only 1 day.

blondie said...

Hi Elmer,
Yes I am watching the stats also and it will play a role in my daily decision making. Assuming it's a true stat as you said. But we don't know, do we? LOL
Take care :)