Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust

LuxoSurf: too bad that this one didn't get enough attention. Here's a note from Admin in the forum:
Hello to everyone! I am sad to announce that the program can no longer sustain the payouts. Sadly, there was only $40 upgrades that came in the past 2 days and those will be refunded now. 
The autosurf industry needs more support in order for programs to bring this industry to what it was before. I am sad that no matter how hard I work, it is not enough.
And of course forum members are blaming Admin and his "team". Just because you support something, doesn't mean you are part of any team.
My stats: Total Deposits: $90 Total Paid: $60.7
Yep, I played a little too long myself and the slot machine ate up my coins. Ah well, better luck next time eh?

JBP-JSS: received a nice payment from JBP last night and have no more Triplers expiring for awhile (because of the restart). Well that's OK and I went ahead and bought more today with earnings. Thanks JBP for being my 'old faithful' in this difficult business!

PXSense: doing fine there and paying more attention to the 2% daily rather than the Pixel ads. Never been a fan of the pixels anyway (don't tell Admin I said that) so just going with the flow of cash. So far it's paying off for me, and you too I hope :)

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): speaking of paying off, I compounded my earnings today in T2 and will cash out next time around. Once again I will say, sure is nice to have AP back in the picture. Thanks Admin.

PaidProcess: is doing great but I need to go on cash-out mode now until I'm at a break even point at least. Thanks to my Upline for reminding me (and now I am reminding you) not to get carried away since this is a short term HYIP ;)

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