Friday, February 3, 2012

Not a great day :(

Stole this picture from another blogger but it shows what is going on here TODAY!
I had to drive in a foot of snow at 6:30 AM, and it's still snowing and won't stop until sometime tomorrow! 
Yep, guess we're on the National News again. I could think of better ways to make to headlines, but it is what it is.

JBP-JSS: all is fine and dandy.
Level 2 still not available for upgrade, but I do check several times a day because yes, I am anxious for that.

PXSense: working great also. Added some fresh AP funds today, and withdrew a little too. Didn't want to wait till tomorrow to 'compound' just cause I'm feeling anxious today. It's all good and my w/d to AP was paid instantly!

Tripler2: fixing a few bugs and "changing server, back soon" is on the site. Admin did post that if we didn't get our 2% last night because of the problems, that we will be credited twice in one day. UPDATE from T2 below.

GBC: my PIF's were running low and paying out, so I purchased another slot in each category today. Thanks Gord and keep up the good work!

LucidNature: looks good. I'm at the beginning of 2 more spends so not much to report on at this time. Twenty-five business days went by fast the first time around so am hoping it'll go by fast again :) UPDATE from Lucid below.

LuxoSurf: another smooth ride today surfing through the sites. Don't forget unless you bought into the non-surf plan, that you DO need to surf daily to earn. Always check your balance after surfing to be sure you're credited.

aDailyCash: boy I don't know what to say. Despite the rumors going around about this Admin (or team), I have been getting my 3% daily and have always gotten paid when requested. So I am officially "in profit" now which is always a good feeling. Thanks to my down line and that mysterious 'matrix filling' a week ago is what put me over the top.

I should be outside shoveling snow, but it looks awfully cold out there! It's not only snowing but the wind is blowing making for blizzard like conditions. Hardly anyone on my street went to work today. Maybe it's an official "snow day" for some businesses. I know all the local schools are closed so that puts a burden on the parents also.
Well I just hope I don't lose power cause that makes me feel totally disconnected with the outside world.
Will be back with updates assuming I'm still online.

Still here and just in from Lucid Nature:
We are happy to inform you that payments of principals have already started. Members who joined us in the first days of Lucid Nature are already making profits.
 We have been interviewed by the famous MNO blog. We thank MNO for doing that. You can find the interview here:
 We just turned one month old a week ago. We are more than happy to congratulate all members with our 1st month anniversary. We are glad for all the efforts the members did in promoting Lucid Nature and making it a success.
 This was surely a challenging month where we have tackled all the hurdles the industry unveiled us with. Our numbers increased to over 600 members in the past weeks. We are climbing the traffic ranks of the most popular monitors and we have never missed a payment for over 30 days.
 Best Regards,
Lucid Nature team

Tripler2 UPDATE from the MMG forum:
A new message has just been updated on the website screen...

Dave, just emailed again, and said he is going to need to hire a server specialist. He has the new dedicated server just set up, but the backup loading is very complex and the server needs total configuring.


celticboy said...

Hi Judy...a belated happy new year to you and your ashamed its late (blush).
I hope you have dug your way out of the in the uk its cold but no snow... yet.
Now, if you get cut off and i cant follow your amazing blogs, i will turn to drink to drown my sorrows which could end up me having liver failure, the local supermarket running out of its whiskey and lager suply, and me becoming, i dont want to be selfish...but do you want that on your concience? Stop being so selfish and think of others for a change, and get your act together (my tongue is stuck in my cheek)
Oh, by the way...have a great weekend

blondie said...

Hey CB, Happy New Year to you too!

Not cut off yet but you never know when those power lines could explode :(

So if I DO disappear for some reason, please don't turn to alcohol! As you mentioned, it won't do any of us any good, LOL

Hey you have a great weekend too!
And don't be a stranger ;)

naphtali said...

Hi Judy! Yes you are on National News down here in Atlanta. I just saw that they have shut down some major roads and plane flights in Colorado. I hope you have enough heat, food and family to bide your time during the storm. Take care

blondie said...

Hey Greg,
Yeah they closed down I-70 east bound early this morning. East of me is getting hit harder than I am. (sorry Kansas).
Flights cancelled too in and out.
I have a Nephew flying in tomorrow afternoon from Michigan. Hope they're open again by then.
Yep, I'm good with food and all. As long as we don't lose power, no sweat.
Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Guess I better not complain about the last few windy, cloudy days I'm having here, in (usually) sunny Florida! LOL
Luckily I'll be here for another 2 weeks. Not looking forward to going home to the snow and cold, so I can sympathize with you Blondie. Hate those snowy days. Try to keep warm and hopefully it melts fast!!! LOL


blondie said...

Hey Tree,

Had no idea you were on vacation. Good for you!

It'll be warmer here today, then tomorrow even more. So some of that snow might melt. I'll bet I got a good 16 inches or more. At least the grass will enjoy it.

Have a fun time and see you at MMG.
Later (wave)