Friday, February 10, 2012

TGIF, Crows and Vitamin C

JBP-JSS: current events: Restart still running.
- Premiums in JSS are filling in 18-20 days.
- AP fees went down to 2% for withdrawals (varies according to supply and demand). The others went up to 5%.
- Regional Representative page being worked on so members can find help from other members in any language.
- Surfing and Advertising system coming.
- Other programs coming to help us make more money.
- and Level 2 upgrade still not available.
Guess that about covers it for today. Waiting on new things doesn't bother me one bit. I'm a happy camper with JBP ;)

PXSense: gotta love these 2 percent programs. Cashed out a little LR yesterday and a little AP today. Also asked Admin how to remove sites from the pixel page? I was told they're working on that now and we should be getting an update soon also. Still thumbs up in my book.

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): is everybody able to log in OK to the old site? I read that some were having trouble with that. Anyway happy that we're back up and running, 10 days now, and I've been buying and cashing out as soon as my numbers get to a certain level. Another 2% winner.

GBC: bought a bunch of PIF's earlier this month. Now with my account balance growing again, I think it's time for another Easy 40 Plan. Yep.

Paid Process: not sure what's goin on. Just saw their "Invested" stats change from $201K down to $111K with my next click. Well, there's either a problem with reporting OR someone is changing those numbers manually. I will be very cautious from this point forward. Everyone who joined at the start, in the 5 day plan, are now in profit. Also have reports of LR withdraws going to pending rather than instant payments. Could be an LR hold up I suppose. Just keep your eyes wide open.

aDailyCash: one month ago today I joined aDaily. Wasn't all gun ho about it at the start, but am happy to report that it's still working. OK so 30 days x 3% daily... that's 90% cash back already with 20 more days to go. Smiles!

I do enjoy seeing the Squirrels in the tree, looking in my window waving at me for their peanuts. Also the Blue Jays figured out if they whistle, they get fed too. Today the big black Crows in the neighborhood picked up on it, and are also looking in my window and squawking. Loud little suckers they are!

Feeling lousy today. Must have caught a bug at the Superbowl get together last Sunday. I hate being sick but who in their right mind enjoys it? Anyway drank up some Vitamin C which tasted like Tang, and looking around the house for what else I could ingest to make me feel better. Ahhh, just feeling burned out.
Have a nice day :) 


benignbullet said...

Hello Blondie -

I am a T2MK member, and have written off the current "gotta hit the right time of the day to be able to log in" as a server migration issue, or something else related to "sealing the deal" for us.

As such, I'm not too concerned about it at this point, and simply appreciate both the innovative genius of (mostly) Dave, and the generosity of this plan.

Regardless, I'm really hoping that in this case (and with JBP), that somewhat nebulous, equivocating, nominalizing terms like "indefinite sustainability," can soon be seen by members as actually equalling...


For suspected infection - respiratory or otherwise - I knock mine dead with (either/both) colloidal silver, lypo-spheric vitamin c; or when less severe, something "archaic," like echinacea.

Good luck, and GOOD blog!

blondie said...

Hi there,
I asked about logging into T2 to be sure my readers didn't feel left out. I try to help when I can.

Nothing lasts forever, but I do appreciate the program Admins hard work and dedication.

Thanks for the vitamin tip.
Maybe next time I go out I'll be sure to grab some.


Anonymous said...

Hi, has there been any definite news about JBP JSS re-starts. Is this going to be a regular thing now, if so how often? Thanks


blondie said...

Hello Cecil,
It will be a regular thing.
We don't know how often.
But Carl does say the impact of the restarts will NOT be as severe because they will be done more often.
Guess we'll just have to see how the first 'mini' restart goes and make new plans based on that.
Have a good day!